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And when you’re not watching Music TV a new deal with Peanuts Worldwide and Lee Mendelson Film Productions means you’ll be able to watch all the classic “Peanuts” Specials.

When it comes to Apple’s adventures in media, Variety is getting all the biggest scoops, with what appears to be an exclusive interview with Apple Music TV chief, Rachel Newman.

What does she say?

Please take a look at the Variety report to get the nuances of this, but here are the eight most important things I think she said about the new Apple Music TV channel:

  • Apple Music TV is a hits channel.
  • It’s focused on contemporary music.
  • What you watch will consist of music videos interspersed with short original Apple Music video content and occasional special events, such as the Bruce Springsteen focus later this week.
  • That means retrospective concert footage, exclusive interviews and even live (virtual) events.
  • Apple’s radio channels have been interviewing artists since launch of Beats 1. “We produce video content in support of those efforts,” Newman said. Which sounds like we’ll see some more from some of the interviews we’ve already heard.
  • There is a dedicated Music TV curation team who work with the radio and playlist production teams.
  • Newman was a little opaque in how she put it, but it does look like Apple will continue to invest in music documentaries as part of this push.
  • “No, there will not be ads.”
  • Now read the Variety report.

Up next:

This is what has actually happened:

  • One of the world’s biggest music distribution companies just moved to introduce a music television station.
  • This will be supported by some of the world’s best former music journalists (they’re the people making your playlists).
  • It will offer up original content within its mix.
  • These shows will be made available at no charge via the TV app.
  • The whole exercise is ads-free.
  • The TV app is now available across a plethora of devices, not all made by Apple.
  • People are going to begin using the TV app just for the music channel. (Then they’ll want to watch the other shows.
  • (You can subscribe to Apple Music on most platforms).

I just hope Apple is prepared to dedicate space for more challenging music in its plans. I’d quite enjoy shows dedicated to avant-garde acts like Coil and Psychic TV, or the Apple Music equivalent of a John Peel show (which is currently lacking).

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