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It’s been three years since the Apple TV was updated, so we’re hoping that a new one drops during the “Spring loaded” event.

Apple’s “Spring loaded” event is approaching, and this means we could be getting a new, 6th-generation Apple TV. After all, it’s been over three years since the Apple TV 4K launched, and it’s well overdue for a refresh with a new A-series chip and possibly a remote makeover to make it easier to use.

Here’s everything we know so far about the Apple TV (2021).

What’s the latest on the Apple TV (2021)?

While we did not get a March Apple event like the leakers originally predicted, we expect an updated Apple TV (2021) to drop during Apple’s “Spring loaded” event on April 20, 2021. After all, this event indicates that there could be a slew of new products coming since it takes up a two-hour slot when you add it to your calendar.

We are unsure whether the next Apple TV is just going to be announced and will ship later in the year or if it will be ready sometime in the spring. We will update this as we get confirmation during the event.

What are the specs for the Apple TV (2021)?

The latest rumors about the next-generation Apple TV seem to focus on turning it into a gaming machine with an updated processor and redesigned remote.

The next Apple TV (2021) may come equipped with an A12X processor to enable more powerful gaming experiences on the machine. This can make sense when you look at how Apple is trying to bring premium gaming experiences to its platforms through Apple Arcade.

Leakers also predict that the next Apple TV (2021) will have 64GB and 128GB storage options. If the focus of the Apple TV shifts towards gaming, doubling the storage capacity makes sense since games can have large file sizes.

What about the Apple TV (2021) remote?

The current iterations of the Apple TV remote have been, well, less than ideal and many people want to see the current Apple TV remote die. It is very likely that it may indeed go the way of the dodo and get replaced with a new, easier-to-use remote in the next iteration.

The new remote may have been developed under the codename of “B519,” which is different from the current Siri Remote that is identified as “B439.”

Little else is known about this updated Apple TV remote. While we thought we had a first look at what a new Apple TV remote could look like, it turned out to be an alternative remote created with Universal Electronics for cable services.

What version of tvOS can the Apple TV (2021) run?

We aren’t expecting an update to tvOS until WWDC 2021, so that means that the next Apple TV (2021) will continue to run tvOS 14. This was a significant update, though, and it brought some great new features for Apple TV owners.

With the next Apple TV (2021) and tvOS 14, we can expect better hardware for the new Control Center for the best HomeKit accessories, multiple Apple Arcade user support, more game controller support, and an amazing Picture-in-picture mode.

How much will the Apple TV (2021) cost?

Currently, the Apple TV 4K is $179 for the 32GB size and $199 for the 64GB version. We won’t know until the Apple event on April 20, but we expect an updated Apple TV (2021) to be similar in price. However, we do hope to see Apple lower the price tag a little bit because you can easily get competing products for less.

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