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Apple is spending billions on TV shows and series. We’ve put together an Apple TV+ guide for all of the original content that the company has right now, and will have in the future. We learned during the March 2019 keynote that the content will be available this fall. The list will be updated continuously, so be sure to bookmark this page.

Truth Be Told

One of the new shows coming, Apple is working with Reece Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine. Based on the novel Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber. The show will star Octavia Spencer. Apple has officially signed a 10-episode season. Actors will include Lizzy Caplan, Aaron Paul, Ron Cephas Jones, Elizabeth Perkins, Mekhi Phifer, Michael Beach, Tracie Thoms, and Haneefah Wood.

Amazing Stories

Apple is working with Steven Spielberg to bring back his Amazing Stories series, which ran for two seasons in the 1980s. So far Apple has committed to 10 episodes, with Bryan Fuller as showrunner.

The Morning Show

Reece Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston will star in a as-yet-untitled drama. It’s not a morning talk show, but a drama about creating a morning talk show. Apple has committed to two seasons of 10 episodes, each lasting an hour. The writer and executive producer is Jay Carson, who previously produced House of Cards.

Apple TV guide the morning show

For All Mankind

Ronald Moore—who made the remake of Battlestar Galactica—has been signed on by Apple for a new sci-fi series. The series is called For All Mankind, and it will be co-executive produced by Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi. The series will explore what would happen if the global space race never ended.


Home will be a show that will “offer viewers a never-before-seen look inside the world’s most extraordinary homes, and delves into the minds of the people who built them.” Apple has committed to one season of 10 episodes, each lasting an hour. It will be a documentary series produced by Matt Tyrnauer and Corey Reeser.


See will be a futuristic drama written by Steve Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence (Hunger Games). There is no release date yet, and the number of seasons or episodes Apple has ordered is also unknown.

Apple TV guide see

Kristen Wiig Comedy

Under Apple, Kristen Wiig will star in her own comedy series. It will be created and produced by Colleen McGuinness. Apple has committed to one season of 10 episodes, each lasting a half hour. The series doesn’t have a title yet.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs will be a miniseries produced by Dr. Dre. Each episode will focus on a specific emotion, and will be a semi-autobiographical story of Dr. Dre’s life. The miniseries was originally rumored to be released in August. Since it hasn’t, we don’t know if Apple canceled the project or is holding onto it for a future release.

Drama by Damien Chazelle

Director Damien Chazelle (La La Land) will write and produce every episode of a new drama series for Apple. There are no details yet, but the series will be executive produced by Jordan Horowitz and Fred Berger.

Little America

Apple originally considered the series back in February as a straight-to-series production, and now it’s past consideration and officially under the Apple brand. Written by Emily V. Gordon, Lee Eisenberg, and Kumail Nanjiani, Little America is inspired by true stories featured in Epic Magazine.

Apple TV guide little america


The latest series that Apple is creating is a drama based on the early life and career of NBA star Kevin Durant. It’s called Swagger and it will explore the world of Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball and the lives of the players, their families, and coaches. It will be produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Television, alongside Kevin’s own Thirty Five Media.

Carpool Karaoke: Season Two

Carpool Karaoke is being moved from our Old section to the New, because it’s being renewed for a second season. The show will be managed separately from Apple’s other original series projects that fall under the purview of Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg.

Apple TV guide carpool karaoke 2


Apple has ordered a straight-to-series psychological thriller from M. Night Shyamalan. It will have 10 episodes and it’s called Servant. It follows a Philadelphia couple in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home. It will be produced by Shyamalan’s Blinding Edge Pictures along with Ashwin Rajan, Jason Blumenthal, Todd Black, and Steve Tisch.

Central Park

Apple order an animated musical comedy show from Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard. It’s called Central Park, a story of how a family of caretakers living and working in Central Park save the park. It’s produced by 20th Century Fox and stars Josh Gad, Leslie Odom Jr., Titus Burgess, Kristen Bell, Stanley Tucci, Daveed Diggs, and Kathryn Hahn. There will be 26 episodes split into two seasons.


Apple has landed a TV series adaptation of Foundation, a popular science fiction trilogy by Isaac Asimov. It will be a straight-to-series production by Skydance Television. Two executive producers will be David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, Terminator) and Josh Friedman (Avatar 2, War of the Worlds).


Apple ordered a straight-to-series of Dickinson. Written by Alena Smith, it will be a modern comedy set in the 1800s, and explore the constraints of society, gender, and family from Ms. Dickinson’s perspective. Each episode will be a half-hour long. Emily Dickinson will be played by Hailee Steinfeld, while Jane Krakowski will play her mother Mrs. Dickinson.

Apple TV guide dickinson


Shantaram tells the story of Lin, a man on the run from an Australian prison as he tries to assimilate into the city of Bombay. He lives in the slums of India, far away from friends and family. Eric Warren Singer will be the writer and executive producer for the series.


Created by Timothee Hochet, Calls is a French original series produced under the CanalPlus’s Creation Originale label. The English adaptation will be a straight-to-series order of 10 episodes. Calls is described as a “project that takes storytelling innovation to the next level, allowing audiences to experience short stories through real-life audio sources and minimal visuals.”


Apple announced it ordered multiple live-action and animated series from producer Sesame Workshop. Although “Sesame” is part of the name, the popular show Sesame Street isn’t part of the agreement. There is no information yet on when it will be released.

Apple TV guide helpsters


Apple has added another book adaptation to its lineup: A series based on Min Jin Lee’s best selling book Pachinko. The book chronicles the lives of a Korean that immigrated to the U.S., and Apple signed it into what Hollywood Reporter calls “a sizable script-to-series commitment.”

Comedy With Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day

Apple ordered straight-to-series comedy with It’s Always Sunny stars Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day. It will be set in a video game development studio and star Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day, both of whom will also serve as writers and executive producers for the show.

Losing Earth

A television series based on a New York Times article called Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change is coming to Apple TV. It’s an epic 30,000 word article and Apple bought the rights to it. It recounts the story of a small group of American scientists, activists and politicians tried to save the world from the ravages of climate change before it was too late, from 1979 to 1989.

Apple TV guide losing earth


Cartoon Saloon’s Wolfwalkers is an animated movie that shows how a young girl’s life is changed when she goes to Ireland with her father to kill the last pack of wolves.  The story was written by Will Collings, and the movie is co-directed by Tomm Moore and Toss Stewart.

Defending Jacob

Chris Evans (Captain America) stars in Defending Jacob. Created and written by Mark Bomback (Planet of the Apes trilogy) based on William Landay’s bestselling novel, the limited series is described as “a gripping, character-driven thriller based on Landay’s 2012 novel published by Random House. The book tells the story of a father dealing with the accusation that his son is a 14-year-old murderer.”

My Glory Was I Had Such Friends

Apple gave a straight-to-series order of a show starring Jennifer Garner, and produced by J.J. Abrams. The show will be called My Glory Was I Had Such Friends, based on the 2017 memoir of the same name by Amy Silverstein. It follows a group of women who supported Ms. Silverstein as she waited for a second heart transplant that saved her life.

The Elephant Queen

The Elephant Queen is a documentary about Athena, a giant matriarch elephant who faces a challenge when faced with a drought: Should she lead her family away from the local watering hole they call home, or lead them into the badlands in search of food and water? She has to decide whether the youngest elephants can make the journey.

Apple TV guide elephant queen

Sci-Fi Series

A 10-episode season of a sci-fi series is coming to the company’s unnamed video platform from David Weil and Simon Kinberg. We don’t know specifics yet but according to Deadline, sources say it will be a “large large budget, ambitious, character driven genre show that will go into production this summer.” Casting is underway.

CIA Drama

Apple has ordered a straight-to-series CIA drama based on an upcoming memoir by Amaryllis Fox. It will star Brie Larson, who will be both the star and executive producer of the show. The drama is based on the real-life experiences of Ms. Fox, a former clandestine CIA officer.

Lisey’s Story

Apple won a bidding war for an adaptation of Stephen King’s horror-romance called Lisey’s Story, with a straight-to-series order of eight episodes. It’s about a deeply personal thriller that follows Lisey (Moore) two years following the death of her husband. The story explores a series of events that causes her to begin facing amazing realities about her husband that she had repressed and forgotten.

Mental Health Series

Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey will be creating a documentary series on mental health. It will launch next year, as Prince Harry announced on his Instagram page, and has already been in production for several months.

Apple TV guide oprah

Mr. Corman

The series will follow an elementary school teacher struggling with adulthood in Lost Angeles. Mr. Gordon-Levitt will produce under his HitRECord banner alongside A24.

The Mosquito Coast

Published in 1981, The Mosquito Coast follows an idealist who uproots his family and moves to Latin America. Neil Cross will be the showrunner and will adapt the book to a series.

Apple TV guide mosquito coast

A Christmas Carol

Apple won a bidding war for a live action musical starring and produced by Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. Mr. Ferrell and Mr. Reynolds are thought to be earning a combined total of around $60 million.

Ted Lasso

Jason Sudeikis is bringing his Ted Lasso series to Apple TV+. Sudeikis plays Lasso, an idealistic all-American football coach hired to manage an English football club despite having no soccer coaching experience at all. This marks Sudeikis’ first regular onscreen television role since he left “Saturday Night Live” in 2013.

ted lasso Apple TV guide

Slow Horses

Slow Horses is the first book in the series known as Slough House by Mick Herron. Slow Horses follows a team of MI5 British intelligence agents. Gary Oldman’s character will be Jackson Lamb, the leader of the spies who ends up in Slough House, the “dumping ground” of MI5.

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