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At least some Apple employees will get free Apple services starting in January. There are conflicting reports that the freebies may be limited to Apple Store and Apple Care employees, while another report indicates the deal will be given to all Apple employees and $100 off an Apple Watch purchase in the first quarter.

It appears the employees (whoever they might be), will get Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade for free to employees starting in January. Initial reports (via 9to5Mac) indicated Apple retail employees will receive the perk.

Also in the mix is a MacRumors report that says the publication has seen an internal bulletin from Apple that indicates “both Apple Store and AppleCare support employees from levels S1-S5 will be eligible to receive free access to Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ starting January 6. The bulletin does not mention Apple Music.”

An update to the initial 9to5Mac report says the publication has heard that the deal will be given to all Apple Store employees and they will also be getting a $100 discount on Apple Watch purchases from in the first quarter of 2020.

No matter who gets it, it will enable Apple employees to talk knowledgeably with customers about Apple’s service offerings. Apple has offered similar discounts to its employees in the past, such as back in 2015 when they offered discounted Apple Watches to employees.

Reports indicate Apple employees will only be able to get the free subs for themselves and will have to pay if they want to use Family Sharing.

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