Lupin, Part 1: Suave Crime

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Lupin‘s five episodes — Part 1 — were easy to binge last night on Netflix.  The French series is a perfect caper revenge story, with elements ranging from Bondian combat on a train to Mission Impossible masks to the dynamics of any number of French cop series such as Spiral.

Omar Sy is the suave, brilliant Assane Diop, determine to seek revenge for his father Babakar, found hanging when Diop was a teenager.   The villain is Pellegrini, a millionaire wheeler and dealer, who is responsible for Babakar’a death, and may have killed him.  He’s not taking Assane’s capers lightly, and in fact has sent a hitman after him.

The third element in this narrative are the Parisian police.  On the one hand, they’re after Diop.  On the other hand, they have a varying series of motives, ranging from wanting to nab Diop as a con man to working for Pellegrini.   Diop has to stay one step ahead of all of that.

His allies and family (wife and son) are also in the sights of Pellegrini’s hitman.  Diop’s smile and smarts can get him into all kinds of places, and out of all kinds of predicaments, but they’re not as effective against a cool, professional killer.   Part 1 ends with a double cliffhanger — about which I’ll say no more — but I will mention I would’ve liked to see Part 2, and am not a fan of Netflix’s occasional practice of splitting up a TV series season into two parts, as it did for the revived Unsolved Mysteries.

I’ll be back here with a review of Part 2, as soon as it’s up on Netflix.


What to Watch: The CW Shows Return, Walker Premieres & More!

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Are you ready for some network television?

Oh, we know you are. Not only are you ready for that, but you’re aching for more, more, more to watch, right?

This week is going to make you very happy. Check out what to watch this week.

Sunday, January 17

8/7c Batwoman (The CW)

This is probably one of the most highly anticipated television returns after star Ruby Rose’s stunning exit from the show last May after just one season as the titular Gotham City defender.

Stepping into the iconic cowl is newcomer Javicia Leslie, as Ryan Wilder, a woman with a traumatic past, amazing truths, and some kick-ass skills.

Meanwhile, there is significant fall-out from the disappearance of Kate Kane. What does it mean for those who love her as well as those who are just plain obsessed? *cough*ALICE*cough*

This is a new Batwoman with a new ethos and new look, but you can expect Gotham to be its usual insane self as Season 2 hits the ground running.

8/7c Ships in the Night: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery (HMM)

In this third installment of the high-octane movie series, the island’s art scene is rocked by the murder of a prominent gallery manager related to the theft of coveted sculpture piece, Boat into Wind.

Retired detective Jeff W. Jackson once again teams up, “unofficially,” with Dr. Zee Madieras and Chief Madeiras to solve the shocking crime. The suspects’ list is a mile long – even Jeff’s sailing buddy Don is implicated – and Jeff once again finds himself in the line of fire.

Not to mention, the new case derails his long-awaited dinner plans with Zee. As the pair’s investigation takes them to Boston, where Jeff was once shot in the line of duty, an old friend reveals a new lead in that case, and they discover that the art gallery murder might just be the veneer of a much more sinister and dangerous plot.

8/7c American Gods (Starz)

On the latest American Gods episode, Shadow explores his oddly welcoming new town before heading to Chicago to gather with the Old Gods on Koliada, an ancient Slavic festival.

At the Koliada, Wednesday reconnects with his oldest friend, and Salim mourns the unexpected end of his relationship with The Jinn.

When Shadow returns to Lakeside, he finds the town rocked by the disappearance of a teenage girl—and discovers that he is a suspect. Let the fun begin!

Monday, January 18

8/7c 9-1-1 (FOX)

On the season premiere, Athena is just about ready to return to work after her horrific experience during 9-1-1 Season 2.

You know what that means, right? All hell is about to break loose, and Athena will find herself caught in the middle.

Our favorite first responders are back, as 9-1-1 Season 4 kicks off with a mudslide that’s headed straight for the heart of Los Angeles.

The series will tackle COVID and several other hot button issues this season while also continuing to explore the personal lives of the 118 and beyond. It should be another great season, and we can’t wait to cover it again this year!

9/8c 9-1-1: Lonestar (FOX)

There’s a new medic in town, and it’s the very best scenario for viewers.

Get your first look at the new season with the preview below, and then settle in for another bumpy ride with our 9-1-1 heroes!

Are you ready for two hours of nonstop excitement to begin your week?

Tuesday, January 19

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

After a fantastic season premiere, The Resident keeps up the momentum with another installment that will have fans talking.

Mina and the Raptor took a big step, but it may all come crashing down just as quickly when they have their first couple’s quarrel.

Devon’s loss will lead him down a deeper path and mission, and Chastain is facing one of its biggest challenges to date.

9/8c Prodigal Son (FOX)

Our murder family is still struggling, but there are always cases to solve. A new murder case involving a priest in his house of worship consumes the team’s time, and Malcolm consults with Martin yet again for some advice.

Meanwhile, Ainsley is piecing together that Jessica is keeping something from her regarding Gil.

And Gil and the team rallly behind JT in the aftermath of his scary experience with fellow law enforcement officers.

Wednesday, January 20

8/7c Riverdale (The CW)

The first of the final three episodes of the teenage years of Riverdale kicks off with Prom!

Things do not go to plan this being Riverdale, and there are thrills and chills in the highly-anticipated first episode back.

Have a look at the trailer below and prepare to be stunned.

9/8c Nancy Drew (The CW)

With the Drew crew fated to die, Nancy and her friends come to an agreement about how to take down Aglaeca before it’s too late.

But there’s also a new detective in town, one who wants to take Nancy down.

Eek! It’s going to be fun!

Thursday, January 21

8/7c Walker (The CW)

Jared Padalecki takes on the titular role in this reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. Don’t be shocked, but he’s a Texas Ranger.

Husband, father, and son, Walker is a legend in the Rangers, but his world changes forever when his wife gets killed.

Fast forward ten months and Walker is returning home to a family he’s neglected during a deep undercover mission. He needs to reconnect with his teenagers and learn to work with a new partner named Micki, not the Mickey that he expects.

9/8c Legacies (The CW)

While over 10 months have passed since the conclusion of Legacies Season 2, not a single second has passed at the Salvatore School.

Yes, it’s time to return and find out what the heck is going on with Hope and Landon, who were very much comatose when we last met them.

A new monster arrives, but who emerges as a formidable foe?

Friday, January 22

Fate: The Winx Saga (Netflix)

Had this premiered about six months ago, it would have probably gone down a treat with fans of Legacies.

The series is set in a magic school and includes all of the teen drama tropes you can think of, but it’s oddly worth watching.

At six episodes, it’s an easy binge.

WandaVision (Disney+)

Continuing with the decade themed sitcom episodes, Wanda and Vision enter a world of color when the ’70s arrive!

Tune in to find out what kind of mischief this unusual couple gets themselves into and for more information as to why they are stuck in a sitcom.

This isn’t a preview for the exact episode, but you can catch helpful hints of the ’70s within. So fun!

Servant (Apple TV+)

With Sean turning over a new leaf and Dorothy spiraling out of control, it’s time to check in with Leanne and the mysterious cult.

Lots of revelations will come to light, and there are some scares.

Are you watching with us?


Netflix Reveals Selena: The Series Part 2 Launch Date

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Viewers who embraced Selena: The Series late last year do not have long to wait for the final chapter.

Netflix announced on Friday that all episodes of Part 2 will be available to stream Friday, May 14.

The streamer also revealed that the series was watched by 25 million households in its first 28 days, solidifying itself as a huge success.

Selena: The Series is a coming-of-age story following Selena (The Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos) as her dreams come true and all the heart-wrenching and life-changing choices she and her family have to make as they navigate success, family, and music.

The cast also includes Gabriel Chavarria, Ricardo Chavira, Noemí Gonzalez, Seidy López, Jesse Posey, and Natasha Perez.

selena pic

“When Selena Quintanilla burst onto the Tejano music scene in the ‘80s, her dream was to make music that celebrated both her Latin roots and her Mexican-American upbringing. She ultimately brought these two worlds together, leaving behind a timeless legacy that still resonates with generations of fans around the world,” said Francisco Ramos, VP of Latin American Originals.

“We had the same hopes when we released Selena: The Series in December on Netflix. We wanted to pay tribute to the young girl with big dreams and an even bigger voice, and honor her incredible rise from performing local gigs with her family to gracing some of the world’s biggest stages,” he added.

selena 4

“We’re looking forward to continuing this journey when the highly anticipated conclusion of this two-part series premieres globally on May 14.”

Netflix also dropped the logline for the final nine episodes:

Now on the brink of stardom, Selena Quintanilla’s journey through the Tejano music world continues. Learning how to handle her newfound success, Selena struggles to balance, family, love, and a burgeoning career.

It’s nice that fans will not have to wait long for the final episodes. It’s been tough in recent months with many shows getting delayed by months, so knowing the series will be back in a few months is good.

What are your thoughts on the news?

Hit the comments.


YouTube, TikTok Comedian Caroline Ricke Signs With UTA (Exclusive)

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Content creator and comedian Caroline Ricke has signed with United Talent Agency for representation in all areas.

The 21-year-old YouTuber and TikToker began building a following in 2020, after she went viral for a satirical vlog series about being accepted into–and then dropping out of–Harvard. The videos provided a springboard for the creation of Ricke’s signature alter-ego, “Rich Caroline.”

Her YouTube channel (330K subscribers) and TikTok account (2.7 million) now chronicle the scripted, retro-glitzy adventures of brutally honest, Elle Woods-esque Rich Caroline, from her time as a millionaire in quarantine to flexing her oversized closet to Haute Lunch, a totally professional cooking show “for all you losers who get below-average grades at your below-average schools.”

@richcarolinehaute lunch w @toborowitz♬ original sound – Caroline Ricke

UTA will work with Ricke as she expands her clothing and jewelry line, Spicy Girl, and develops her weekly podcast Don’t Be Ugly.

Since signing with the agency, Ricke has sealed brand deals with Netflix and American Eagle. She’s also partnered with Tinder, Chipotle, Beats by Dre, and Lululemon.

Ricke continues to be managed by Ogo at Thirteenth.

Header photo by SJ Spreng.

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Amid ‘Spotlight’ Rollout, Snap Elevates Ben Schwerin To SVP Of Content And Partnerships

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Snap has reorganized its content team, promoting longtime exec Ben Schwerin to the role of SVP of content and partnerships, where he will oversee all related efforts globally.

As part of the reorg, Snap chief strategy officer Jared Grusd — who joined the company from HuffPost roughly two years ago — is departing in order to serve Snap in an advisory capacity focused on long-term strategies, Variety reports. The new roles were first reported by The Information.

Schwerin has been at Snapchat’s parent company for six years, most recently as VP of partnerships. In his new role, he will also lead Snap’s games, talent, and AR creator partnerships teams. Reporting to Schwerin, per Variety, will be: head of original content Sean Mills; senior director of content, business, and operations David Brinker; director of content strategy Mike DiBenedetto; and managing director of international markets Nana Murugesan.

The restructuring arrives amid the November launch of Spotlight — a new platform within Snapchat that rewards top creators with a total of $1 million — split up between top performers — each day. (Snapchat hasn’t yet disclosed how it chooses to parcel out the daily $1 million, nor how many creators are paid, or what the average payout is). That said, Variety reports that Snap is looking to hire a senior exec to oversee Spotlight, who will also report to Schwerin.

While details remain relatively scant, Spotlight is looking wildly lucrative to some users, having paid out more than $50 million in total to over 1,000 creators to date. In a recent episode of his podcast, Views, the popular creator David Dobrik disclosed that he’d pocketed $103,000 in a week from posting three or four videos to Spotlight. A guest on Views, the 19-year-old TikToker Cam Casey, says he’s made a cool $2.7 million on Spotlight thus far.

“Ben has been a part of our team for six years and he has done a wonderful job building our partnerships around the world across sports, music, media, and creators,” Snap CEO Evan Spiegel told Variety in a statement. “Most recently, we’re really excited with the growth we’ve seen in Snap Kit, games, and AR.”

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Some Creators Are Making Millions Uploading Videos To Snapchat’s Spotlight

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When Snapchat’s new short video platform, Spotlight, launched Nov. 23, it made an intriguing promise: Each day, it would divvy up at least $1 million amongst the makers of its most popular content.

Since then, it’s paid out more than $50 million total to over 1,000 creators–and it plans to continue the million-a-day initiative for the foreseeable future, it tells Tubefilter.

Snapchat says it intends to release metrics about the payouts soon, but for now, it doesn’t disclose much about them. We don’t know how it determines which creators make “top” videos, or what formula is used to parcel out the daily million (are creators paid per view? Per watch time?). We also don’t know how many creators are paid each day, or what the average payout is.

What we do know are specific amounts some creators have made. Longtime digital creator and burgeoning entrepreneur David Dobrik featured Spotlight in his podcast Views this week, and during the episode disclosed that he made $103,000 in a week from posting three or four videos to the platform. His guest for the episode, 19-year-old TikToker Cam Casey, has been uploading to Spotlight since November, and estimates he’s made a cool $2.7 million thus far.

“Bro, isn’t that f-cking insane? That makes no sense,” Dobrik said, after hearing the figure. “No one knows about this.”

Casey elaborated to the The New York Times, explaining that he joined Spotlight as a whim. His first contribution was a classic Coke bottle explosion–a premade video already in his camera roll. A few days after he posted it, Snapchat informed him the video was popular enough that his slice of the daily $1 million would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now, Casey floods Spotlight with new videos, sometimes uploading as many as 120 per day.

Other creators who talked to the Times cited diverse figures: two made upward of $1 million, one made around $100,000, and one, 19-year-old Dax Newman, made $30,000. Newman praised Spotlight’s system, saying, “You don’t have to ask to be paid, you don’t have to join any program, you just post a video and if it does well you get paid.”

TikTok, the platform Spotlight was created to challenge, also pays creators to post content. But its $200 million fund requires creators to apply, and they’re only accepted if they have 10,000+ followers, 10,000+ video views in the last 30 days, and “an account that fits with our TikTok Community Guidelines and terms of service.”

Spotlight, however, just requires that creators be over 16 and located in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, or France.

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Jesse Metcalfe on Ships in the Night: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery, Chesapeake Shores & More!

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The Martha’s Vineyard Mystery series returns to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries this Sunday, and we spoke with star and executive producer Jesse Metcalfe to learn more.

We chatted with Jesse about the new Martha’s Vineyard chapter, got a tease about Chesapeake Shores, and discovered good news for fans of his Netflix film with Bruce Willis, Hard Kill.

Find out all about it and more by reading below.

You have got a lot of irons in the fire with Hallmark. Can you talk a little bit about the unique aspects of filming standalone movies, a series of mystery movies, and an episodic series?

Well, I mean, first, I’d just like to express my gratitude to the network. They’re amazing to work for. They really are, and they’ve really let our relationship evolve, now allowing me to produce with the Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries, and I couldn’t be more thankful to them.

I mean, no other network has really put this much faith in me before, and it’s been so much fun. I mean, being able to be involved in every creative facet of producing content has really been like a dream come true because I went to New York University for film.

Initially, I wanted to be a director, but not an actor. I ended up falling into acting. So, I mean, I think I’m uniquely qualified to do this job. And I’d like to think that that four years at NYU was helping me create some really great content for Hallmark.

And you’re one of the rare males who were part of a mystery series where everything is from Jeff’s point of view, essentially. What are the character traits that were important to you for Jeff to have?

Well, I think any time I participate in a project with the network, I like to make sure that there’s great character development. I think the reason why so many of my projects have resonated with the audience is that there’s always been really well-developed character arcs within my movies.

Whether it’s a movie that really got to start over at the network, which is A Country Wedding or it’s Chesapeake Shores, or it’s Christmas Next Door or Christmas Under the Stars, I like to make the audience feel something.

And that means that the stakes need to be high from an emotional standpoint.

And if that is not on the page when I accept the project, I make sure that the script gets there and that the performance is good, and I think quality is important.

So as far as Jeff Jackson is concerned in the Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries, he’s such a layered character. So I don’t get bored with the character because he has a past.

He has this deep storyline that runs through all of the movies about finding out who shot him, and he has some PTSD around those events and losing his partner.

That, coupled with the romantic storyline between him and Zee Madeiras, coupled with a new mystery in every new installment makes for a really fun role to play.

How important is it for you to get the storyline right regarding Jeff’s PTSD and what he’s going through? That’s obviously something that people go through for many different reasons.

From a medical standpoint, it’s pretty important to showcase all kinds of different ways that those symptoms and stuff play out. How do you feel about that?

It’s incredibly important. And I think, for me, it’s something that ties the series together from movie to movie so that these aren’t standalone movies.

The characters are progressing from movie to movie. And for me, I think that’s vital because I really want to see an evolution with these characters. And I think that’s what keeps people engaged. And from an acting standpoint, it’s what keeps me engaged because I don’t have to come to set each movie and play the same beat.

There’s constantly something new for me to explore within the character.

And what can you tease about Ships in the Night?

Well, I can tease that Jess gets closer to finding out who shot him. Jeff and Zee get closer romantically, and we have yet another interesting and complex mystery to solve.

One of the other aspects of this particular mystery show that I really like is that the relationship between Jeff and Zee is real.

There isn’t a will they/won’t they aspect, but instead, they’re genuinely interested in each other and taking it slow and making it meaningful when there are so many other shows that dangle on the precipice of whether or not they’ll go there.

Why choose the avenue of yes, they’re there, and make it a little bit more slow and easy?

Well, I’m so glad you bring that up and thank you for acknowledging that. We still like to tease the audience as to is the relationship going to progress in the new installment of the movie. But it’s very important for me to keep the relationship grounded and real.

And it helps that these two characters have a history together, but they also bring their individual baggage to the relationship. And I like to keep the obstacles, which is their baggage, very grounded and real.

Jeff dealing with his past, his PTSD, really wanting to find out who shot him so that he can put it to bed and be available within the relationship.

And also, in this installment of Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries and Ships in the Night, we get a greater insight into Zee’s reservations about taking the relationship to the next level.

Again, it’s very real. Talking about her past relationship and being cheated on by her fiance. So there are things holding these characters back, but they’re still great friends, and a relationship is happening. They are dating, but yes, they are taking it slow, and there are reasons why they’re taking it slow.

So that it’s not just plot-driven or trying to keep the audiences as to will they or won’t they kiss or do this, or do that, which I think can be very contrived at times.

It can, and what I like is that they actually communicate. They don’t hold back on what issues they’re dragging about. They’re out there, and so they know to be cautious.

It’s just more grounded, more authentic. And the banter between them and the humor between them. I mean, they mask a lot of what they’re feeling and what they’re thinking with humor, but it’s just right there under the surface to where we’re not really hiding what these characters are going through or what they’re feeling.

And it feels authentic. And that’s the most important thing, to tell a story and to present characters that are real and authentic. I mean, that’s our job as storytellers and actors.

And while we’re speaking of the will they, won’t they, you also star in Chesapeake Shores as Trace. And while we know it’s coming back, do you have any idea when it begins filming? Have you seen any scripts? What’s going on with Chesapeake Shores?

We’ve written the entire season. That is one of the gifts of putting season five off a full year due to the pandemic. But I have yet to read anything. I have a good feeling about it as we have a new head writer, Phoef Sutton, who has great credentials.

He was a writer way back in the day on Cheers, so I’m hoping he can bring up some great dialogue to our show, which I think is an area, maybe, that we needed to improve.

And our executive producer, Dan Paulson, has great faith in him. So if Dan believes in him, I believe in him, and I’m literally chomping at the bit to at least read a couple of episodes. And from what I hear, we plan on going back into production in April.

And as the man who plays Trace, what kind of future would you envision for him?

Well, I have been tipped off as to a couple of plot twists concerning Trace, and something happens that I don’t think anyone is going to see coming. So I think it’s going to be a great turn for Trace and for me as the actor who plays Trace.

It’s going to be something new and something very different that Trace has to deal with. So Trace isn’t on tour anymore. He’s going to be spending a little bit more time in Chesapeake.

So as to whether or not that kiss at the end of the episode of season four means that Trace and Abby are back together, remains to be seen.

It also allows you to showcase your music. What do you have lined up for fans from that aspect?

Well, I mean, obviously, I absolutely love that facet of the show. It’s so fun for me, and I think that the fans of the show really respond to it. It just goes to show the power of music and specifically the power of music in television and film.

But I’m always working on new material. So I’ll present some new songs to our producers and kind of see if they bite, and Dan and our other producers are always great at sourcing music for the show.

And I learn those songs and kind of do my take on the songs, my rendition of those songs. And hopefully, there’ll be a lot of music in season five, but I mean, that aspect of the show is not really under my control.

So I hope we continue to do that, and I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t, but that’s a surprise for me as well. But we always get great songs. I mean, people are constantly reaching out to me over social media, asking me where they can get these songs.

I make the music that I’ve written and recorded for the show available on my website,

But these other songs, I really have been pushing our producers and mostly our producers really; I think the Hallmark Network is game, and the executives over there are game to do a soundtrack, but that really has yet to come to fruition.

And I mean, there are really some hits that people love — Freefall; and people love to hear these songs over and over again.

Hopefully, we’ll get that. The people behind the scenes are changing; they have Hallmark wine and everything. So I would not put a soundtrack out of the realm of possibilities.

Well, from your lips to God’s ear. From your lips to the network’s ear.

Finally, you are associated with two of the most iconic franchises in American television: Dallas and Desperate Housewives.

Thank you.

What did you learn from those experiences that you bring into everything that you do now?

Oh, my God. So much. Where do I begin? I feel really good about where I’m at as a man, as an actor, as a 42-year-old. I’ve learned so much in this industry, sometimes the hard way, but I think this industry is about relationships, and it’s about synergy and collaboration. It’s really about working with others.

And I think that’s the thing I learned the most, how to work well with others, and Desperate Housewives was just a total whirlwind. I was a young actor that really had no idea that show was going to fly the way it did and be such a tremendous hit and now part of popular culture.

So I think the lessons I learned on that show were the lessons of a young actor, but the experience I gained riding that wave was immeasurable.

Now, as far as Dallas is concerned, I really put a lot of pressure on myself during that show to do right by the brand and make a show that was as good or better than the original series. But what I realized on that show is that one person, one actor on a show, can’t make that happen.

It’s a collective effort, and I was incredibly proud of season one of the reboot of Dallas, but I think we lost the plot a bit moving forward. And obviously, losing Larry Hagman was a huge blow because Larry Hagman was Dallas.

So I don’t think we ever really recovered from that. I was hoping that show would go at least five seasons, but I was honored to be a part of it while it lasted, and I think back on those times fondly.

And is there anything else that you would like to share with my readers?

Well, I recently got some good news. As your readers may or may not know, I did a movie with Bruce Willis called Hard Kill. It reached number two on U.S. Netflix, number one on U.K. Netflix. And I’ve recently been told that we are doing Hard Kill II. Nice!

So I’ll get to share the screen with the great Bruce Willis again and the rest of the ensemble of actors on that project. I had a blast making that one, and I know it’s going to be a great time making number two.

Ships in the Night: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery airs on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Sunday, January 17 at 8/7c.


The Dolan Twins, With 11 Million Subscribers, Resign From YouTube To Pursue Other Ventures

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In the latest episode of their Deeper With The Dolan Twins podcast, Ethan and Grayson Dolan announced that they are moving on from their flagship YouTube channel, which counts 10.7 million subscribers.

The identical twins, 21, launched the venture roughly seven years ago, but are now throwing in the towel, stating that the platform has started to feel somewhat stale and limiting, and that they are no longer interested in appeasing the YouTube algorithm. The guys have announced brief hiatuses in the past due to waning creative inspiration.

“We are not moving on from YouTube because we have a lack of appreciation for you guys. Your support over the past seven years of our lives — I can’t even explain the level of appreciation I have for you,” Grayson said. Nevertheless, while it was the aim of their channel to spread positivity, he notes fans have sensed that they weren’t necessarily feeling positive in recent months, and that their hearts weren’t in their work.

Ethan shared that the guys still plan to produce new podcast episodes every week — which live on a separate YouTube channel (161,000 subscribers) — while they hope to move onto bigger, better, and more challenging forms of digital video production. In the past, for instance, the Dolans have directed music videos (for the Australian band Cub Sport’s song “Hawaiian Party) and a feature-length documentary (Losing A Best Friend, about the loss of their father, Sean, to cancer). They haven’t specified as of yet what the new projects will entail.

In addition to their media ventures, the brothers own a scent brand called Wakeheart, which vends both personal fragrances and candles.

You can check out the twins’ hourlong meditation on why they’ve opted to step away from YouTube below:

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The Crew: Kevin James’ Netflix Comedy Gets Trailer, Premiere Date

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Kevin James is headed back to the small screen, but he won’t be on regular TV.

The comedy veteran will lead the cast of a new Netflix series, The Crew, which is set to launch Monday, February 15.

The Crew stars James as a NASCAR crew chief for the fictional Bobby Spencer Racing team.

When the owner steps down and passes the team off to his daughter Catherine (Jillian Mueller), James has to protect himself and his crew from her attempts to modernize the team.

Freddie Stroma, Sarah Stiles, Gary Anthony Williams, and Dan Ahdoot also star, Paris Berelc and Bruce McGill guest star.

Jeff Lowell (The Ranch, Two and a Half Men, Spin City) will serve as writer, showrunner, and executive producer. Andy Fickman (Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Playing With Fire) directed all episodes and serves as an executive producer.

James, Jeff Sussman (The King of Queens, Paul Blart), and Todd Garner (Tag, Isn’t It Romantic, Mortal Kombat) will also serve as executive producers. Matt Summers and Tim Clark will executive produce for NASCAR.

The streamer has also revealed character breakdowns for Berlc and McGill’s characters.

Paris Berelc (Alexa & Katie, Hubie Halloween) guest stars as Jessie.

She’s a young race car driver who Catherine (Jillian Mueller) wants to replace Jake (Freddie Stroma) on the Bobby Spencer racing team.

Sponsors love the idea of getting a young woman behind the wheel, and unlike Jake, she knows as much about the cars as the mechanics.

Bruce McGill (National Lampoon’s Animal House, MacGyver) guest stars as Bobby Spencer.

Bobby was a beloved driver back in NASCAR’s early years, and started up his own team when he retired.

Seeing his team’s fortunes declining as the technology driven teams dominate the sport, he turns the operation over to his daughter… but staying away isn’t as easy as he thought.

Have a look at the full trailer below and chime in with your thoughts on the comments!


Newly-Formed ‘Group Nine Acquisition Corp.’ Prices $200 Million IPO, Kicking Off Today

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Group Nine Media is launching its initial public offering process today.

The digital media conglomerate last month formed a new entity called Group Nine Acquisition Corp., which is a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, through which it will conduct its IPO.

SPACs are blank-check companies created solely to raise capital through an IPO for the purpose of acquiring another company — in this case, Group Nine Media. At the same time, Variety notes that Group Nine has said it plans to acquire other businesses in the digital media space as part of the process, though it hasn’t specified any targets.

As part of the public offering today, Group Nine Acquisition Corp. (GNAC) is offering 20 million total shares, each priced at $10, for gross proceeds of $200 million. Group Nine will trade on the NASDAQ under the ‘GNACU‘ ticker symbol.

GNAC will continue to be led by Group Nine Media CEO Ben Lerer (pictured above), while Brian Sugar — who serves as president of Group Nine Media — will serve as GNAC’s president and director. Group Nine CFO Sean Macnew will serve in the same role at GNAC. And as part of the deal, Immigration Capital co-founder and partner Richard Parsons and Reddit COO Jen Wong will join GNAC’s board of directors.

Five-year-old Group Nine Media was formed with a $100 million investment from Discovery, and today comprises popular digital brands like Thrillist, NowThis, The Dodo, Seeker, and PopSugar, which it purchased last year in an all-stock deal. The SPAC process is one that is also being used by micro-video platform Triller for its own public offering.

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The Dig on Netflix – release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

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The Dig will see Ralph Fiennes lead an all-star cast…

Carey Mulligan The Dig
Carey Mulligan stars opposite Ralph Fiennes in The Dig

The Dig, Netflix’s much-anticipated new film, is heading to our screens this January and stars acclaimed British actors Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan.

The three-part drama will see an all-star cast and tell the story of the discovery of an Anglo-Saxon burial ship at Sutton Hoo in 1939

Here’s everything you need to know about the new film…

Ralph Fiennes The Dig

Ralph Fiennes stars as Basil Brown in this historical film

The Dig on Netflix release date – when will it air?

The film received a limited cinema release on Friday 15 January and will come to Netflix on Friday 29 January.

What’s the plot?

Set in the summer of 1939, as he world teetered on the brink of war, The Dig follows self-taught archaeologist Basil Brown as he excavates an ancient mound on the Suffolk estate of aristocratic widow, Edith Pretty.

The pair are overjoyed when Basil unearths a 7th century burial ship, thought to be the grave of King Raedwald of East Anglia. Yet news of their find soon led to scholars from The British Museum, led by Charles Phillips, trying to take over the site.

Carey Mulligan Ralph Fiennes The Dig

Carey Mulligan was aged up to play aristocratic widow, Edith Pretty, in The Dig.

Edith Pretty insisted that Basil be allowed to stay and help with their work and the team uncovered a host of treasures including precious jewelry, a sword and an iconic helmet.

The discovery remains one of the most important ever made on British soil and completely changed how scholars viewed the Dark Ages.

A special bond of mutual respect grew between Mrs Pretty and Basil during the project, but they weren’t the only ones to make a connection and a love story also emerges between married archaeologist Peggy Piggott and Edith’s cousin, Rory Lomax…

Who’s in the cast of The Dig?

Based on the 2007 novel by John Preston, the film boasts an all-star cast, which is lead by Ralph Fiennes (Schindler’s List and the Harry Potter film series) and Carey Mulligan (Collateral and The Great Gatsby).

Ken Stott (The Hobbit film series) plays the leader of the British Museum archaeology team, Charles Phillips, while Downton Abbey star Lily James plays keen excavator Peggy Piggott.

Lily James The Dig

Lily James plays Peggy Piggott in this drama set in the summer of 1939.

Ben Chaplin (Apple Tree Yard) takes on the role of Peggy’s husband Stuart Piggott and Johnny Flynn (Stardust and Vanity Fair) plays Edith’s cousin Rory Lomax, who arrives on the estate to help with the dig.

Monica Dolan (W1A) completes the cast as Basil’s wife, May Brown.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there is. And it looks brilliant.

What else do we know about the film?

Some of the geographical context shots were filmed on the Suffolk coast near the burial site at Sutton Hoo, but most of the film was made in Shackleton, Surrey.

The Dig comes to Netflix on Friday 29 January

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Netflix’s First Inclusion Report Lays Out Its Diversity Efforts, Shortfalls, Goals

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Netflix’s first company inclusion report revealed women comprise 47% of its global senior leadership, and that 46% of its U.S.-based staffers are from marginalized racial and/or ethnic backgrounds.

“The company added inclusion as a cultural value in 2017, but here’s what we found: we weren’t as great as we thought we were, or aspired to be,” Vernā Myers, Netflix’s VP of inclusion strategy, wrote in the report. The document breaks down Netflix’s diversity efforts, accomplishments, shortfalls, and future goals using data from October 2020, when it had around 8,000 full-time employees.

Myers’ 17-person inclusion team has spent the past two years spearheading initiatives focused on “building a foundation, sowing the seeds for inclusion to take root” within Netflix, she said.

These efforts include creating a training program to help recruiters hire more diversely, designing a tech bootcamp for students at the historically Black Norfolk University, and partnering with organizations like /dev/color, techqueria, Ghetto Film School, and TalentoTotal to help Netflix leadership network with diverse communities and potential future employees.

The team specifically zeroed in on improving Netflix’s hiring of Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+, and Asian-American candidates, Myers said. Possibly as a result, the number of U.S.-based Black employees at Netflix has doubled in the past three years, per its report. Black folks now account for 8% of Netflix’s workforce, and 9% of its leadership. (“Leadership” is defined as director-level and above.)

from Netflix

For folks already working at Netflix, the company has established 15 employee resource groups for transgender, Jewish, disabled, Black, immigrant, veteran, and several other marginalized or struggling communities, Myers said. Netflix describes the groups as a way for staffers to “create space to connect on their shared experiences.”

Myers and her team also brought in experts throughout 2020 to talk to employees about traumatic events like the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. More than 5,600 employees attended speeches from people like Dr. Robin DiAngelo, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Brittney Cooper, and YK Hong, she said.

But, she added, “We have so much more work to do.”

Moving forward, Netflix “could do a much better job at recruiting Hispanic or Latinx and other underrepresented folks into all areas of our company, particularly our leadership,” Myers wrote.

Netflix additionally has committed to improving inclusion outside the U.S.–something it started in September 2020 by hiring former Spotify exec Cassi Mecchi as its first director of inclusion for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It plans to add inclusion team members in the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions this year.

The company’s last goal is to regularly measure its overall “inclusion health” by checking in more with current employees. “Hiring is important, for sure, but so is retention, promotion, tenure, and compensation among underrepresented colleagues,” Myers said.

You can see the full report here.

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Ellen Digital Ventures Names Online Video Veteran Nathan Brown General Manager

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Ellen Digital Ventures (EDV), the seven-year-old digital arm of Ellen DeGeneres’ multimedia empire that marks a joint venture with Warner Bros., has tapped veteran digital media executive Nathan Brown as its new general manager.

Brown will lead strategic vision and assume financial responsibility for EDV, overseeing owned-and-operated sites like EllenTube as well as DeGeneres’ robust social media presence as well as her mobile games empire. He will also manage on EDV’s podcasting efforts and increase its presence in the ecommerce realm, the company said.

Variety notes that Brown succeeds Michael Riley, who departed EDV last fall to join Netflix as VP and global head of editorial and publishing. Brown will now report to WB Unscripted Television, the EDV board, and work in close collaboration with The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s executive producers on the television side: Mary Connelly, Andy Lassner, and Derek Westervelt.

“We spent some time looking for the right mix of digital leadership, creativity, people management, and an understanding of his hugely important platform and the Ellen brand,” Mike Darnell, the president of Warner Bros. Unscripted Television, said in a statement. “From the first meeting, Nathan hit all of those marks and blew us away with his sheer passion and excitement.”

Brown counts over 20 years of experience as a digital media executive and entrepreneur, most recently as the co-founder and CEO of the AR and VR startup Tomorrow Never Knows. He also previously served as chief business officer at the mobile and experiential digital studio Tactic, the president of Discovery-owned Seeker, GM and SVP of video for The Huffington Post, and GM of video and TV for Complex Media.

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Fanatic Feed: Doogie Howser Reboot Finds Its Lead, Sopranos Movie Delayed, and More!

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Here is a wrap-up of all the news you need to know from Thursday, January 2021.

The forthcoming female-led reboot of Doogie Howser has found its lead in Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi Mack).

The series is titled Doogie Kameāloha, M.D., and is a female-led reimagining of the classic ABC medical dramedy, the streamer announced Thursday.

The streamer also dropped the logline:

Set in modern-day Hawaii, the 10-episode comedy follows Lahela “Doogie” Kamealoha, a mixed race 16-year-old girl, juggling a budding medical career and life as a teenager.

Guiding Lahela (and also complicating things) is her family, including her spit-fire Irish mother who’s also her supervisor at the hospital, and her ‘Local Boy’ father struggling to accept that his daughter is no longer his little girl.

The original Doogie Howser starred Neil Patrick Harris, and aired on ABC from 1989 to 1993.

The rest of the cast will be announced at a later date.

Over at Netflix, the streamer has dropped the full-length trailer for its Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke drama series, Firefly Lane.

The two TV veterans star as best friends, who deal with whatever life throws at them.

“The greatest love story of all can be between friends. When unlikely duo Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke) meet at age fourteen, they couldn’t be more different,” reads the official logline of the series, which is based on the book series from Kristin Hannah.

“Tully is the brash and bold girl you can’t ignore, while Kate is the mousy shy girl you never notice. But when a tragedy brings them together, they are bonded for life — forever inseparable best friends.”

“Together they experience thirty years of ups and downs — triumphs and disappointments, heartbreak and joy, and a love triangle that strains their friendship.”

“One goes on to fabulous wealth and fame, the other chooses marriage and motherhood — but through the decades, their bond remains — until it faces the ultimate test.”

Creator Maggie Friedman serves as showrunner and executive producer along with executive producers, Peter O’Fallon, Katherine Heigl, Shawn Williamson, and Lee Rose.

The cast also includes Ali Skovbye (When Calls the Heart) and Roan Curtis (The Magicians) as young versions of Tully and Kate, plus Ben Lawson (Doubt), Yael Yurman (The Man in the High Castle), and Beau Garrett (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce).

The trailer certainly gives us a glimpse at the BFFs through the years as they move on to new chapters, but their friendship becomes strained at some points.

Elsewhere, The Sopranos prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark has been pushed back from a March 12 big-screen release to Sept. 24, per Variety.

The movie is also slated to debut on HBO Max the same day it hits theaters, following in the footsteps of Wonder Woman: 1984.

The superhero movie launched on HBO Max December 25 simultaneously with theaters to give fans more options on how to navigate watching movies in these pandemic-filled times.

The flick stars Alessandro Nivola, Leslie Odom Jr., Jon Berntha,l Corey Stoll, Michael Gandolfini, Billy Magnussen, John Magaro, Michela De Rossi, Ray Liotta, and Vera Farmiga.

Finally, Lifetime is headed back to the world of V.C. Andrews.

The four-movie event series V.C. Andrews’ The Landry Family is set to air on Lifetime over two weekends, Saturday, March 20 and Sunday, March 21, and then on Saturday, March 27 and Sunday, March 28 (beginning at 8/7c each night).

Starring in the movies are Kristian Alfonso (Days of our Lives), Marilu Henner (Taxi), Richard Harmon (The 100), Jennifer Laporte (V.C. Andrews’ Web of Dreams), and Evan Roderick (Spinning Out).


Indonesian Government Prioritizes Influencers — Alongside Healthcare Workers — In COVID Vaccine Rollout

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In order to combat reluctance surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Indonesia, the government has reportedly made social influencers a priority class in terms of receiving their shots.

Indonesia, which is the world’s fourth most populous country and the hardest hit by coronavirus in Southeast Asia, Reuters reports, tapped the influencer and TV personality Raffi Ahmad to receive his vaccine at the Merdeka Palace (one of six presidential palaces in Jakarta) alongside president Joko Widodo — who is no stranger to social media himself as the proprietor of his very own YouTube channel.

One of the country’s senior health ministers, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, tells Reuters that the government opted to include influencers in the first round of incoluations alongside the country’s 1.5 million healthcare workers as a communications strategy, to convince hesitant citizens to get their shots.

Ahmad, 33, chronicled his vaccination experience on his Instagram account (pictured above with Widodo), where he counts a staggering 49 million followers. Indonesia’s health ministry has not specified how many influencers are involved in the rollout initiative, per Reuters, though others who are slated to receive shots today are Nazril ‘Ariel’ Irham (3 million Instagram followers) of the Indonesian pop/rock band Noah, and singer-songwriter Risa Saraswati (1.8 million followers).

Reuters notes that Indonesia is the largest Muslim-majority nation in the world, and there have been concerns about whether the vaccine is allowed under Islamic law — though the company’s top Islamic council recently ruled that it is halal.

That said, in an incident that illuminates both the power and detriment of working with influencers — who are typically beloved for their relatability, warts and all — photos surfaced of Raffi partying with a group of friends shortly after he received the vaccine. While he has since offered a public apology on IGTV, Reuters reports that police are investigating the incident, and whether he broke the law.

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PewDiePie Signs Exclusive Facebook Distribution Deal With Jellysmack

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PewDiePie has signed an exclusive multiyear deal with creator company Jellysmack to distribute his YouTube content on Facebook.

The longtime creator–IRL name Felix Kjellberg–has 108 million YouTube subscribers, making him the most followed individual on the platform. His meme-and-Minecraft-focused channel brings in around 200 million views per month.

Kjellberg has an exclusive livestreaming deal with YouTube; Jellysmack will distribute crystallized editions of these live streams, as well as his regular uploads, on Facebook, where he has 8.4 million followers. The goal is to “activate and expand” Kjellberg’s Facebook audience by using proprietary tech to put Facebook-optimized versions of his YouTube videos in front of targeted viewers, Jellysmack says.

“In this multiplatform video ecosystem, there are a lot of opportunities for creators to monetize their content,” Michael Philippe, Jellysmack’s cofounder and co-CEO, said in a statement. “We’re honored that PewDiePie has entrusted his massive fanbase to Jellysmack and we’re excited to show him how we can turn Facebook into a true brand asset for him without adding work to his plate.”

Jellysmack works with a roster of more than 100 digital creators, including Reaction Time (15.3 million subscribers), Azzyland (13.3 million), and Brad Mondo (6.63 million). It distributes content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter, and says it currently reaches almost 45% of the U.S. population, according to data from Tubular Labs.

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Cobra Kai: Kreese Needs To Be Defeated In Season 4

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If a hero who lives too long becomes a villain, what happens to villains who overstay their welcome?

They become pathetic.

Cobra Kai shouldn’t let such a fate befall Kreese.

One of the things so refreshing about Cobra Kai compared to other revivals is its understanding of the old guard characters.

A lesser version of Cobra Kai would have completely leaned into the meme of Johnny Lawrence was the true hero of The Karate Kid and Daniel LaRusso was the villain.

How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney Stinson would have loved that series.

Cobra Kai didn’t take the easy route. Instead, it gave us a compelling character study about two flawed men who are capable of both heroism and villainy. 

With the show wanting you to root for both Johnny and Daniel, someone else had to step in and claim the role of the evil menace Johnny and Daniel must defeat. There was only one person for the job.

Considered a quintessential 80s film villain, Sensei John Kreese returned to haunt Johnny and Daniel on Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 10.

During Cobra Kai Season 2, Kreese conned Johnny out of the dojo and turned most of the students against him.

On Cobra Kai Season 3, Kreese attacked Daniel (professionally and personally), seduced Robby to the dark side, and nearly killed Johnny.

Despite the efforts of Johnny, Daniel, and Amanda, Kreese’s reign of terror has continued unchecked. Things have gotten so far out of hand, Daniel contemplated killing him on Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 10.

Sam and Miguel showed up before Daniel could cross that line. Then Kreese proposed a way to settle things for once and for all. He’ll leave town if Johnny and Daniel’s dojos defeat Cobra Kai at the All Valley Karate Tournament.

Going into Cobra Kai Season 4, Kreese seems to be in a strong position, but he’s running out of narrative road. When the road ends, it could have negative consequences for the show as a whole.

If Kreese wins the tournament, it will keep Cobra Kai in limbo. Kreese will still be a menace, and Johnny and Daniel will have to keep coming up with ways to defeat him. The Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote comparisons will write themselves.

Dragging the conflict out for too long risks making Johnny and Danny too incompetent, and the audience will lose all sympathy and investment in them.

Kreese scoring too many victories will make the show annoying to watch. Invincible villains aren’t any more fun to watch than invincible heroes.

To bring up an example, Demetri would approve of, remember how annoying it was to see Ramsay Snow do nothing but win over and over again on Game of Thrones? His winning streak was so prolonged, it lessened the satisfaction of seeing him receive his comeuppance.  

Cobra Kai doing the same with Kreese would be just as bad to watch.

Kreese losing the All Valley Karate Tournament doesn’t solve the narrative problems either. Knowing Kreese, he isn’t going to walk away like a good sport.

He’ll probably have some sort of Plan B he’ll put in motion after the tournament, but the Kreese saga should come to an end shortly afterward (and hopefully, it all transpires during Cobra Kai Season 4 instead of stretching it out to the end of Cobra Kai Season 5).

Kreese will lose all credibility as a villain if he gets defeated too often. It won’t be exciting to watch, and it lessens the quality of the show.

It’s better to bring his story to a close at a natural endpoint rather than playing out the same storyline over and over again to diminishing returns.

The strongest argument for keeping Kreese on Cobra Kai is there’s no one else who could fill in the void he would leave behind. 

Johnny’s stepfather, Sid, and Daniel’s business rival, Tom Cole, don’t have any ties to the karate plotlines, so it seems unlikely they would be suitable replacements.

Since Robby and Tory are teens, they can’t pose a threat to Johnny and Daniel the way an adult villain can.  Also, to permanently cast Robby and Tory as the villains would undermine Cobra Kai’s message of redemption.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 5 revealed Chozen from The Karate Kid Part II had a change of heart and became a better person after the events of the movie, so he’s out of the running.

On Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 10, Kreese made a phone call to his old pal and The Karate Kid Part III villain, Terry Silver. It looks like Silver will play a big role on Cobra Kai Season 4.

Silver could potentially take over as the primary villain. However, his close ties to Kreese could make him far too similar to Kreese and negate the purpose of bringing in a new villain.

It might be in Cobra Kai’s best interest to develop an entirely new villain in the background while Johnny and Daniel are still focused on Kreese.

Of course, all this might be premature speculation because it will be a while before we know if there will be a Cobra Kai Season 5. Plus, the Netflix gods are fickle.

Regardless, Kreese’s story should come to an end sooner rather than later. There isn’t much left he can do to Johnny and Daniel without being repetitive. His story should end on a strong note, even if it means losing an iconic villain.  

Over to you, TV Fanatics!

Do you think Kreese’s time on Cobra Kai should come to an end?

Who else could take his place as Cobra Kai’s primary villain?

Hit the comments below.


Animal Kingdom End Date Set at TNT

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Animal Kingdom is closing in on its endgame.

The beloved TNT drama series has been renewed for a sixth and final season.

The good news for fans is that it means there are two full seasons remaining after the show was forced to sit out of 2020 entirely due to COVID-related production delays.

The fifth season of the show, which stars Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Cole, Leila George, Rigo Sanchez, and Jon Beavers, will premiere this summer on TNT.

The series is TNT’s #1 scripted show in the 18-49 demo, and it plays well in delayed viewing, but given the way Animal Kingdom Season 4 played out, it was only a matter of time before an end date was announced.

TNT previously revealed that Animal Kingdom Season 4 reached 27 million viewers, and the series becoming a top 10 ad-supported cable drama in 2019.

On Animal Kingdom Season 5, Pope (Hatosy), Craig (Robson), Deran (Weary), and J (Cole) are still dealing with the fallout from the events surrounding Smurf’s death, including family members out for revenge.

With their kingdom without a leader, the Codys struggle to maintain their fragile alliance and to see which of them will come out on top.

Meanwhile, they search for more information on Pamela Johnson, whom Smurf made the beneficiary of her estate.

And back in 1984, an increasingly volatile 29-year-old Smurf is forging her own path, raising Pope and Julia and leading the charge on dangerous jobs with new and old friends.

With Animal Kingdom’s imminent conclusion, TNT is left with a lack of scripted offerings.

Fellow TNT drama Claws is set to wrap its run following its upcoming fourth season.

Snowpiercer, which emerged as a solid performer last year, will return for its second season later this month, but that show has a rich streaming deal with Netflix outside of the U.S.

What are your thoughts on the news?

Hit the comments below.

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YouTube Adds New Metric Letting Creators Track Video Performance Over 24-Hour Span

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YouTube is launching a new analytics tool within YouTube Studio that will enable creators to track video performance over a 24-hour time span — an option that didn’t previously exist, aside from publicly available viewcounts.

The ‘First 24 Hours’ metric will live in the date picker at the top right-hand corner of the YouTube Studio analytics dashboard. Previously, the earliest window of time that a creator could choose after publishing a video was seven days.

In addition to looking at all of the data that a video has accrued within 24 hours — including views, watch-time, subscriber gains, estimated revenues, and beyond — creators will also be able to chart two videos and compare their performance against one another over a 24-hour period. These charts also provide data about traffic sources, or how a viewer has landed on a particular video — be it browsing features, notifications, channel pages, etc.

In its latest Creator Insider video, YouTube noted that the 24-hour metric will only be accessible to videos that have been posted after 2019, and it won’t be available for live streams.

Despite the addition of this new metric today, YouTube has long emphasized video performance over a 24-hour time span — particularly with respect to music videos, where the site ranks artist clips by how many views they garner on their first day of release.

You can learn more in the latest episode of Creator Insider below:

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100 Thieves Snags AT&T Sponsorship, Will Install Branded ‘Valorant’ Team Training Room

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AT&T is now an organization-wide sponsor for gaming, lifestyle, and entertainment collective 100 Thieves.

It has also signed on as the presenting sponsor for 100 Thieves’ Valorant esports team, which recently won $40,000 for coming in first at the First Strike North American Finals.

The organization-wide portion of their partnership will see AT&T and 100 Thieves co-produce digital content and live events highlighting the telecom giant’s 5G and fiber-optic services. As for the esports portion, AT&T will furnish a dedicated Valorant training room in the Cash App Compound, 100 Thieves’ 15,000-square-foot Los Angeles headquarters. The room will be “equipped with the latest AT&T products and services to provide the ideal training ground for this elite team,” the companies said.

Additionally, 100 Thieves’ Valorant jerseys will feature AT&T branding, and AT&T will have a hand in the team’s future merch drops.

“100 Thieves continues to push the envelope in the gaming industry with an unmatched blend of esports and gaming tastemakers,” Shiz Suzuki, AT&T’s assistant VP of sponsorships and experiential marketing, said in a statement. “We can’t wait to power their efforts as a network while also creating cultural moments together, putting the fans at the center of everything we do.”

100 Thieves’ other corporate partners include Cash App, General Mills, Chipotle, Rocket Mortgage, and JBL.

This is far from AT&T’s first move in the gaming space. Its latest endeavors include running Unlocked Games, a women-only developer competition with a $50,000 prize, and becoming the presenting sponsor for Cloud9’s five-woman Valorant team.

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YouTube Re-Teams With Demi Lovato For ‘Dancing With The Devil’ Docuseries

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YouTube is once again teaming with musician Demi Lovato for an original series chronicling her battle against addiction and her ongoing musical journey as one of the world’s foremost popstars.

Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil will see Lovato opening up — for the first time — about her near-fatal overdose in 2018, and the personal awakenings that ensued thereafter. Lovato initially began filming for the project in 2018 during her Tell Me You Love Me world tour, though the series was ultimately placed on hold amid Lovato’s overdose.

The first two episodes of the docuseries — which was directed and executive produced by Michael D. Ratner, and produced by Ratner’s OBB Pictures and Scooter Braun’s SB Projects — will premiere for free on March 23 on Lovato’s YouTube channel, with the second two episodes slated to roll out the following Tuesdays.

“It’s been two years since I came face-to-face with the darkest point in my life, and now I’m ready to share my story with the world,” Lovato said in a statement. “For the first time, you’ll be able to see my chronicle of struggle and ongoing healing from my point of view. I’m grateful that I was able to take this journey to face my past head-on and finally share it with the world.”

In 2017, Lovato headlined a wildly popular YouTube documentary titled Simply Complicated, which also provided an unvarnished window into her struggles with addiction, and which has currently garnered more than 35 million views to date. YouTube has also produced standout original programming in recent months featuring the likes of other celebrities like Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton.

Photo Credit: OBB Media

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TikTok Launches 3-Month Incubation Program For Black Creators

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TikTok is launching a three-month incubation program that will “focus on nurturing and developing 100 talented Black creators and music artists,” it announced today.

“Black creators on TikTok have been a driving force for our community, from starting trends to fostering connection to introducing new ways to entertain and inspire others, and we’re committed to continuing to elevate and amplify their voices,” the platform said in a blog post.

The program is open to Black creators who are over 18, in the U.S., and have a minimum of 10,000 followers on TikTok.

The 100 accepted creators will attend town halls led by Black entrepreneurs and celebrities as well as educational events with TikTok executives. Each of them will also receive an undisclosed amount of money thanks to a grant from MACRO, the digital production company founded by Harvard law alum and longtime William Morris Endeavor talent manager Charles D. King.

Funds from the grant can be used for production costs, educational resources, and “other creative content development tools,” TikTok said.

MACRO is also advising TikTok on selecting speakers, creating content for the program, and organizing professional opportunities for participants.

Applications are open today through Jan. 27. TikTok will reveal finalists in February.

This announcement comes seven months after creators organized a blackout protest over allegations that TikTok was shadowbanning Black users and disproportionately targeting their content for enforcement of community guidelines. In June 2020, TikTok established a creator diversity council to address these and other concerns from marginalized users.

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YouTube Names Dr. Garth Graham Global Head Of Healthcare, In New Bid To Bolster Authoritative Health Content

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Amid the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, YouTube is reimagining its approach to health content, and has charged a new executive with bringing more authoritative and engaging health-focused programming to its platform.

To lead these efforts, YouTube has named Dr. Garth Graham (pictured above) director and global head of healthcare and public health partnerships. Graham previously served as the chief community health officer at CVS Health, and the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health under both the Obama and Bush administrations.

Graham’s work will revolve around three key pillars, per YouTube: delivering ‘credible information’ with respect to illness symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment; ‘guided practices’, including fitness classes and physical therapy demos; and ’emotional support’, in the form of both testimonials and fostering community.

At the same time, YouTube has announced partnerships with several prominent health care institutions with whom it plans to collaborate on content initiatives. These include: The American Public Health Association, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard School of Public Health, Mayo Clinic, Osmosis, Psych Hub, and the National Academy of Medicine. Additionally, YouTube will offer audience-building support to native healthcare creators such as Dr. Natalie Crawford, Dr. Ali Mattu, and Dr. Cedric ‘Jamie’ Rutland, the company said.

“People around the world are more mobile, consuming video online and increasingly getting their most important health information from the internet — and more specifically, YouTube,” Graham wrote in a blog post outlining the aims of his new position. “For anyone who wants to be at the forefront of change in healthcare education, YouTube is an important part of this digital revolution.”

Graham is part of the larger Google Health clinical team, which provides medical and scientific expertise across Google’s various products and services —  headed by Dr. Karen DeSalvo. That said, Graham’s responsibilities will specifically be focused on YouTube.

YouTube has long served as a hub for the proliferation of medical misinformation, and the platform has previously contended with anti-vaccination content by demonetizing conspiratorial videos and populating fact-checking cards. Its latest efforts in the health sector arrive amid the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, as it has also sought to clamp down on misinformation, including by implementing fact-checking cards, banning videos containing COVID-19 vaccine conspiracies, and issuing strikes at offending channels.

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YouTube Names Dr. Garth Graham Global Head Of Healthcare, In Bid To Bolster Authoritative Health Content

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Amid the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, YouTube is reimagining its approach to health content, and has charged a new executive with bringing more authoritative and engaging health-focused programming to its platform.

To lead these efforts, YouTube has named Dr. Garth Graham (pictured above) director and global head of healthcare and public health partnerships. Graham previously served as the chief community health officer at CVS Health, and the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health under both the Obama and Bush administrations.

Graham’s work will revolve around three key pillars, per YouTube: delivering ‘credible information’ with respect to illness symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment; ‘guided practices’, including fitness classes and physical therapy demos; and ’emotional support’, in the form of both testimonials and fostering community.

At the same time, YouTube has announced partnerships with several prominent health care institutions with whom it plans to collaborate on content initiatives. These include: The American Public Health Association, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard School of Public Health, Mayo Clinic, Osmosis, Psych Hub, and the National Academy of Medicine. Additionally, YouTube will offer increased audience-building support to native healthcare creators such as Dr. Natalie Crawford, Dr. Ali Mattu, and Dr. Cedric ‘Jamie’ Rutland, the company said.

“People around the world are more mobile, consuming video online and increasingly getting their most important health information from the internet — and more specifically, YouTube,” Graham wrote in a blog post outlining the aims of his new position. “For anyone who wants to be at the forefront of change in healthcare education, YouTube is an important part of this digital revolution.”

Graham is part of the larger Google Health clinical team, which provides medical and scientific expertise across Google’s various products and services — headed by Dr. Karen DeSalvo. That said, Graham’s responsibilities will specifically be focused on YouTube.

YouTube has long served as a hub for the proliferation of medical misinformation, and the platform has previously contended with anti-vaccination content by demonetizing conspiratorial videos and populating fact-checking cards. Its latest efforts in the health sector arrive amid the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, as it has also sought to clamp down on misinformation with respect to that process, including by implementing fact-checking cards, banning videos containing COVID-19 vaccine conspiracies, and issuing strikes at offending channels.

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This Week In Social Video: Coverage From The Capitol And More

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Welcome to our weekly social video spotlight, where we use data from Tubular Labs to showcase the video content currently trending on social media.

The obvious major topic in social video this week is how users on various platforms captured the attempted coup at the Capitol Building in real-time–and we’ll get to that.

Beforehand, though, a few other notes during the first full week of 2021:

Ariel Tweto’s Facebook dominance

TV personality and Popping Bubbles president Ariel Tweto has been outpacing all other U.S. video creators on Facebook for the last week. Her 877 million video views in the timeframe are more than three times that of the next most popular account, and she’s also uploaded six of the top 10 videos across the entire platform since Jan. 1, including all of the top five:

  1. How to do fruit carving (117 million)
  2. Hardest slap (94.3 million)
  3. Priceless gifts from the ocean (78.6 million)
  4. This video made my day… funny as hell (62.7 million)
  5. Mother of the year (51.8 million)

Interestingly, three of those five videos revolved around (with watermelons heavily featured in the first two).

Tweto has increased her upload frequency considerably over the last couple weeks, from an average of a few per week to more than 45 uploads per week for the last two.

Justin Bieber’s not just “Anyone”

On YouTube, gaming videos made up over 9.4% of views from U.S. creators to lead all genres for the week. However, it was musicians who appeared to make a big splash on an individual basis. Both Justin Bieber and Harry Styles debuted new music videos on Jan. 1. Bieber’s “Anyone” had the advantage early with 31.3 million views versus 15.1 million for Styles’ “Treat People with Kindness.”

According to Tubular Audience Ratings, Bieber led Styles in terms of unique viewers globally across Facebook and YouTube every month from February through November of 2020, with over 7 million more unique viewers in November. Bieber also led Styles by minutes watched in November, with 142.3 million versus 86.3 million.

Given the events of the week, though, it also shouldn’t surprise that news outlets fared rather well, too. NBC News, CNN, and MSNBC all earned at least 49 million views from Jan. 1 through 7 to make up three of the top five spots for all U.S.-based creators. Fox News found itself just ahead of Justin Bieber, with 31.6 million (on 138 video uploads versus just one for Bieber).

Coup coverage

Twitter videos from journalists on the ground in Washington, D.C., became some of the clearest windows into what was happening during this week’s attempted coup. From Jan. 1 to 7, nine of the top 10 U.S. Twitter videos were about the incident in some way; the exception was part of the Washington Post’s recording of Donald Trump’s “find 11,780 votes” conversation with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Sprinkled amid the coup coverage videos at the top were various TV promos from ABC–for The Rookie, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and The Bachelor, respectively.

Vox’s Aaron Rupar was the top U.S. creator on Twitter for the week. And while most top creators were also either directly or indirectly involved in Wednesday’s incident, sports creators found plenty of views for themselves as well. Of the top 10 U.S. creators on Twitter during the timeframe, four — Bleacher Report, the NBA, SportsCenter, and the NFL — were sports-focused.

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