Grendel: Netflix Cancels TV Series Based on Dark Horse Comics

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Netflix has grounded its adaptation of the Dark Horse Comic book Grendel.

Deadline revealed the news Tuesday, stating that the show had been in production and that plenty of scenes had been filmed.

Based on Matt Wagner’s groundbreaking comic book series, Grendel follows Hunter Rose, a gifted fencer, writer and assassin as, seeking to avenge the death of a lost love, he goes to war with New York’s criminal underworld, only to realize…why beat them, when you can join them?

That was the logline shared when the series got a formal pickup a year ago.

Deadline notes that producers plan to shop the series around, but there’s no telling what paved the way for the cancellation.

The cast of the project was to include Abubakr Ali (Power Book II: Ghost, Katy Keene) as the titular “Grendel”/“Hunter Rose.”

The cast also included Jaime Ray Newman (Dopesick, The Time Traveler’s Wife) as Jocasta Rose, and Julian Black Antelope (The Flash, Debris) as Argent, Madeline Zima (Californication, Hacks) as Liz Sparks, Kevin Corrigan (Scenes from an Empty Church, The Get Down) as Barry Palumbo,and Emma Ho (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Expanse) as Stacy Palumbo.

The cast was rounded out by Erik Palladino (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Watchmen) as Teddy Ciccone, Brittany Allen (What Keeps You Alive) as Annabelle Wright, and Andy Mientus (The Flash, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings) as Larry Stohler.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled about the GRENDEL saga, one of the longest-running independent comics series, finally being translated into live-action for the screen,” Wagner said when the series got a pickup.

“Under the sharp guidance of showrunner Andrew Dabb, our incredible creative team, sure-to-be stellar cast and Dark Horse Entertainment have teamed with Netflix to produce this provocative adaptation that will bring my characters and concepts to an all new audience and yet still provide excitement and surprises for die-hard fans.”

“I’m especially excited to see Abubakr Ali bring the character of Grendel/Hunter Rose to life — he has the charisma, style and vital edginess that I’ve been envisioning in the role for years.”

What are your thoughts on the decision?

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Industry groups accuse Streamers of “conflating” spend on content

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Industry groups including Screen Producers Australia, Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance, Australian Writers’ Guild and the Australian Directors Guild have jointly questioned the accuracy a report which claimed over $600m expenditure by the SVOD sector.

The report refers to $628.9 million expenditure by subscription video on demand providers in 2020-2021 including Stan, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Paramount+.

ANZSA claimed 58% of that cost went to commissioning new Australian programs in drama, kids, documentaries, light entertainment, and “other genres” with 42% in licensing classic Australian programs.

But the Make It Australian campaign, driven by the four industry bodies, claim the report lacks transparency and says the businesses are fearful of regulation.

The figure includes $450 million of content that is classified as “Australian-related” only with no explanation of how this category is defined.

This leaves expenditure by the combined streaming companies in commissioned or co-commissioned Australian stories in 2020-21 at $103.76 million, a year-on-year decline of $18.6 million, albeit in the midst of a pandemic.

The industry groups believe it refers to Sports programs, including live sports, conflating the investment numbers.

“Reporting of investment by the streamers should deliver robust, valuable evidence for policymakers on the uptake and spending on original Australian stories, but the current data falls well short of that expectation,” said Screen Producers Australia CEO Matthew Deaner.

“It’s reported that revenue earned from Australian audiences by global streaming technology businesses will reach $2.5 billion by 2023. This represents as little as 0.3% of the $37 billion these streaming platforms reportedly have to spend on content worldwide.

“We are facing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to safeguard and strengthen Australian stories for future generations. This moment has been over a decade in the making, with countless reviews, submissions and reports, so the time to act is now,” said Deaner.

They also call for better distinction between ‘spending’ and ‘investment’, noting that crew accommodation or advertising on global social media platforms does not provide any direct benefit to the screen sector.

“We know there is a hunger for Australian stories here and abroad, and the creative talent to tell them is ready and willing. We need investment in the creators who generate enduring stories and ongoing intellectual property,” said Australian Writers’ Guild Executive Director Claire Pullen.

“Conflated numbers and vague categories don’t provide a strong grounding for data to shape policy decision, and this appears to be a loose attempt to hinder the momentum of much needed and long called for regulation,” said Australian Directors Guild Executive Director Alaric McAusland.

“There is clearly audience demand for fresh Australian storytelling that reflects the diversity of our nation that our world-class performers and crew are helping to deliver time and time again, and we need genuine investment by the streamers to keep that content flowing through,” said Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance Chief Executive Erin Madeley.

ANZSA rejects calls for local quotas, claiming the screen sector has never been healthier in Australia, with strong investment and production activity.

“We are making an economic contribution to the production sector and the creative economy as investors and partners. We are partnering with more than 35 Australian production companies and local broadcasters, making significant investments in new projects, commissions and co-commissions, and to date we have invested over $500 million in new and established Australian talent,” it said in its report.


At 90,000 subscribers, Kai Cenat has a message for Twitch: “I refuse for my community to go unnoticed.”

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There’s a new king of Twitch, at least in the English-speaking world. Kai Cenat, who rose to prominence as a member of the YouTube supergroup AMP, now has more Twitch subscriptions than French-Canadian star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.

Cenat broke out on YouTube, but he has quickly ascended the Twitch charts once he began broadcasting on the Amazon-owned platform in February 2021. After becoming one of only three streamers to reach at least 80,000 paying subscribers, the 20-year-old personality celebrated by calling his mom live on stream.

Cenat wasn’t finished at 80,000. Shortly after meeting that mark, he blew past Lengyel to become the most-subscribed Twitch star in the Anglophone world. The Brazilian streamer Casemito is now the only streamer who reaches more paying customers than his American counterpart, and Cenat has quite a ways to go before he can claim Twitch’s global subs crown. Casemito, who gets more than 60% of his subs through Amazon Prime, counts more than 137,000 subscribers in all.

The gap between Casemito and Cenat is closing fast. Days after the AMP star broke the 80,000-sub barrier, he surged past 90,000. And despite what his critics might say, there’s no reason to doubt that his numbers are legit.

“I need y’all to be watching what’s going on, Twitch”

Cenat is never shy about sharing his feelings. As he smashed records on Twitch, he scolded the platform for its failure to properly incubate Black talent. “For so many years, people of my color, we’ve been unrecognized,” Cenat said after getting his 80,000th sub. “I refuse for my community to go unnoticed…There’s not one time I’ve seen anyone in my community on the front page of [Twitch].”

Other creators have suggested that Twitch has not properly acknowledged Cenat’s rise because the Bronx native is not marketable. Cenat, who regularly curses and uses the n-word on his stream, appealed to that logic after crossing 80K. “I don’t give a f*** if I’m unmarketable,” he said. “I don’t give a f*** what you all n***** got going on, if I say n**** too much, I do not care n****, I do not give a f***. They don’t want to recognize real, bro.”

Cenat is not the only Black streamer who has criticized Twitch’s relationship with communities of color. A campaign titled #TwitchDoBetter, which launched earlier this year, called out the platform for its shaky commitment to Black creators. Among other demands, the organizers behind #TwitchDoBetter requested more visibility for Black-led streams on the Front Page.

Given the current state of Twitch, its decision-makers would be wise to celebrate the rising star in their midst. As top streamers continue to leave the platform en masse, it has alienated its remaining community by discontinuing popular features and taking more money from partners. Cenat’s remarkable achievements are generating positive headlines for a company that desperately needs them. Therefore, the way forward is clear: Twitch must get over its reservations about Cenat’s language and hitch its star to his wagon.

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President Biden is working with TikTok so that the app can continue to operate in the U.S.

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As TikTok looks to remain available in the United States, it has recruited a pair of powerful partners: President Biden and the Justice Department. According to the New York Times, there is a “preliminary agreement” on the table between the White House and ByteDance-owned TikTok. Should the agreement stick, the buzzy short-form video app will gain government support as it continues to operate in the U.S.

For three years, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has paid close attention to TikTok and its parent company. CFIUS, composed of several federal agencies, has long expressed concerns about the national security threat posed by TikTok’s collection of U.S. user data. The tentative agreement would put multiple checks in place to prevent the Chinese Communist Party (which has significant ties to ByteDance) from using its buzzy app to exert undue influence on Americans.

The terms of the agreement, as reported by the Times, would include several regulations that have previously been discussed. Oracle, which once flirted with a direct acquisition of TikTok, could soon be enlisted as the shepherd of the app’s U.S. user data. TikTok operatives, including COO Vanessa Pappas, have repeatedly insisted that Chinese officials do not have access to that data, contrary to recent reports. Since the White House wants to take the sensitive data off TikTok’s servers, it is apparently unconvinced by Pappas’ claims.

A deal between TikTok and the U.S. government would also establish a “board of security experts” to monitor the app, per the Times. TikTok has shown a willingness to hire security personnel in order to comply with American demands.

Those demands were much harsher before Biden came into office. President Trump tried to force ByteDance to sell TikTok, but his successor has taken a softer line in his attempt to police the creative-yet-contentious hub of youth culture. His attempts to work with China, rather than against him, have provided ammo for the hardlines in the GOP and the Justice Department. If the proposed agreement goes through, it is likely to draw intense backlash from the right wing of the U.S. government.

TikTok, like other Big Tech companies, has become a battleground in a larger political fight between Democrats and Republicans. Though the app says it is shielding its U.S. user base from the reach of the Chinese government, the debate over TikTok’s regulation has turned into a debate over China’s regulation. Perhaps that’s why the details of a potential agreement are taking so long to hammer out. According to the Times, critics of the proposed deal are not convinced that the pact would resolve national security concerns. That infighting could add time to the negotiation process, and it may be “months” before we learn if — and how — TikTok will be able to operate in the U.S.

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La Brea’s Eoin Macken Discusses His Favorite Part of Playing Gavin Harris, Gavin & Izzy’s Relationship, & His New Netflix Film

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On NBC’s family adventure and sinkhole drama, La Brea, Eoin Macken portrays the estranged husband of Eve (Natalie Zea).

In La Brea Season 2, Gavin, their daughter Izzy, and Ella have landed in prehistoric Seattle in search of their loved ones. It’s their turn to deal with prehistoric creatures and the elements.

TV Fanatic chatted with Macken about his role as Gavin, upcoming Season 2 teasers, and the other films he’s working on.

Hi Eoin. Your role as Gavin Harris seems different from some of your other roles. What appealed to you about playing Gavin on La Brea?

This is the first time I’ve played a part where I’ve portrayed a father, so that was different for me. And I thought being a character that’s estranged from his wife and children because of the situation that he was in, having visions, and being an alcoholic was a fascinating starting point.

It was a fascinating journey because the character had to redevelop a relationship with his daughter and then subsequently with his son. That’s something I haven’t done before. That’s what initially appealed to me purely from a character point of view, separate from what kind of show it is.

I agree. Gavin and Izzy’s relationship has become a fan favorite.

Wow. That’s great. I didn’t know that.

It has. On social media, everybody talks about how much they love your and Izzy’s relationship.

Oh, that’s great. I think that’s honestly because of Zyra since she’s such a fascinating actress. She’s such a sweet person. Last year when we were developing that relationship, we were in the covid lockdown all the time, and we were separate from the rest of the cast. Many times, it was myself and Zyra.

We were going through the father-daughter relationship and trying to get our family back, and we were doing that together. And at the same time, she was growing up, but we’re also in covid in a lockdown in Australia. I think that helped to create this bond between us, and she’s fantastic.

That’s good to know. Will the father-daughter connection change in Season 2 now that Ella has joined their search party in prehistoric Seattle?

During La Brea Season 1, Izzy grows more independent from Izzy’s point of view, and Gavin has to realize she’s growing up. He has to start treating her less as his daughter and more as an equal.

At the start of Season 2, there’s a crucial moment where they discuss what’s important to Izzy and forget them to acknowledge that she’s grown up and she’s also able to take care of herself and she also lets him know that.

Their relationship becomes equal as opposed to a father-daughter thing, which is an essential evolution for Gavin to acknowledge that of her and also for her. That’s essential for her character as a daughter, and he starts to not withhold secrets from her and trusts her. It’s fun. It’s interesting. Now she’s sassy.

I can’t wait to see that develop.

It’s great. They’ve given us such an interesting arc to work with. They jumped through a sinkhole to 10,000 BC to get her mom and brother back, so she’s going through the same motions that he is. So he has to cover the precinct where she’s coming from.

The two team up an awful lot, and Gavin and Izzy do lots of teamwork and adventures through the forest, which we have to do together, which has become an exciting arc.

Will Gavin and Ella come in contact with their younger counterparts, or does that change the future?

I can’t tell you that. I’m unsure what to say, as each episode is so action-packed. I’m trying to remember what I read in the first two episodes.

I wondered if we’ll see Isaiah and Lily and if you guys come in contact. But, I understand not wanting to give too much away.

So there will be some stuff that happens in episodes two through five that answers those questions, and it gets even more complicated. When I first read it, I was like, what going on? They like layered chaos in this series.

What is Gavin’s goal once he reaches LA? Is he hoping to repair stuff with Eve, or what will happen with our “love triangle”?

He has many unresolved issues with Levi. Gavin goes down and meets his buddy, who has been having an affair with his wife. That’s something that has to be dealt with. First, they need to try and figure out where Josh is. But because Gavin grew up in that time period, there’s also an element whereby people start asking questions.

The whole dynamic of the people down in the clearing changes, but Gavin gets more questions and answers because there’s more stuff in his past that relates to the whole situation down there. Why aren’t things happening?

He quickly gets caught between a couple of different things, which is hard to qualify with, and then he and Levi will work on what they need to work through. They will. I made sure of that.

On that note, are we going to learn any more backstories from Gavin’s visions that may help them find Josh?

Yes, we are. Most definitely. They will all make sense.

I can’t wait. Season 1 was so fun. I’m sure Season 2 will also have a lot of fun.

Season 1 was enjoyable, but Season 2 has found its feet because everything was set up. Season 2 becomes a fascinating world where they can run.

So, besides La Brea, what other projects do you have coming up?

I’m currently starring in the Netflix film I Used to Be Famous, with Ed Skrein and Leo Long. It premiered Friday, September 9. Eddie Sternberg directs it.

It’s a feel-good movie about a musician trying to return to who he was. I was asked to play an interesting character of an aging rockstar. It’s super fun. You should check it out.

I love Netflix movies. I bet it will be fun.

Yeah, Eddie was great. He’s a very talented director.

And do you have anything else coming out?

I have a movie called Grey Elephant, which we shot a while back, and we just finished up,where everyone directed, with many people I worked with on The Night Shift, like Brendan Fehr, Jill Flint, JR Lemon, and Erin Richards. We don’t have a release date for that, but it’s a satirical black comedy drama.

Well, that sounds fun too. What would you tell the viewers about the one thing they will love the most about the La Brea season 2 premiere?

The creatures are always fun. Creatures and chaos.

Thank you for chatting with us, Eoin.

La Brea Season 2 premieres Tuesday, September 27 at 9/8c on NBC.


How To Watch Hotstar Outside India Like USA Or UK?

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Hotstar turns out to be one of the main entertainment services to get Indian streaming content that can not only be accessed in India but also outside of this region with ease. As we know that Hotstar is dedicated to providing live content like cricket matches, Hockey, Football, Boxing Tennis, consort, and many more, apart from it, it has a good quality of streaming content. That is why people who live outside of India want to stream Indian entertainment content. But accessing Hotstar seems to be a bit difficult for people who live outside of India, by going through this post; one can Watch Hotstar Outside India easily or ask for expert assistance at firestick phone number directly.

Hotstar, In order to extend its territory, has been a partner with Disney so that all the content of Hotstar can be streamed in entire the range of Disney and India as well. The services of Hotstar are owned by star India which is one of the most renowned sports portfolios of this company. Most of the live sports coverage executed by star India is available for streaming on Hotstar. 

Hotstar can be accessed in the US, UK, and other countries as well. But, some of the Hotstar content is geo-restricted, its users do not get disappointed, but it can be streamed everywhere, no matter which regions or countries you live in.

Watch Hotstar Outside India Or Anywhere In The World

Some of the content of Hotstar are also paid and geo-restricted to India. As we know that Hotstar is also accessible in other countries, like The USA and UK. But there is a restriction on content to steam. The services which are rendered to other countries by this online platform are five times more expensive than in India. if you want premium content from Hotstar, you will have to pay $19 yearly, and if the same content is streamed in other countries, the charges become $99.99 yearly. Despite paying this amount, you are not going to access the complete library of Hotstar. 

While being Abroad, you can watch the whole content on Hotstar at the same price, but you must use a VPN service.  

With the help of a VPN, one can mask one’s online activities as well as an internet connection is safe. Thus one can stress the India version of Hotstar without having any threat issues. Most Hotstar users use express VPN which provides fast, stable, and more than 3000 servers worldwide. Thus, all the platforms can be accessed, like Mac, iOS, firestick, Android, Windows, firestick, etc. By way of going through this post, Hotstar can be streamed all over the world.

Using Indian Server To Watch Hotstar Outside India

Using express VPN, you can watch Hotstar outside India, here are a few steps that will help you connect to express VPN to an Indian location.  

Step 1: Download and install the express VPN app from its official website. 

Step 2: To start the express VPN app and connect it to one of the available Indian servers.

Step 3: Move to the home screen of express VPN, and choose location options.

Step 4: As the windows come with a server pop-up, you can, click on the “all” tab option. Here, you will find a few of the options which you like to connect by using double click on any one of them, including expand’ Africa, Middle East &India, expand India. Thus, you will be able to connect to an India server and can watch a wide range of free content which are available on Hotstar anywhere in the world whether you are in the USA or the UK by using an Indian account.  

How To Sign Up To Stream India Hotstar In The USA, UK, And Any Other Country?

Hotstar has a ton of free content that is available free and can be watched without signing up or logging in. it is possible via using a VPN that helps to connect to the India server. For doing it, you must visit the official website of to stream free content.   

If you are on the way to stream premium content, for example, live matches, you will have to follow the below-given steps that will help you register the account and subscribe to the services.  

In order to subscribe to Hotstar, you must use those debits and credits which are issued in India because it accepts payment in Indian currency, at this point; you can get help from those people who live in India who can provide you assistance. 

As soon as your payment is done, you turn on your VPN and must start streaming Hotstar India.  

Step 1: Begin by opening any web browser.

Step 2: It comes with many plans which are available in Indian Rupees, like INR 1499 Yearly and INR 299 this is a monthly premium plan to access the content. 

Step 3: For subscribing to any play, you will be asked to provide personal credentials, like entering your name, email address, and password to signup. 

Step 4: In order to make the payment, you must follow the on-page instructions to finish the sign-up process.

How To Change Region To Download Hotstar App Outside India

It depends upon your country or location, but you do not change the region by downloading the Hotstar app.

Use the Official Website Of Hotstar:

To access Hotstar in the USA or anywhere in the world, like the UK, make sure one does not need to change the region in any of the app stores. Just use the express VPN app by opening it on your computer or laptop and connecting to an India server. During the next step, you are supposed to open any browser and move to the official website of Hotstar and sign in. Thus, you will be able to stream the content of Hotstar. In order to have a better understanding, a few of examples have been provided below.      

How To Stream Content Of Hotstar In The USA?

The content of Hotstar in the USA can be streamed by its users with ease. Before that one can go through the list of the platforms and app availability.

Android: Google play store is having Hotstar in the USA, thus, you do not need to change the region to download this app. without facing any sort of conundrum, and you can download this app on your smartphones and tablets.

Amazon App store is enabled with Hotstar on it, therefore, do not need to change the region. Thus, you can easily get it on Amazon firestick or fire TV devices. 

IOS: Apple app store is also incorporated with Hotstar, therefore, no need to change the region. That is why it is available on iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch devices. 

How To Stream Content Of Hotstar In The UK?

Hotstar is available in the UK which is possible via its official website, but its users have to face the following two subscriptions plans: 

• £59.99 per year 

• £11.99 per month

After that, you can download the Hotstar app from the google play store in the UK without changing the region. Thus, you will be able to watch Hotstar outside India as in the UK. Make sure that some of the content which cannot be streamed in the UK despite getting premium subscriptions   

How To Install Hotstar On Your Firestick?

Installing the Hotstar app on your firestick needs a few steps to be followed by its users which are given below. 

• At first, you must be on the home screen of your fireStick using the remote and go to select the search option which is on the top-left corner of the screen.   

• In the search option, you must type the name of the app, like Hotstar which can be executed either using the remote or any other input device that you have. 

• Move to the search results with the help of an onscreen keyboard and select the Hotstar app. 

• After that, go to the next screen to click the Hotstar app icon.

• Now, you can click on the “download” button, as you click on it, the downloading of the Hotstar app will start, as soon as the downloading gets over, and it will be installed automatically. 

• As the installation process gets over, you find the open button on the screen.

Hotstar app is widely used across the world because it provides Indian content, as we know that the demand for Indian content is increasing ubiquitously. That is why; the number of its subscribers is increasing day by day. With the help of this post, one can use the Hotstar app on firestick easily.         

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Hannah Gadsby signs Netflix comedy deal

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Hannah Gadsby has signed a multi-title deal with Netflix.

The deal includes a new, hour-long special from the Body of Work comedy tour to be filmed at the Sydney Opera House this week and premiere in 2023.

Gadsby will also produce and host a multi-comic special featuring an international cast of comedians.

“In an effort to further open a door that I had to fight to get through myself, I will curate and host a line-up show on Netflix featuring six new, gender-diverse comedians,” they said.

“In a notoriously transphobic industry, I am looking to broaden the scope of opportunities for genderqueer performers from around the globe, as well as expand the diversity of offerings to audiences on one of comedy’s biggest platforms. Coupled with a mentorship initiative for these up-and-coming comics, the program aims to foster the professional development of a demographic that is still struggling to have their voices heard. Recorded in a single run in the UK in 2023, this will be a chance for the world to hear these voices for the first, but definitely not the last, time.”

Netflix has previously been home to Nanette and Douglas specials which have amassed wins from Peabody, Emmy and AACTA Awards.


Dude Perfect plans $100 million headquarters with 330-foot trick shot tower

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Dude Perfect is going big with its next headquarters.

The five-man trickshot group is planning to construct a sprawling complex with a 330-foot tower where fans can attempt the kinds of long-shot tricks seen on their YouTube channel, which has 58 million subscribers.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the complex—referred to as “Trick Shot Town“–could cost as much as $100 million.

Dude Perfect (aka longtime friends Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and twins Cory and Coby Cotton) is currently headquartered on All Stars Avenue in Frisco, Texas. They’re working with San Antonio-based architecture firm Overland Partners to design the new place.

As for where it’ll be, the dudes aren’t entirely sure. Coby Cotton told Sports Business Journal the group “would love for it to be nearby” their Frisco headquarters. “That said, we are exploring all different options and we’ve had a lot of interest from different cities,” he added.

Overland Partners’ senior principal Bryan Trubey said interested cities include Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Per a tweet from Dude Perfect, the headquarters will have three stories of attractions including a Dude Perfect museum, restaurants, a merch shop, and mini golf. It’ll be surrounded by two acres of outdoor space.

The 330-foot tower jutting from the complex is “a physical representation” of Dude Perfect’s brand, and “was absolutely the right move for us, in terms of basing the physical destination around that,” Trubey said.

“Our vision has always been to create a destination where families could just have an absolute blast in a very unique way,” Cotton said.

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TikTok faces $29 million fine for allegedly collecting personal data from kids

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TikTok is facing a potential £27 million fine for allegedly collecting personal data from users under the age of 13.

The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) today sent a “notice of intent”–which it describes as “a legal document that precedes a potential fine”–to TikTok, warning it that it may have to pay up pending the results of the ICO’s investigation.

According to a statement posted to the ICO’s website, the office suspects TikTok breached U.K. data protection laws between May 2018 and July 2020.

In addition to collecting private data from users under 13 (which is also illegal in the U.S.), TikTok allegedly “failed to provide proper information to its users in a concise, transparent and easily understood way,” and “processed special category data, without legal grounds to do so,” the ICO said.

“Special category data” refers to personal data related to “ethnic and racial origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, Trade union membership, genetic and biometric data or health data,” per the ICO’s definition.

“We all want children to be able to learn and experience the digital world, but with proper data privacy protections,” Information Commissioner John Edwards said in a statement. “Companies providing digital services have a legal duty to put those protections in place, but our provisional view is that TikTok fell short of meeting that requirement.”

As Edwards noted, the ICO’s allegations and its letter of intent are provisional—meaning the fine and findings are not yet finalized.

A TikTok spokesperson told The New York Times, “While we respect the ICO’s role in safeguarding privacy in the U.K., we disagree with the preliminary views expressed and intend to formally respond to the ICO in due course.”

This is not the first time TikTok has faced scrutiny for its handling of young users’ information. In 2019, the United States’ Federal Trade Commission fined it $5.7 million because, which TikTok’s parent company ByteDance acquired and merged with TikTok, collected data from users under 13.

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Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels • Week Of 09/25/2022

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[Editor’s Note: Tubefilter Charts is a weekly rankings column from Tubefilter with data provided by GospelStats. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a top number ranking of YouTube channels based on statistics collected within a given time frame. Check out all of our Tubefilter Charts with new installments every week right here.]

Scroll down for this week’s Tubefilter Chart.

In this week’s U.S. Top 50, the song remains the same: Most channels are either based on YouTube Shorts or tailored to the internet’s youngest viewers.

The top five spots are all occupied by that latter group, and the biggest kid-friendly channel of all is still ranked #1 in America.

Chart Toppers

That all-ages titan is named Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes. The California-based channel, which is a subsidiary of U.K.-based Moonbug, has gone through all of September without ceding the #1 spot in the U.S. Top 50. Cocomelon’s latest seven-day total is one of its strongest finishes yet; after adding 580.1 million weekly views, the home of animated characters like JJ is closing in on 140 billion lifetime views.

The #2 channel in the U.S. Top 50 has also had one of its best months of 2022. Kids Diana Show often ranks behind fellow family vlogs such as Like Nastya (#19 this week), but it was able to top all non-Cocomelon U.S.-based channels by increasing its viewership by 50% week-over-week. After a big surge forward, Diana and her family ended up with 442 million weekly views, giving it a cushion of more than 150 million views over the next-most watched channel in this chart.

Last week’s U.S. runner-up, LeoNata Family, switched places with Kids Diana Show. The primarily short-form hub, which uses compilations to maintain a presence on long-form YouTube, got 286.1 million views during the week that was. That represented a 9% week-over-week viewership dip, and it’s good that LeoNata didn’t fall any further. With 30 million fewer views, it would have dropped all the way to seventh in our U.S. Top 50.

Like Kids Diana Show, the #4 channel in this week’s U.S. Top 50 reached its current chart position by riding a significant viewership gain. It’s been a while since we’ve seen LankyBox in our American top five, but that hasn’t stopped creators Justin and Adam from raking in views. After upping their viewership by 26% week-over-week and taking home 278.9 million weekly views in all, the LankyBox stars surpassed 27 billion lifetime views on their flagship channel.

Vlad and Niki rounds out this week’s U.S. top five. The Floridian family vlog collected 269.4 million weekly views.

Top Gainers

A business in Florida has found a strange way to advertise old video game consoles. Bayer Computer Solutions is the place to go if you want to pick up a Sega Genesis or a Super Famicom, but you wouldn’t know that from watching the brand’s YouTube channel.

Sure, some of the videos Bayer uploads to YouTube Shorts feature references to gaming. The business, which brings an aggregator’s approach to short-form content, has posted the same Zach King clip at least six different times.

For other Bayer videos, the connections to consoles require a bit of a stretch. The channel’s most-viewed clip, which has been seen nearly 50 million times, shows three different strategies for bypassing a barricade. On the surface, that’s unrelated to video games, but in my attempts to solve puzzles, I’ve tried all three of these strategies: The first person finds an elegant solution, the second forces their way through, and the third cheats.

Bayer’s unusual YouTube Shorts strategy has led to its best-ever week on the platform. It picked up 111.8 million weekly views, essentially doubling its lifetime viewership. After missing the U.S. Top 50 seven days ago, Bayer moved up to 38th place in our all-American ranking. It finished one spot behind last week’s Top Gainer, JunkTramp.

So has this helped the Bayer business? That’s unclear. But if you want to get your Battletoads or Donkey Kong on, now you know where to go.

Channel Distribution

This week, there are 33 YouTube Shorts channels in the U.S. Top 50.

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Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 09/25/2022

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[Editor’s Note: Tubefilter Charts is a weekly rankings column from Tubefilter with data provided by GospelStats. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a top number ranking of YouTube channels based on statistics collected within a given time frame. Check out all of our Tubefilter Charts with new installments every week right here.]

Scroll down for this week’s Tubefilter Chart.

Top TikTok channels are beginning to post more frequently on YouTube Shorts. As a result, this week’s Global Top 50 features a plethora of chart newcomers.

However, the top channels in the ranking, including the reigning #1 finisher, are all YouTube stalwarts.

Chart Toppers

Though there were a lot of movers and shakers in this week’s chart, T-Series is still on top of the world. The Indian record label continues to control the most-watched YouTube channel in the world on both a per-week and all-time basis. Over a seven-day period, the T-Series archive of music videos and music clips pulled in 639.5 million weekly views. India’s biggest channel now has more than 225 million subscribers as well; that total also leads YouTube.

Another channel from the world’s second-most populous country repeated as the #2 finisher in our Global Top 50. Like T-Series, SET India provides a new home for content that originated on TV screens. The Sony-owned channel continues to hit it big on YouTube by giving South Asian audiences easy access to their favorite shows. In return, those viewers provided SET India with 584.6 million weekly views in our latest count.

Last week, I discussed the idea of a “big three” at the top of our Global Top 50. Sure enough, those channels took the top spots in our latest chart as well: T-Series was first, SET India was second, and Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes completed the trifecta. The U.S.-based animated sing-along channel continues to outpace all other hubs in its home country. After picking up 580.1 million weekly views, Cocomelon was almost able to surge past SET India into the #2 spot, but not quite.

The fourth-place finisher in our Global Top 50 was able to improve its chart position by nine spots after getting 50% more views than it received a week ago. Kids Diana Show often trails other family vlogs in terms of weekly viewership, but by gaining 442 million weekly views, the globetrotting channel was able to leave Like Nastya, Vlad & Niki, and LeoNata Family in its rearview mirror.

This week, One More is the highest-ranked YouTube Shorts channel in our Global Top 50 and the #5 channel overall. The subsidiary of a Cyprus-based media company earned 413.2 million weekly views.

Top Gainers

A YouTube Shorts channel from Australia is one of many short-form hubs committed to inspirational content. Zane Holmes, a creator from Australia, is one of several TikTok stars who has taken his channel to YouTube and our Global Top 50.

Holmes’ YouTube channel is still pretty new. The 220.8 million weekly views he recorded during the last full week of September account for about one-third of his lifetime YouTube traffic. Holmes nearly tripled that traffic week-over-week, which allowed him to reach 29th place in the Global Top 50. He was the only Australian representative in our latest worldwide ranking.

Though many of Holmes’ top videos are the sort of heartwarming fluff that is common in the short-form world, one of his biggest hits deserves special attention. Holmes is one of the creators who has put together a “Black Ariel” supercut. By showing how excited Black people got when they saw a Little Mermaid who looked like them, Holmes celebrated the power of representation — and got about 28 million views in the process.

Though Holmes was uploading videos on TikTok before he came to YouTube Shorts, his viewership on the latter platform has already surpassed what he pulls in on the former. With the imminent arrival of ads on Shorts, YouTube’s micro-video community will only grow more powerful.

Channel Distribution

Here’s a breakdown of the Top 50 Most Viewed channels this week in terms of their countries of origin:

  • United States: 18 channels in the Top 50.
  • India: 12 channels in the Top 50.
  • Pakistan and South Korea: 3 channels in the Top 50.
  • United Kingdom and Vietnam: 2 channels in the Top 50.
  • Australia, Brazil, China, Cyprus, France, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, and Turkey: 1 channel each in the Top 50.

This week, 29 channels in the Top 50 are primarily active on YouTube Shorts.

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Netflix dropped its case against the ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ creators. What’s next for Barlow and Bear?

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Nearly two months after it began, the legal feud between Netflix and the creators of the ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical‘ has been resolved. After accusing Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear of profiting off Bridgerton “without permission,” the distributor of the Regency romance has reached a settlement with the two songwriters.

Barlow and Bear’s response to the suit was due on September 22, but that retort never arrived. Instead, Netflix dropped the case a day later. In a brief notice, the streamer agreed to dismiss its legal action “with prejudice,” which means the lawsuit cannot be refiled in the future. Though the notice didn’t say why the case had been dismissed, Variety confirmed that the two parties were able to reach a settlement.

The ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ consisted of clever theatrical numbers inspired by the show’s characters, settings, themes, and plot. Barlow and Bear became quarantine-era stars by posting those songs on TikTok, where both women generated millions of likes. The success of the “unofficial” recordings culminated at the 2022 Grammys, where Barlow and Bear won an award for the Best Musical Theater Album.

Emboldened by their meteoric rise, the songwriting duo began selling tickets for live performances of their ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ catalog. That’s when Netflix’s lawyers came calling. In its original complaint, the streamer alleged that Barlow and Bear refused to comply with its demands despite “repeated objections.” Bridgerton showrunner Shona Rhimes alleged that the TikTok stars were earning profits they were not entitled to. Julia Quinn, the author whose books inspired the series, expressed similar concerns.

The lawsuit forced Barlow and Bear to halt plans for additional live performances. Most notably, they canceled a concert that would have brought the ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ to London’s famed Royal Albert Hall. Though the songwriters may not have a chance to bring their TikTok hit to any more live audiences, they can still take advantage of the positive response their unofficial musical received. As they note on their website, their Bridgerton-themed recordings took them to the top of the Spotify charts. No matter what they write next, it’s bound to generate buzz as well.

Any future performances of the ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ would likely require Netflix’s consent. We don’t know how the streamer feels about that possibility, since the terms of the settlement haven’t been made public. According to Deadline, Netflix is “satisfied” with the results of the legal battle, but it hasn’t made a public comment on the dismissal of the case. Barlow and Bear have been quiet, too. I guess we’ll have to wait for Lady Whistledown’s next publication to learn the secrets of this settlement.

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The latest Sidemen soccer match raised over £1 million for charity and drew 2.6 million concurrent viewers

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On September 24, about 27,000 fans filed into The Valley, but they weren’t there to watch the soccer stadium’s usual occupants, Charlton Athletic F.C. Instead, the match of the day pitted the Sidemen against a group of “YouTube All-Stars.” After 90 thrilling minutes, the U.K.-based supergroup defeated its all-YouTube counterparts and raised more than £1 million (~$1.08 million) for charity.

All seven regular members of the Sidemen played in the match. KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123, and Wroetoshaw were joined by friends like MrBeast and LazarBeam, who filled out their 11-person squad. On the other end of the pitch, prominent creators like Noah Beck, AnEsonGib, and iShowSpeed looked to buck the trend that had defined previous Sidemen charity matches. The last time the septet held an event like this, it beat its All-Star opposition by six goals.

This latest tilt ended up with a much closer scoreline. The Sidemen prevailed by the slimmest of margins, winning 8-7. Simon Minter earned Man of the Match honors. The man known as Miniminter scored three goals and assisted on three more. The final goal in his hat trick, an audacious chip in the 87th minute, gave the Sidemen their decisive advantage.

The on-field action offered a mix of footballing drama and YouTube drama. The most prominent member of the Sidemen, Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, is known as a prolific smack talker. Before the match, he dissed iShowSpeed (real name Darren Watkins Jr.) and promised that the American teenager would be “exposed” on the pitch. Just seconds into the first half, Speed retaliated by taking down KSI with a crunching tackle.

The Sidemen maintained their winning record against the YouTube All-Stars, but the group’s biggest win came online. The official stream for the charity match peaked at 2.6 million concurrent viewers, which ranks it among the most-watched videos in Sidemen history. At the time of this post, that clip is up to 19.7 million views.

The event’s big viewership was also a win for the Sidemen’s partner charities. The million-pound sum will be split among four organizations: Teenage Cancer Trust, Living Miserably, Rays of Sunshine, and M7E. The last of those groups is an educational initiative set up by Miniminter himself.

“What a day. I’m absolutely knackered but I’m so proud of what the social media/online community did today,” KSI tweeted after the match. “So entertaining & raised so much money for charity. A historic moment. Thanks to everyone that made this event so special.” The creator, boxer, and beverage magnate ended his tweet by pledging to “do it again next year.”

Charity matches are great, but some of the creators who took the pitch at The Valley could be destined for greater footballing feats. According to Goal, professional club Crawley Town sent a scout to the September 24 event. Perhaps influencer soccer will join influencer boxing as a significant sporting trend.

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Elite Season 6 Release Date Confirmed: Is Samuel Really Dead?

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Elite Season 6 gets underway later this year on Netflix.

The streaming service revealed a new batch of episodes will arrive on Friday, November 18.

After Samuel’s death, Las Encinas faces a new school year trying to have a facelift by covering up disasters of the past,” reads the official synopsis.

“However, the conflict in its classrooms is systemic: racism, sexism, domestic abuse or LGTBI-phobia are just a few of the difficult issues that will run through the hallways of the prestigious institution this season.”

“If those who run the system do not actively take action to address these issues, it will have to be the students themselves who do so.”

While the cast exits haven’t been seamless in the slightest, Elite Season 6 is poised to be completely different.

Samuel (played by Itzan Escamilla) was seemingly killed off at the conclusion of the previous season, but there were some rumors that he survived.

Omar (Omar Ayuso), Rebeka (Claudia Salas), and Cayetana (Georgina Amorós) are also gone when the series returns, meaning that there will very likely be zero original stars on Elite Season 6.

Season 4 additions Carla Diaz (Ari), Martina Cariddi (Mencia), and Manu Rios (Patrick) look set to be the longest-serving cast members.

Season 5 additions Valentina Zenere (Isadora) and Andre Lamoglia (Ivan) will be back.

New cast members include The Álvaro De Juana as Dídac, Carmen Arrufat as Sara, Ana Bokesa as Rocío, Alex Pastrana as Raúl, and Ander Puig as Nico.

Netflix also released a teaser that offers a grand total of zero plot details.

Netflix recently confirmed an Indian adaptation of the series, which will be called Class.

Check out the Elite Season 6 teaser, and hit the comments with your thoughts on it.

Are you ready for a mostly new cast?


Zack Estrin Dies: Prison Break and Lost in Space Producer Was 51

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Zack Estrin, the well-known writer and producer who shepherded Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot, has died.

He was 51.

According to reports, Estrin suffered a cardiac event while jogging on the beach.

“Zack Estrin was our everything,” Estrin’s family said in a statement to Variety.

“The best husband, father, son and friend. He loved to make everyone happy. He loved to make everyone laugh.”

“He loved being a writer/producer and being a part of creating these shows that people enjoyed.”

“But above all, he loved his family and friends. Thank you all for being a part of his life and ours.”

Estrin was born in California but raised in New York.

His writing and producing career kicked off with work on shows like Charmed, Dawson’s Creek, and Tru Calling.

Other credits include No Ordinary Family, The River, and The Whispers.

He also worked on Prison Break and was promoted to co-executive producer for the second season.

Prison Break showrunner Matt Olmstead paid tribute to the talented writer and producer in a statement to Variety.

“What made him a great showrunner is that he attracted the right people,” Olmstead shared.

“Writers wanted to work with him, and give him their best. Executives liked him as much as writers assistants.”

“He was a unifier. And that was a direct reflection of how kind, supportive, encouraging and optimistic he was.”

Estrin was one of the creative forces behind a planned spinoff of the FOX drama titled Prison Break Cherry Hill.

“Zack was our client for nearly 25 years,” WME president Ari Greenburg said. “He had a tremendously successful career and mentored so many writers. We are so proud of all his accomplishments and feel blessed to have called him a friend.”

Estrin leaves behind his wife, Kari, and two daughters.

May Zack Estrin rest in peace.


The Witcher Spinoff Blood Origin to Premiere in December on Netflix

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The Witcher franchise expands later this year on Netflix.

The streaming service announced Saturday during its Tudum Global Fan Event that The Witcher: Blood Origin will launch worldwide on December 25.

The six-part series is set in an elven world 1200 years before the world of The Witcher, and will tell a story lost to time – the creation of the first prototype Witcher, and the events that lead to the pivotal “conjunction of the spheres,” when the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one.

Yeoh is set to play Scian in the highly anticipated series.

“Scían is the very last of her nomadic tribe of sword-elves,” reads the official character breakdown.

“No one can come close to her artistry with the blade, and no one carries as much loss within their heart.”

“When a chance presents itself to retrieve a stolen sacred sword, taken from her fallen tribe by nefarious means, she launches herself into a deadly quest that will change the outcome of the Continent.”

The cast also includes Sophia Brown, Michelle Yeoh, Laurence O’Fuarain, Lenny Henry, Mirren Mack, Nathaniel Curtis, and Dylan Moran.

Netflix also revealed at the event that the original series The Witcher is coming back later than many expected.

The series is set to return in the summer, meaning we still have a long wait on the horizon for fresh episodes.

The cast of the original series includes Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, Eamon Farren, Anya Chalotra, Joey Batey, MyAnna Buring, Royce Pierreson, Mimî M. Khayisa, Wilson Mbomio, Anna Shaffer, Mahesh Jadu, Tom Canton, Mecia Simson, and Kim Bodnia.

What are your thoughts on the premieres for the two shows?

Hit the comments below.

Netflix also announced premiere dates for YOU, Emily in Paris, The Watcher, and more at the event.

Check out a teaser below.


Queen Charlotte, Manifest, Emily in Paris, The Mother, The Watcher: trailers etc.

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At its annual Tudum event on the weekend, Netflix teased a number of upcoming series and movies.

In this clip from Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story we see Amarteifio and Corey Mylchreest as “Young King George” in their first encounter.

Emily in Paris S3 features Lily Collins (“Emily”), Ashley Park (“Mindy”), Camille Razat (“Camille”), Lucas Bravo (“Gabriel”) Lucien Laviscount (“Alfie”) Bruno Gouery (“Luc”) Samuel Arnold (“Julien”) and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (“Sylvie”).

Melissa Roxburgh (“Michaela Stone”) and Josh Dallas (“Ben Stone”) feature in Manifest’s Season 4.

Jennifer Lopez stars in The Mother in 2023.

Based on a true story, Naomi Watts (“Nora Brannock”) and Bobby Cannavale (“Dean Brannock”) find their new home comes equipped with a stranger obsessed with their house — and the residents within it — in the trailer for the new limited series The Watcher.

Clips may include language, adult themes, horror or violence.


Netflix hosts Who’s Watch Inn pub

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Netflix is hosting a Who’s Watch Inn pub in Melbourne this week for fans with a free drink*, Trivia Night and Comedy Night.

Ever wished to knock back a mead as you toss a coin to the Witcher? Or perhaps you’d fancy sipping on some Champere as you take a selfie a la Emily in Paris? Thanks to Netflix, now you can.

With the Aussie sporting season coming to a close, Netflix season can officially begin. To kick the season off, Netflix is launching the Who’s Watch Inn (geddit?), a classic Aussie pub where locals can grab some grub and a schooie as they come together to enjoy their favourite Netflix series.

Located in Carlton, Melbourne, from Wednesday 28th September to Sunday 2nd October, the Who’s Watch Inn has been fitted with iconic props inspired by your favourite Netflix shows to celebrate all the exciting news announced at Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan Event on 24th September.

If you’re a certified member of the Hellfire Club, you can revel in the Pub’s mounted Demogorgon head as you enjoy a bev. While those daredevils who are convinced (read delusional) they could win the Squid Game can get a taste of the games by snapping a pic with the Piggy Bank jackpot. Or perhaps you’d prefer to meet the Mindy to your Emily on the iconic Parisian garden bench in Emily in Paris. Regardless of your fandom, there’s something for everyone at the Who’s Watch Inn.

If you’re fanging for a cheeky bev or bite to eat, the Who’s Watch Inn has you covered with a Netflix inspired menu and drinks on tap – did someone say Emily in Parma? How about some Squid Ink Dark Ale to wash it down? A welcome spin on a pub classic we reckon. And in true Aussie spirit, Netflix will be shouting patrons a free drink^ on arrival so there’s no excuse not to come by.

It wouldn’t be a classic Aussie pub without a trivia and comedy night and the Who’s Watch Inn has a stellar lineup on the cards. For those trivia aficionados, reserve a spot for you and your team at Netflix pub trivia on Thursday 29th September.

Those looking for a laugh can get a once-in-a-lifetime experience and catch some of ANZ’s best Netflix comedians, including Urzila Carlson, Nazeem Hussain and Melanie Bracewell, in the flesh at the Netflix is a Joke: Comedy Night on Friday 30th September. Oh and did we mention, it’s Free!?

The Who’s Watch Inn is exclusive to Melbourne for a limited time only.

Wednesday 28 September: 7:00pm- 11:00pm
Thursday 29 September: 12:00pm- 11:00pm
Friday 30 September: 11:00am- 1:00am
Sunday 02 October: 12:00pm- 11:00pm

Netflix Pub Trivia: Thursday 29 September: 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Netflix is a Joke: Comedy Night: Friday 30 September: 8:00pm – 9:00pm

The Clyde Hotel, 385 Cardigan St, Carlton, Melbourne
Open to all patrons*
Free. Walk-ins welcome, with bookings available via

* One drink per person. You must be 18 years or over to consume alcohol at this event.


“Little transparency”: Streamers local content under scrutiny

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Screen Producers Australia has refuted some exaggerated claims made by online streaming services that finally, after years of delay, are facing the prospect of local content quotas.

It has released a Myths and Facts document suggesting Streaming platforms were making much of their ‘voluntary’ investment in Australian stories.

“We know that some of this is motivated by a recognition that until quite recently, their efforts have been extremely poor, and they are now keen to tell the best story possible about their investment,” said SPA CEO, Matthew Deaner.

“However, the latest ACMA data shows that despite deriving revenues estimated by PWC to reach around $2.5 billion per year in 2023 from Australian subscribers, SVOD investment in local content from Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, and Stan amounted to $103.76m in 2020-21.

“There is very little transparency in the reported numbers from the streamers, even the ACMA states it cannot confirm the accuracy of the data, which is cause for concern. What we can tell is that of the big investment numbers they are claiming, very little is on original, new Australian projects.

“Investment in children’s drama and non-drama programs is declining, while any increased investment is related to acquiring old catalogue titles and investment in sports programs.

“The ACMA Data shows the streamers acquired 1,743 programs while only commissioning or co-commissioning 22 new Australian programs. Some of these are likely to be minor investments to projects already happening, but without transparency in the data, we just don’t know.

“The whole purpose of any regulation is to ensure that Australian audiences get a diversity of high-value cultural content, made here as well as globally. The vital regulation would also provide some certainty to a vulnerable, important, and high-risk Australian industry.

“The Australian screen industry, with varying levels of local content regulation, has served us well so far and created iconic, and culturally significant titles, that tell our unique stories.

“We cannot celebrate this without ensuring that current and future Australians enjoy the same cultural experience, and that regulation keeps pace with the new digital platforms.

“Compared to the USA and the UK, Australia is a small player in the global English-language screen market. Without minimum investment requirements in local content, market dynamics and cost pressures dictate that we would likely see very few of our own stories on screen. Without minimum regulation, these stories would be at the whim of global businesses and not a reflection of our own cultural needs and priorities.”

Disney+ which finally has 9 locally commissioned projects, recently told The Australian the local production sector was under pressure and may not be able to cope with increased demand if quotas were in place.

But SPA has pushed for 20% of revenue be reinvested in making local content.

“There are various frameworks in place across many territories and countries with comparable market structures and industry qualities such as Canada, France and Italy offer best practice examples of frameworks that will benefit both our sector and our audiences. ”


Returning: Dead to Me

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The third and final season of Dead to Me will screen on Netflix on Wednesday November 17.

Christina Applegate stars in the dark comedy about a powerful friendship that blossoms between a tightly wound widow and a free spirit with a shocking secret.

She is joined by Linda Cardellini.

A teaser was released during the Netflix Tudum event.



Outer Banks Season 3 Teaser Trailer: When Will the Pogues Return to Netflix?

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The Pogues may be MIA, but they’re still getting into much trouble.

Netflix unveiled the first teaser for Outer Banks Season 3 Saturday during its Tudum Global Fan Event.

The streaming service also confirmed the series will not be back until 2023.

Boo. Hiss.

Then again, the series consistently delivers high-octane action scenes that make us question our sanity, so they can have all the time in the world to perfect them.

Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Austin North, Drew Starkey, and Charles Esten will be back as series regulars,  while Carlacia Grant has been upped to series regular.

Andy McQueen (Mrs. Davis, Station Eleven) has been added to the cast as Carlos Singh, a ruthless Caribbean Don on a treasure hunt of his own.

Lou Ferrigno Jr. is set to play Ryan, Singh’s top security officer, and someone who will probably have various tussles with the Pogues.

Fiona Palomo will play Sofia, a self-identified pogue who forms a close connection to Rafe.

The official teaser shows the Pogues on the beach, following on from the conclusion of Outer Banks Season 2, but it isn’t long before they get caught up in another plot.

Naturally, that leads to some high-stakes situations that shows our Pogues in a fight for their lives.

Some of the show’s biggest villains are present in the trailer, too, so we should expect some of the same villains back at it again.

Wars is back. Limbrey is back.

The search for treasure will continue, it seems!

Check out the full-length teaser below to get up to speed on what’s about to go down.

What are your thoughts on the clip?

Hit the comments below.


Dead to Me Final Season Premiere Set at Netflix: Watch the First Trailer

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All roads have led to this.

Netflix has set a premiere date for the third — and final season — of Dead to Me.

The smash hit dramedy will premiere its last season on November 17.

dead to me s3

The news dropped during Tudum, Netflix’s Global Fan Event on Saturday.

That means fans can binge the entire season on that date, which comes some 30 months after its Season 2 bow.

While the series is ending, three seasons were always in the mind of creator Liz Feldman.

“From start to finish, Dead To Me is exactly the show I wanted to make,” Feldman said in a statement in 2020 when the final season got ordered. 

“And it’s been an incredible gift. Telling a story sprung from grief and loss has stretched me as an artist and healed me as a human.”

“I’ll be forever indebted to my partners in crime, my friends for life, Christina and Linda, and our brilliantly talented writers, cast and crew.”

“I am beyond grateful to Netflix for supporting Dead To Me from day one, and I’m thrilled to continue our collaboration.”

Christina Applegate shut down speculation that the series had been canceled.

“I will miss these ladies. But we felt this was the best way to tie up the story of these women. Thank you to all the fans,” Applegate tweeted after the decision to end the show went public.

“We will be getting back to work when it is safe to do so.”

The longer than usual hiatus is due to COVID-19 delays as well as Applegate’s health.

The star went public a year ago, revealing that she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

“Hi friends. A few months ago I was diagnosed with MS. It’s been a strange journey,” Applegate wrote in a tweet at the time.

“But I have been so supported by people that I know who also have this condition. It’s been a tough road. But as we all know, the road keeps going. Unless some a—hole blocks it.”

“As one of my friends that has MS said ‘we wake up and take the indicated action’. And that’s what I do. So now I ask for privacy. As I go through this thing,” the Dead to Me star shared.

Dead to Me has been a smash hit for Netflix, drawing rave reviews and strong viewership.

The final season trailer has a sense of finality as Jen and Judy come to terms with their actions once and for all.

Check out the teaser below.


The Watcher Trailer: Ryan Murphy’s Latest Limited Series Is Poised To Be a Hit

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The Watcher looks set to be one of the most chilling new shows of the fall.

Netflix unveiled the twisty trailer and premiere date for Ryan Murphy’s latest limited series for the streaming service on Saturday during its Tudum Global Fan Event.

Thursday, October 13 is the premiere date, meaning we don’t have long to wait to binge the heck out of what is sure to be another shocking series.

“Dean (Bobby Cannavale) and Nora Brannock (Naomi Watts) just purchased their dream home in the idyllic suburb of Westfield, New Jersey, but after putting all of their savings into closing the deal, they soon realize the neighborhood is less than welcoming,” the logline teases.

“There’s a kooky older woman named Pearl (Mia Farrow) and her brother Jasper (Terry Kinney), who sneaks into the Brannock’s house and hides in their dumbwaiter.”

“There’s Karen (Jennifer Coolidge), the realtor and an old acquaintance of Nora’s, who makes them feel like they don’t really belong, and nosy neighbors Mitch (Richard Kind) and Mo (Margo Martindale), who don’t seem to understand property lines.”

The logline adds,”Their icy welcome quickly turns into a full-blown living hell when ominous letters from someone calling themself ‘The Watcher’ start arriving, terrorizing the Brannocks to their breaking point as the neighborhood’s sinister secrets come spilling out.”

The trailer is filled with the twists and turns you’d expect given the subject matter.

The series is based on the true story of the infamous “Watcher” house in New Jersey.

The cast includes Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Coolidge, Mia Farrow, Margo Martindale, Terry Kinney, Joe Mantello, Richard Kind, Noma Dumezweni, Christopher McDonald, Michael Nouri, Isabel Gravitt, Henry Hunter Hall, and Luke David Blumm.

The trailer comes just weeks after Netflix started the publicity train with Coolidge hosting an open house for the home at the center of the mysteries.

Check out the full-length trailer for The Watcher below.

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YOU Season 4: Premiere Date and Teaser Revealed

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Netflix gifted fans of YOU with some big news during its Tudum Global Fan event on Saturday.

The streaming service revealed that YOU Season 4 will get underway on February 10, 2023.

But there’s a catch — and a pretty big one at that.

The series will be adopting the split-season strategy.

The fourth season’s second half will hit the air on March 10, 2023.

Netflix’s Stranger Things adopted the split-season strategy with Stranger Things Season 4, and the excitement was off the charts.

Netflix also unveiled a teaser trailer during Tudum that introduces viewers to Professor Joe.

That’s right.

Joe Goldberg is in London and living as a professor.

After the events of YOU Season 3, we’re sure he won’t be living much of a tranquil life for long.

The teaser also introduces us to those in Joe’s orbit for YOU Season 4.

Tati Gabrielle returns as Marienne Bellamy, while the other series regulars include Lukas Gage as Adam, Charlotte Ritchie as Kate, Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe, Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia, and Ed Speleers as Rhys.

Recurring players include Niccy Lin as Sophie, Aidan Cheng as Simon, Stephen Hagan as Malcolm, Ben Wiggins as Roald, Eve Austin as Gemma, Ozioma Whenu as Blessing, Dario Coates as Connie, Sean Pertwee as Vic, Brad Alexander as Edward, Alison Pargeter as Dawn, and Adam James as Elliot.

Netflix gave a big vote of confidence in YOU by renewing it for Season 4 ahead of the premiere of its third season.

“Reading Caroline’s novel, Greg and I were instantly obsessed with Joe Goldberg and his twisted world view,” said Sera Gamble.

“And it’s been thrilling to watch Penn bring Joe to creepy yet compelling life. We’re deeply grateful that Netflix has shown You such monumental support and that people around the world have enjoyed watching Joe really get it all very wrong over the past 3 seasons.”

“The whole You team is excited to explore new, dark facets of love in season 4.”

Developed by Gamble & Berlanti and based on the books You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes, season 4 will be produced by Berlanti Productions and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Sarah Schechter, Leslie Morgenstein, David Madden, Gina Girolamo, John Scott, Neil Reynolds, Michael Foley, and Justin Lo also serve as executive producers.

Check out the teaser below and hit the comments with your thoughts on the big change


Manifest: Netflix Drops Spoiler-Filled Season 4 Trailer, and We Have Plenty of Questions

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It’s hard to believe it, but Manifest Season 4 premieres in under two months.

Netflix’s Tudum Global Fan Event featured our most extensive look at the first half of the final season yet.

What’s immediately obvious is that we’ll be getting a bevy of answers during the first 10 episodes of Manifest Season 4, premiering November 4 on Netflix.

Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), Ben (Josh Dallas), Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), and the rest of the survivors of flight 828 are desperate for answers in the two-minute trailer.

They are fast approaching the expiration date that has been hanging over the series since the beginning.

Michaela and Ben are understandably reeling from the events of Manifest Season 3, and it looks like they have far bigger problems on Manifest Season 4.

Ben looks a bit worse for wear and when you consider the emotional turmoil he’s gone through, it makes sense.

The final season will be hard on him because he’s trying to contend with the death of Grace, the drastic aging up of his son, and so much more.

As this is happening, Cal (Ty Doran) is desperate to understand why he disappeared after touching the aircraft wreckage and returned five years older.

Undoubtedly, there is a lot about the mythology we are still not privy to, but it will be a lot of fun piecing all of this information together.

We also learn that our survivors were caught up in a storm that seemingly chose them, and when you consider the callings, there has to be something else, right?

It wouldn’t be Manifest without Ben in some form of danger, so we see him tied up before a trailer explodes.

It’s impressive to think that we’re actually getting this final season because the trailer indicates that we’re in for a right treat with the finale episodes.

“Two years after the brutal murder of Grace turned their lives upside down, the Stone family is in shambles as a devastated Ben continues to mourn his wife and search for his kidnapped daughter, Eden,” the official logline reads.

“Consumed by his grief, Ben has stepped down from his role as co-captain of the lifeboat, leaving Michaela to captain it alone, a near impossible feat with the passengers’ every move now being monitored by a government registry,” it continues.

“As the Death Date draws closer and the passengers grow desperate for a path to survival, a mysterious passenger arrives with a package for Cal that changes everything they know about Flight 828 and will prove to be the key to unlocking the secret of the Callings in this compelling, mind-bending, and deeply emotional journey.”

Check out the official trailer below.