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Creators who work with BBTV can now get paid out in crypto.

The publicly traded, Vancouver-based network, which provides content production, distribution, management, and monetization services to digital creators, this week announced the launch of Pay To Crypto—a program where it’ll pay creators their monthly YouTube earnings in the cryptocurrency of their choice.

BBTV says it can pay creators “in a range of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Stablecoin.”

Creators will provide the address of their cryptocurrency wallet, specify which currency they prefer, and BBTV will pay them through the Netcoins trading platform.

Creators will be charged “a competitive fee” for using Pay To Crypto, according to BBTV. It did not specify the exact amount of the fee.

“Web3 is a big part of the creator economy already, from social tokens to NFTs and cryptocurrency,” Shahrzad Rafati, BBTV’s CEO and chairperson, said in a statement. “This is just one step that BBTV is taking to pioneer Web3 solutions for creators in this fast-emerging segment of the creator economy.”

Rafati added that if creators choose to be paid out in crypto, it will help “diversify their income.”

“Creators have been really vocal about their interest in entering the Web3 revolution, and we’re very proud to lead the way as their strategic partner,” she said.

Pay To Crypto is BBTV’s first cryptocurrency payment program, but not its first program to get creators paid.

In October 2021, it partnered with Spotter, a company that provides digital content creators with the working capital they need to make new videos by offering lump-sum payments for the rights to their old content. As part of the deal, Spotter agreed to buy $125 million worth of content from creators in BBTV’s network.

And, in November, BBTV introduced Fast Pay, where it’ll pay creators their YouTube earnings up to a month early, for a 2% fee.

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