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The latest Song Breaker Awards are out to prove that Roblox rocks.

For its second iteration, the annual show put on by Logitech For Creators is saying goodbye to the meatspace. Bretman Rock will host the celebration of digital-native music talent, Lizzo will perform, and the whole thing will take place inside of Roblox, the massively-popular sandbox game-turned-metaverse development tool.

Logitech launched the Song Breaker Awards last year in an attempt to “power of the creator community.” Some of the award recipients cracked the Billboard charts, but the show’s main indication of artistic worth its TikTok. By saluting the musicians whose songs powered viral memes, challenges, and dances, the Song Breaker Awards serve as a digital-native compliment to the Grammys.

This year’s show will take the term “digital native” literally. According to a press release, the 2nd annual Song Breaker Awards will be “the first music awards show to be hosted in the metaverse.” It will go live at 1 PM ET on April 30, with Bretman Rock saluting the “originators” and “amplifiers” who made musical trends happen this year.

The latest batch of Song Breaker honorees includes Noah Beck, and Walker Hayes. Some of the selected Song Breakers, such as GAYLE, will perform; so too will Lizzo, who will debut a new song in her first foray into Roblox.

To create a fitting stage for its metaverse bash, Logitech created a pre-show experience within Roblox. Fans of the game can find Creator Coins to unlock exclusive emotes, and the Roblox community wasted no time accepting that challenge.

One notable location within Logitech’s Roblox world is the Creator Society Cafe, which serves as a metaverse meetinghouse of sorts. The virtual building takes its name from the Creator Society, which Logitech launched earlier this month. The multi-faceted initiative supports the creators who are partnered with the peripherals company. Based on what we’re seeing here, it’s clear that the Creator Society has significant Web3 ambitions to match the Web 2.0 prowess of its highly-influential members.

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