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There’s no stopping Bridgerton’s impressive reign at Netflix.

The streaming service announced Tuesday that the Regency era drama that focuses on a new love story every season has broke broken its own record.

Bridgerton Season 2, which launched in March, has soared even higher than Bridgerton Season 1.

It racked up 627.11 million hours viewed throughout the first 28 days on the streamer to become the most-watched English-language show.

Bridgerton Season 1 settles for second place with 625.49 million hours viewed during the same time period.

Netflix typically makes a decision on the future of a series after assessing its performance in that first month, with some making the cut for new seasons, and others being cut short.

Fans of Bridgerton will be well aware that Netflix quickly ordered a second season, followed by a third and fourth, as well as a Queen Charlotte spinoff.

Bridgerton Season 2 this week scooped up 66.61 million hours viewed, appearing in the top 10 in 88 countries.

Also of note the same week was The Ultimatum (58.47 million hours viewed), Anatomy of a Scandal (40.28 million), Our Great National Parks (17.09 million).

On the Non-English TV list, Elite Season 5 (check out our Elite Season 5 Finale Shocker: Are They Really Dead?) managed 67.39 million hours viewed.

Elite has already been renewed for Season 6!

Stranger Things finally returns after a three-year hiatus next month, and it will be the first season of the show measured under the new metric, and it may well crush Bridgerton’s numbers.

The English-language shows so far have languished behind Squid Game’s mammoth 1.65 billion tally throughout its first 28 days.

There are exciting times ahead for the streamer, with its latest earnings call set to arrive later today.

There has been much scrutiny of the streaming service of late due to increases in subscription costs, as well as a crackdown on password sharing.

What are your thoughts on the numbers?

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