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The second season of Bridgerton drops on Netflix this Friday.

While the hit drama has been known for its outlandish plots, soapy elements, and everything in between, the storytelling on Bridgerton Season 2 is far tighter than its predecessor.

There’s a central love story with Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), but there’s also more intrigue surrounding everyone in their orbit.

We know who the Bridgertons, Featheringtons, and the Dansburys are already, and the series does a better job at spreading the storylines out this time between them, which is a significant positive out of the gate.

Kate and her sister, Edwina, are new additions to The Ton, bringing some long-held family secrets to the forefront as they both search for love.

We know Lady Whistledown loves a scandal, and there’s plenty of that to go around on Bridgerton Season 2.

The pivot to revolve around Anthony’s search for love doesn’t feel as jarring as I thought it would.

Daphne is still very much present in the world of the show, and while Rege-Jean Page is no longer showing up in all his handsome glory, Simon doesn’t feel like a distant memory.

The beauty of a show like Bridgerton is that you know all these characters are going about their day-to-day lives, even if they’re not on-screen.

Some of them may be scheming, some of them may be keeping their noses clean, and others, well, you’ll have to tune in to find out!

Let’s get back to the new love story.

Anthony and Kate ooze chemistry from their first scene. I don’t want to spoil anything, but you can tell why they have a connection from the get-go.

Anthony has such high demands for his potential wives that he’s a bit deflated when no one appears to be the right person for him.

Finding love is tough, but the strong part of the series is that it puts both Anthony and Kate’s fears about finding love on display.

Simon and Daphne’s almost felt like a fever dream because of all the hurdles in their way, and while that worked, Bridgerton Season 2 takes a markedly different approach to romance.

Nicola Coughlan remains the biggest draw as Penelope Featherington, aka Lady Whistledown.

Lady Whistledown’s column is the glue that keeps the community together, and part of the fun of the second season is witnessing her struggle to remain in the shadows.

Revealing the identity of the columnist was one thing, but the fact that the intrigue continues to grow surrounding her is a testament to the writers of the series.

The Featheringtons, as a whole, have a much more significant presence on Bridgerton Season 2 as questions surrounding the new Lord Featherington leave Lady Featherington struggling to comprehend what comes next.

Ultimately, Bridgerton Season 2 is a lot of fun. It has the romance you’ve come to expect, wild twists, and it feels like a natural step forward.

The signature humor remains, but the script is much more believable.

The eight-part season drops tomorrow. Watch the trailer below.

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