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A Florida judge has denied Carole Baskin and her husband’s motion for a temporary restraining order that would have prevented Netflix and Royal Goode Productions from using any footage of them in Tiger King 2.

“While the Court understands the Baskins’ frustration, it does not appear that inclusion of Defendants’ footage of the Baskins will cause any immediate harm that cannot be compensated with monetary damages,” Judge Virginia M. Hernandez Covington ruled, adding that the Baskins are “not entitled to the extraordinary remedy of a temporary restraining order.”

Baskin alleges that Royal Goode Productions breached contract by continuing to use footage of her and her husband in Tiger King 2, since they only signed appearance release forms for the first documentary.

The court is yet to decide on Netflix and Royal Goode’s inclusion of the Baskins in season 2, due on November 17.

Source: EW.com

Source: tvtonight.com.au

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