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Casey Neistat has been absent from YouTube for roughly seven months, but returned to share a long-in-the-works venture: a 30-day virtual filmmaking course created alongside learning startup Monthly.

Neistat explains that he has a complicated relationship with education, given that he dropped out of high school after freshman year. That said, the course – priced at $250 – will seek to share his secret sauce as a storyteller as opposed to more conventional learnings.

“It’s not technical – if you want to learn how to use your camera, just Google it,” he exaplined. “It’s not about how to get a lot of views on YouTube – ask MrBeast if that’s your goal. It’s much more about how I see filmmaking as the ultimate tool for self expression.”

Neistat also shared that he’ll be making a film as he’s teaching the course, lending a symbiotic and collaborative tenor to the experience. Participants will also be grouped into teams of 20, and tasked with emerging from the course with two completed short films of their own. Enrollment closes on Dec. 27, and the course starts on Jan .10

Neistat isn’t the only digital creator to have been tapped by Monthly for an online course. Former NASA engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober launched a creative engineering class in Dec. 2020. The company also offers curriculum from the likes of a cappella group Pentatonix and choreographer Kyle Hanagami — both of whom boast a sizable presence on YouTube.

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