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Charli and Dixie D’Amelio’s latest brand deal is with Atlanta-based mattress company Simmons.

For the partnership, the TikTok sisters–who combined have more than 160 million followers–co-designed a branded “Charli & Dixie x Simmons” mattress that debuts today, plus a line of accessories that’ll drop in August.

Per Ad Age, Simmons plans to promote the mattress ($499 for a twin, $549 for a full, $599 for a queen, and $699 for a king) with a TikTok hashtag contest and ad placements across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

The brand’s hashtag contest will see the D’Amelios give two fans a “dream room” redesign this summer. As for the ad campaign, it’s called “It’s Not Your Mattress. It’s Your Stage,” and highlights how beds are often creators’ thinkspaces and video backdrops, not just places to sleep.

“We spend more time than ever in our beds, which is why we wanted to help make sure that this mattress was created for more than just sleeping and dreaming,” Charli said in a statement. “Our beds are the new offices for our generation, where we check messages in the morning, where we listen to music and podcasts, where we stay up late FaceTiming with our friends, scroll aimlessly on social media to get inspired and most importantly, it’s where we look forward to going after a busy day.”

Melanie Huet, Simmons’ chief commercial officer and chief marketing officer, told Ad Age that working with the D’Amelios is part of its focus on targeting Gen Z.

“Nobody else is chasing them in the industry,” Huet said. “We thought why not go straight to the top and work with the queen of TikTok?”

Huet said Simmons has already worked with the D’Amelios on a second set of designs that could debut if the first round of accessories do well.

Simmons is the latest in a long, long line of sponsors for the D’Amelios. They’ve partnered with brands including Dunkin’ Donuts, Hollister, Invisalign, Stir, Morphe, and Pura Vida.

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