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While we’re eagerly awaiting Cobra Kai Season 5, there is still more to discover from Cobra Kai Season 4!

In this never-before-seen extended scene, we get a deeper look at John Kreese and Terry Silver discussing their future.

Terry wasn’t much interested in returning to the man he once was.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long since Cobra Kai Season 4 premiered.

Yet, it almost feels like a lifetime ago, too.

The fourth season saw another enemy from Daniel’s past return, this time with Kreese’s urging.

Kreese and Silver had been friends for a long time, but after the way that Cobra Kai and karate made Silver feel, he turned away from it.

Let’s face it, he wasn’t a very nice man.

This exclusive first look reminds us that Silver wanted to and did change and was concerned that returning to Cobra Kai and working with Kreese might scuttle all of his progress.

As we know, that didn’t scare him away from helping his friend, and we don’t blame him for lending a hand when Kreese needed it most.

But what we’d like to know is what is left of the man Silver became as we move into Cobra Kai Season 5.

Things are not the same anymore, and nobody could have imagined after that conversation the events that were to unfold during Season 4.

With Kreese down for the count, how will Silver swoop in and save the day for the Cobra Kai dojo?

Will Silver embrace the changed man, or will he slip slide away in the sunset of Kreese’s downfall?

The easiest way to determine what’s to come is sometimes to revisit what has been.

In this case, with Sony Pictures DVD release on September 13, you may find more clues to help understand who Silver was and is now.

The only way forward is to know from whence you came.

Be sure to own the DVD set on September 13, and watch Cobra Kai Season 5 on Netflix to see where the past takes us next!

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