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Colin Rosenblum and Samir Choudry — known collectively as Colin and Samir — have found a niche with videos that are “about creators, for creators.” On their self-titled YouTube channel and podcast, the duo offers advice for aspiring influencers who hope to professionalize their online video careers.

That business-oriented angle makes The Colin and Samir Show a perfect fit for the fledgling LinkedIn Podcast Network, and that’s exactly where it’s headed. In a post on his personal LinkedIn page, Choudry announced that he and his creative partner have taken their podcast to the platform where it will be able to “educate and empower the next generation of creators” while simultaneously encouraging “the growth of more careers in the creator economy, both on camera and off.”

It’s worth noting that this deal is not exclusive. The Colin and Samir Show will still be able available on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, but the pair of creators will use their LinkedIn presence to interact directly with their followers. In doing so, they can make use of the fan-facing features that are available through LinkedIn’s Creator Mode. The year-old toolset recently added support for a Clubhouse-style audio chat feature.

Frank conversations are already a big part of what Colin and Samir do. Some episodes of their podcast, labeled “Creator Support,” answer questions from video-making listeners. Andrei Santalo, LinkedIn’s Global Head of Community and Creators, wrote that Colin and Samir will use  “LinkedIn Live videos, newsletters, and more” to deepen their connections with fans.

The LinkedIn Podcast Network was announced earlier this year. Its other programs include Brown Table Talk, which features cultural conversations between hosts Dee C. Marshall and Mita Mallick, as well as The Startup of You, which comes from LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

By adding a creator-focused show to its network, LinkedIn can keep pace in the frenetic world of podcast acquisitions. YouTube has reportedly considered direct payments for podcast video creators, while Spotify has supported shows from big names like Rooster Teeth and Joe Rogan. Compared to those platforms, LinkedIn’s library of audio programs is more focused, with a distinct theme of business development. Nothing else could be more fitting.

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