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After more than eight days of continuous streaming, CallMeCypher’s computer gave out.

But before it did, the Twitch streamer (who has around 4,000 followers on the platform and is partial to shooters like Fortnite and newly released Valorant) apparently set a new record by broadcasting for 200 hours, 18 minutes, and 17 seconds, Dexerto reports.

His stream broke what appears to be the platform’s previous record of 161 hours, set just one month ago by LosPollosTV (422K followers). And that’s not an accident; CallMeCypher had held previous streams where he one-upped his own longest broadcasts, and after his latest self-owning victory, followers began urging him to try for a platform record, he said.

He started streaming on April 21 and went till April 29, apparently on zero sleep. He chronicled the event with occasional Twitter updates, including this April 28 clip of the moment he broke LosPollosTV’s record:

The streamer planned to keep going, but at around 200 hours, his computer started “freezing and stuttering,” he told Dexerto. He ended up having to restart, a process that took him offline for just 90 seconds, but still effectively ending his marathon.

He noted that he didn’t set out to break the record specifically because it was LosPollosTV’s. “It could have been literally anyone and I still would have tried to do this because I always like pushing myself and my boundaries,” he said.

Tubefilter has reached out to Twitch for official confirmation that CallMeCypher’s stream is its longest yet. We’ll update this story with any additional information.

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