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What you need to know

  • Rian Johnson recently directed “Knives Out.”
  • The director was speaking during a commentary for the movie.
  • He was speaking about drone shots used to make the Apple TV screensavers.

They look great.

Apple TV owners have long known that the device’s screensavers are some of the most gorgeous films around. Apple has worked with the likes of the BBC to create them in the past, and now director Rian Johnson has declared them “the most influential films of the past five years.”

The “Knives Out” director was speaking on a commentary for the new movie (via Reddit) and the Apple TV screensavers came up when he mentioned drone shots.

Somebody said, and I think it’s really true, those Apple TV screensavers with the drone shots of cities are the most influential films of the past five years. I feel like every establishing shot in every movie is now just a beautiful drone shot and it’s starting to get a little boring. Ours included.

You can listen to a 30-second clip covering the drone discussion over on Reddit, too.

Johnson’s assertion that drone shots are getting a little boring is probably accurate, but that isn’t likely to stop them from being a big part of making movies – and Apple TV screensavers – for a long time to come.

Source: imore.com

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