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We would love this!

Downton Abbey star teases movie sequel
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Downton Abbey could be coming back to our screens yet again.

The popular historical period drama first graced our television schedules in 2010. Armed with a stream of award-winning cast and crew, including writer Julian Fellowes, Harry Potter icon Maggie Smith and British great Hugh Bonneville, the ITV series won the hearts of the nation and swiftly became a regular instalment on televisions across the country.

After six successful seasons, the show bid farewell to screens back in 2015, with the series finale broadcasting as the programme’s Christmas special.

However, fans couldn’t deal with the absence of the Crawley family and co from their screens, leading to a film being released last year.

The drama hit the big screen with the original cast, including Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Michelle Dockery, Elizabeth McGovern and Maggie Smith, among many others, joining the blockbuster feature.

And one cast member whose heart still seems to be with the Downton Abbey world is Imelda Staunton, who played Maud Bagshaw in the film and is married in real life to Jim Carter, aka Carson.

Downton Abbey star teases movie sequel

Imelda revealed that she would love to return to the Downton Abbey set (Credit: Getty)

The former Harry Potter actress, who was recently cast to appear in futures series of Netflix’s The Crown as an older Queen Elizabeth II, revealed that she would love to join the cast for a second film.

Speaking to the Radio Times, she said “of course” she would come back to a sequel film if writer Julian Fellowes constructed another script, adding that she would have to “see if there’s room for that character to come back”.

The actress also added that Downton Abbey “was a very nice job to do,” adding, “it’s a woman with a nice arc, and a backstory that wasn’t just a woman in a tiara and a long dress”.

Speaking about the role, she continued, “I’ve worked with Maggie [Smith, who plays Lady Violet Crawley] before and I’ve worked with Penelope Wilton [Isobel Crawley] before so you know, we know each other well”.

Does this mean there’ll be a sequel on the cards some time soon…

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