The sixth episode of Season 2 of Game Of Thrones starts with a major turn of events when freshly minted ‘Prince’ Theon captures the castle of Winterfell. He also shocks everyone when he executes Ser Rodrik who denies accepting Theon as the new Lord of Winterfell.

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Alright. Back to the current episode.
At King’s Landing, everyone is gathered at the riverside to see off Princess Myrcella who is being shipped off to Dorne for her safety. But Cersei is still thinking that this is some vicious plot by Tyrion against her and she threatens Tyrion that she will also take away some loved one from him one day as revenge. On their way back to The Red Keep, the people of King’s Landing who are unhappy because of the effects of the ongoing war, attacks the King and his entire party. The King orders everyone to be assassinated as an act of punishment but somehow everyone escapes. Everyone except, poor Sansa. Sansa is almost going to get raped and possibly killed when The Hound saves her and brings her back to the castle. Beyond The Wall, Jon and his brothers of The Night’s watch encounters some wildings who are killed off except a pretty wilding Yiggrite. Jon is unable to kill her and thus takes her as a prisoner and they begin to walk together in search of his other brothers. Lord Tywin is enraged when one of his council members sends a letter to the wrong house and is impressed to know that Arya who is posing as his cupbearer can read. Lord Bealish visits Tywin and he also notices Arya but Arya manages to keep her identity safe. She smuggles one of the notes with her that contains Lannister’s battle plan but is caught red handed by one of the Lannister knights. To save herself, Arya gets him killed before he could see Tywin. A wounded Sansa is being treated by Shae who gives her a good advice to never trust anyone to stay safe. At Winterfell, Osha lures Theon into bed thereby gaining his trust only to take Bran and Rickon to safety. Beyond the narrow sea, The Mother of Dragons is sad after meeting multiple Kings in Quarth because no one is ready to give her ships to cross the narrow sea so that she could take back all seven kingdoms. Upon returning home, she witnesses a mass murder of her people and also her dragons are missing. Finally we see dragons crying for help which are being taken away by a hooded man to The House of The Undying.

Are you keeping the count of how many new characters have been introduced recently? Have you stopped counting number of deaths per episode? Well I have. But the series somehow manages to keep the interest alive even with all the innovative ways to kill people, the politics, different houses and their allies and of course with so much nudity!

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