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Gia Coppola, daughter of famed auteur Francis Ford Coppola and the director of 2013’s Palo Alto, has unveiled the trailer for her latest film, Mainstream, which appears to take a darkly comedic glimpse into YouTuber culture.

The film was written by Coppola and Tom Stuart, and stars Andrew Garfield, Maya Hawke, Nat Wolff, Johnny Knoxville, and Jason Schwartzman. According to its IMDB page — and the film’s trailer (see below) — Mainstream feature appearances from a number of native YouTube stars, including Juanpa Zurita, Jake Paul, and Patrick Starrr.

The film follows Hawke’s character, an aspiring creator who believes she’s found a path to internet stardom after crossing paths with a charismatic and successful stranger, played by Garfield — until the dark side of viral fame threatens to ruin them both.

From the looks of the trailer, Garfield’s character seems loosely inspired by the Paul brothers and the bombastic vlogging style that they pioneered. The duo then links up with another creator, played by Wolff, to form a creator collective called No One Special — which apparently leads to a more premium series off of YouTube.

Mainstream premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September, and is set to be released on May 7 in theaters and on VOD by IFC Films.

You can check out the trailer below:

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