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The early Prime Day deals have already started to roll in, and some of them are spectacular! Just this morning, Amazon has released Prime-only deals on Amazon Fire-equipped TVs, from bedroom-friendly 24-inch sets to colossal wall-covering 75-inch monsters with as much as 50% off. Here are some of the highlights of the range of offers! For more information about incoming Apple Prime Day Deals, stick with us – we’ll keep you updated!

The Biggest

Toshiba M550 Series 4K LED

$699 at Amazon

50% off

Toshiba’s 75-inch M550 series 4K LED with Alexa and Fire built-in (what a mouthful) has seen one of the biggest discounts, bringing it down to $699 from $1399. It’s a very well-equipped TV, even for full price, with a monster 75-inch LED screen, sound handled by Dolby Atmos, and all your favorite smart features built-in with Amazon Fire on board. For cinema nerds, there’s even Dolby Vision for ‘as the director intended’ viewing. Foundation will never have looked better.

Amazon’s own

Amazon Omni Series 55-inch

$299 at Amazon

45% off

If you’ve not got as much space, the 55-inch Amazon Omni Series 4K UHD TV with Alexa built-in may be the way to go. Its massive 43% price drop brings it down to $299 – the same price as the smaller 43-inch variant. The screen is bright, and plenty big enough for all your favorite shows, from Ted Lasso to The Outlaws, and its smart features mean you won’t need to plug in anything extra to get all your favorite streaming services – including Apple TV plus.

Lowest Price

Amazon series 4 43-inch

$199 at Amazon

46% off

There’s also 46% off the Amazon Fire TV 43-inch 4-series, which, like the others, you can pop into Apple TV with the touch of a button. It’s not quite as big or impressive as its companions above, but it’s every bit as worth the money. It’s convenient and big enough for most TV watching in a smaller room, and the inputs on the back mean you can hook up your Blu-ray player and watch your collection beyond Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime. It’s now only $199.

These aren’t the only TVs Amazon has reduced today – here are some other great prices to be found on Fire-equipped TV’s.

Insignia 24-inch Fire TV

$90 at Amazon

While small, it’s a mighty little TV set perfect for small bedrooms or for a caravan. It may only be 720p, but it’s still a solid little performer with Smart functions built-in. Amazon has also brought it under $100 – you can grab one now for only $90.

Insignia 32-inch Fire TV

$100 at Amazon

For only ten dollars more you can get an extra eight inches! The 32-inch model is a fair bit bigger, but the same resolution. $100 for a 32-inch TV is nothing to sniff at, however, especially when Fire and Alexa are built-in.

Pioneer 43-inch 4K LED Fire TV

$199 at Amazon

Pop another $100 into the Amazon machine and a Pioneer 4K TV will roll out/arrive at your door. It’s got that lovely 4K resolution that’ll make your movies and Apple TV+ shows look great, and it’s almost 10 inches bigger than the model above. Honestly, apart from the Amazon series 4, you’re not going to find many 43-inch 4K TVs for $199. Stock probably won’t last, so get in there quick!

Prime Day has already shown us that there will be some great deals to be had. Want to know what kind of other deals you can expect? Check out our Apple Prime Day deals page, along with our Prime Day iPad deals, Prime Day Apple Watch deals, Prime Day iPhone deals and Prime Day MacBook deals as well.

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