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If you thought the Nerdfighters were an energetic bunch before, wait until they get their hands on some caffeine.

Hank and John Green‘s fans have wasted no time signing up for the Awesome Coffee Club, a new subscription service that delivers ethically-sourced beans to customers each month while directly supporting charities in Sierra Leone.

Hank Green, the more scientific half of the Vlogbrothers, announced the Awesome Coffee Club on Twitter, though he needed some prompting from older brother John first. “What if you could have great coffee but all the profit went to charity,” Hank asked in an all-caps tweet. “That’s the whole pitch.”

Coffee drinkers who sign up for the brothers’ subscription service will receive a 12-ounce bag of joe each month. The shipments are available in whole bean or ground form, with both versions costing $22 per month. If you want your entire caffeination experience to be on-theme, you can also pick up a matching Awesome Coffee Club mug for $24.

The Awesome Coffee Club beans are sourced using an ethical process in order to ensure that the brand’s farming partners are properly compensated and environmentally conscious. That’s not the only feel-good aspect of this product: The profits will go directly to organizations in Sierra Leone that are striving to reduce maternal and child mortality rates in impoverished communities. This pledge builds upon work Hank and John have already done. A 2020 vlog from John details the brothers’ efforts to support public health initiatives in the West African nation.

Coffee is a hot commodity (no pun intended) among creators who launch their own business ventures. Other videomakers who have fired up their roasters include Connor Franta, Ian Hecox of Smosh, and Emma Chamberlain. Like the Vlogbrothers, those creators have committed to ethically sourcing the beans they send to buyers.

Creator-branded goods typically sell fast, and Awesome Coffee Club subscriptions are no exception. 24 hours after Hank posted his introductory tweet, 60% of the available beans had already been claimed. At the time this post went up, there were still some subscriptions available, but if you want one, you’ll need to channel coffee drinkers everywhere by moving quickly.

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