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The Amazon Fire Stick is enabled with many unique features which are second to none in its usability. The subtitle is one of the used features of Amazon which is used by those people who are hard of hearing or deaf, cannot enjoy the conversation of videos, movies, and other digital content. Taking their desire into consideration, Amazon Fire Stick is incorporated with the feature of enable or disables subtitles on Fire Stick. If someone wants to enable or disable subtitles on a Fire Stick, can do according to his desire. But it needs separate steps to be followed by its users for particular apps. For the purpose of utilizing this feature, Fire Stick users can either go through this article or contact Fire Stick Customer Service team which is enabled with enough information.

But question arises how to enable or disable subtitles on Fire Stick, for doing this work, the Fire Stick settings is the best place to do it. But each individual app is enabled with its own subtitles settings. While each application has different approach to access its settings. In order to change the settings of the individual app like YouTube, Netflix, Disney plus and so on, we have to follow the steps that will help us. 

To Enable Or Disable Subtitles On Netflix

Here are a few steps which you must follow to enable or disable subtitles on Netflix and if Netflix Not Working on Fire Stick then you can get in touch with Fire Stick experts.

  • At first, if video is being played, you must press the “pause” button.
  •  Go to press “up” the directional circle of your remote.
  • After that “Audio & Subtitles” will be under the spotlight, and then press “center” button on your remote.
  • With the help of directional circle of your remote, you can up and down thus spotlight the desired setting under the “section” area.
  • By way of using desired setting, you can press the “center” button”.
  • After that press “play” button of your remote, and then the video will start with desired setting.

Enable Or Disable Subtitles On Disney Plus

With a view to enabling and disabling subtitles on Disney plus, the Fire Stick users should follow the below given steps and for gaining more information regarding Disney Plus Not Working on Fire Stick must contact to experts.

  • If video is playing, you must press the “button”.
  • The directional circle which is on the remote, you must press “up” on it.  You should highlight the icon at the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • In order to get menu option, you must press the “center” button.
  • After that you will find subtitle and then press down on the direction circle in order to enter “subtitles” settings.
  • In order to highlight the desired settings, use Left and Right on the directional circle.
  • By using the desired settings highlighted, you can press the center button.
  • Lastly, you will be advised to press “play” button on your remote, and the video will start with the desired settings.

Enable or Disable Subtitles On YouTube

As we know that in order to enable or disable subtitle on app it requires separate steps, in the same way, YouTube has its separate steps to be followed by its users which are provided below. If you have intention to have more information about how to Install YouTube on Fire Stick.

  • When the video is playing, press the button.
  • In order to highlight, you press left on the directional circle “captions”.  After that press the “center” button to reach the options.
  • By using the directional circle on the remote, move Up and down in order to highlight the desired settings.
  • If you want to change the font size of the caption’s style, size, opacity, and so on, you can do it.
  • After that you can get back to your video by pressing “back” button.
  • Now, you can press play button on your remote, and the video will restart with the desired settings.

The steps which are mentioned above, you can follow them to enable or disable subtitles on Fire Stick. Despite making these efforts, you find it hard. You can contact to the online experts who will assist you in a minute.

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