The main purpose of rolling out of kindle by Amazon was to provide hassle-free content streaming to its viewers so that they can enjoy watching their favorite content. Being enabled with the robust technology, it has hegemony in its field, however, a few of the annoying things are often faced by viewers which spoil their entertainment, and one such issue originates from its applications in the form of app notifications on Fire Stick. Given that this post is enabled with information that can help you overcome this issue. Apart from it, if the Fire Stick users have any other issues regarding this device, here is Fire Stick Customer Service Number that can help you overcome your technical glitches.

While streaming content, so many apps notifications pop-up on the screen of your fire TV and become necessary to turn them off. In order to get rid of these apps notifications, two ways can be used either using DND or turning off app notification on. 

Enable DND On Fire Stick

In order to keep Fire Stick device on DND mode, the users have to execute a few of the steps which are given below, and this process takes a few seconds. 

  • At first, accessing the home screen of Fire Stick, and then move to the settings, and click on it.
  • Keep navigating until you find preferences, and select it.
  • As you select preferences, on the screen, you fill find three options, among them, select the notification settings.
  • After this step, do not interrupt with turn it on will be on the screen which you need to select.  Click On it, under this step all the apps will be blocked to send app notifications on Fire Stick.

Disable App Notifications On Fire Stick

Not having desire to block all notifications, but you can block the notification of certain apps on your Fire Stick and any alert message will stay silent. On the other hand, you will keep receiving notification from other apps. This action can be performed by way of following the given steps. 

  • Go to the home screen of the Fire Stick, and navigate to the settings to select, and then you will find many options, but select preferences out of them.
  • As you complete the last step, again there will be many options to select, but select notification settings.
  • After this process, two options will be on the screen to select either “do not interrupt” or “app notifications”, this time select app notifications on Fire Stick.
  • After that, you will find all the installed applications on Fire Stick, click on the “turn off” those applications one by one which send you notification.

Thus, by way of performing the above-given methods, app notifications on Fire Stick can be disabled within a few seconds. Moreover, it is one of the easiest ways to get rid of this issue. The aim of this post is to provide solution of getting rid of app notifications on Fire Stick, which sometime, becomes irritating for the Fire Stick users, and it becomes necessary to disable them. I mean it by going through this post, disabling app notifications on Fire Stick will be at their fingers’ ends.

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