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Are you unsure how to access and manage content on Amazon Fire TV Stick? This article introduces you to simple and easy tricks to access and control any type of media from apps, movies, games, TV shows, music, and more, using your Amazon Fire TV.

Your Video Library

You can access your video library when you open your video from the menu of your Fire TV Stick. There, you can access not only your videos but also your active rentals and Prime Video purchases. It’s a feature that allows you easy access to the different content you want to watch on your device.

Prime Video

Are you a Prime member? If you are, then the Your Videos, TV Shows, and Movies categories will be customized to include Prime titles. You can watch these contents on your Fire TV without additional costs. You can easily identify Prime contents since they are labeled “Prime.” Videos included with Prime also have other features you can access when you open the video details such as more viewing options.

Manage Content

Accessing Apps

Located on the Home Screen is the Your Apps and Games row. It’s where you can find a collection of all the apps you bought. It includes all kinds of Amazon apps such as Prime Photos, Amazon Music, and even third-party applications such as Netflix. Accessing the apps is easy and quick from the Quick Access Menu where you can select apps from your remote. Anyway Amazon Fire TV Support is also there if you get stuck in any kind of problem.

Buy Movies and TV Shows

Purchasing movies and TV shows is easy. They are available through Prime Video and can be purchased by merely opening a TV show or Movie from the Fire TV menu. You can view all other options to buy the content you want by choosing More Ways to Watch.

Create a Watch List

Press the Menu button on the remote and choose Add to Watch list if you want the show or movie you saw while browsing to be added to your watch list. It will help you keep track of the content you want to watch and keep them connected across your connected Amazon devices.

Manage Your Content

Downloading Apps

If there are apps you want to get, you can download them from Amazon App Store. Open the Fire TV menu and select apps when you browse the App Store. You can find a wide array of apps and games from there that you can access using your Fire TV.

Launching Amazon Music

You can launch your Amazon Music app from the category Your Apps & Games. Using this application, you can listen to the music you uploaded to your library or bought from the Amazon Digital Music Store. Besides that, you can listen to music with Amazon Music Unlimited subscription (if you have one) or listen to music with Prime.

When it comes to managing your apps, watch list and video library, you can do that by navigating to the Settings menu. From there, the steps are straightforward as to how you can change settings, install or uninstall an app, remove titles from your watch list, and perform other task to customize your Fire TV Stick experience.

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