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We receive a ton of tips every day from independent creators, unaffiliated with any major motion picture studios, television networks, new media studios, or other well-funded online video entities. Indie Spotlight is where we shout out a select few of them, bringing you up to speed on the attention-grabbing films and series you probably haven’t heard of. Read previous installments here.

Looking for love is never easy.

But things can get unusually tough when you meet The One…and promptly lose track of them.

That’s what happened to Hunter, main character of queer indie horror film Unusual Attachment. He hit the jackpot on video chat site Man-Bingo (basically Chatroulette, if it cozied up to Grindr) and met someone who might’ve been the man of his dreams. But their chat was unexpectedly disconnected, and Hunter didn’t even get the guy’s name, let alone his phone number. Unusual Attachment picks up a few days later, right as Hunter is settling in to spend a Saturday night trawling Man-Bingo, looking for his mystery match.

Unfortunately, he finds something else.

As you may have guessed from the headline of this column, Unusual Attachment was made during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to writer/director/producer Michael Varrati, it was “shot entirely remotely” by a cast and crew of social distancers stuck at home. The cast interacts, but only long-distance, via Man-Bingo encounters and video calls.

“Who says you can’t make a movie in quarantine?” Varrati quipped in a tweet about the film.

Varrati’s prevous credits include anthology film Tales of Poe and comedy-horror The Sins of Dracula. (He’s also a columnist who’s written for, among others, Tubefilter.) Unusual Attachment was coproduced by Brandon Kirby, and stars Ben Baur as Hunter, Francisco Chacin as Mateo, and Danny PlotnerPeter SticklesFelissa RoseSean DohertyCharles ChudabalaMeredeathNavaris Darson, and Kirby as Hunter’s quirky mix of Man-Bingo matches.

You can check it out below.

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