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Jacksepticeye‘s new documentary has Craic-ed the iTunes charts in both the U.S. and U.K.

The film, titled How Did We Get Here?, tells the story of how a young Irish lad named Sean McLoughlin grew to become an ultra-popular streamer named Jacksepticeye. His official channel reaches a whopping 28.1 million subscribers, and he’s uploaded nearly 5,000 videos since arriving on YouTube a decade ago.

When you have a fanbase of that size, it’s possible for a documentary about your life to compete with Disney movies, Oscar nominees, and superhero flicks on the iTunes film charts. At the time of this post, How Did We Get Here? ranked 29th on the U.S. iTunes chart, one spot ahead of Best Picture contender Nightmare Alley. It has performed even better in the nation next door to McLoughlin’s native home. The gamer posted a tweet that showed How Did We Get Here? in ninth place on the U.K. iTunes chart.

How Did We Get Here? initially premiered at a pay-per-view event hosted by streaming platform Moment House on Februray 28. Shout! Factory then coordinated the film’s release on traditional VOD platforms like iTunes.

The doc arrived on iTunes just ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, and as it turned out, McLoughlin had another surprise planned for the annual celebration of Ireland’s patron saint. His clothing brand Cloak, which he launched in 2018 alongside fellow gamer Markiplier, has dropped a new collection called Craic. The festive line — which takes its name from a Gaelic word for a good time — includes a number of threads inspired by Irish iconography.

Want to look like a druid? Craic has you covered. Or, for something a little more modern, you can throw on a Celtic knot hoodie and pound out a metal song on the drums, as McLoughlin did in a Twitter video promoting the clothing line.

Clothes, drums, games, movies — Jacksepticeye is a creator who does it all. If you want to learn where he got the resolve to pull it all off (or if you just want to hear 82 minutes of his thick Irish brogue), check out How Did We Get Here? on iTunes and other major VOD destinations.

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