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If you’ve spent any time on the Jacksfilms YouTube channel, you’ve probably heard of ‘Yesterday I Asked You’ (YIAY),  creator Jack Douglass‘ regular rundown of fan answers to silly questions. Since Douglass first queried his viewers, he’s shared more than 600 episodes of YIAY, and has adapted the segment into a live stream and an in-person show.

Those adaptations of YIAY have now produced the next chapter in Jacksfilms history: Be Funny Now. That’s the name of an upcoming game created by Douglass and Galvanic Games, and it uses the YIAY format as inspiration for a multiplayer competition.

There are two ways to play Be Funny Now. Competitors can group themselves together in eight-person rooms, where they will take turns coming up will silly responses to colorful prompts. Players will be able to react to answers in real-time and will get the chance to single out the best responses. The list of prompts will include queries from previous YIAY episodes as well as “brand new never before asked questions.”

If that doesn’t sound like your jam, you’ll also be able to play Be Funny Now asynchronously with the game’s entire community. There will be one central prompt each day, and the person who comes up with the funniest response to it will win in-game cosmetics.

As Douglass explained during a recent video, he has been envisioning a game like Be Funny Now for more than three years. He got the idea for it while hosting ‘YIAY Live!’ streaming sessions in 2018. Those events featured a gamified version of YIAY that Douglass’ fans enjoyed, though the creator himself found it difficult to juggle hosting the game with hosting the stream. By turning YIAY into an actual game, he could serve his followers while making the ‘YIAY Live! experience more streamlined. He linked up with Galvanic Games, teased Be Funny Now late last year, and revealed it in March 2022.

Be Funny Now looks like it will be great fun, and not just for the 4.7 million people who subscribe to the Jacksfilms YouTube channel. As Douglass explained, the game’s name lacks the YIAY label because he wants this project to appeal to people outside of his personal fanbase.

We’ll have to wait to find out if Douglass will be able to accomplish that lofty goal. According to its Steam pageBe Funny Now will be released later in 2022.

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