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The Wild West of Web3 has become hot enough to attract the most prominent digital media executives into its untapped wilderness, and the latest power player venturing into that space is Jackson Dahl. Five months after departing the esports and entertainment organization 100 Thieves, Dahl has announced that he is now an Investment Partner at Paradigm.

Dahl was a founding member of the 100 Thieves team, and he was in charge of the company’s non-esports talent roster at the time of his departure. His decision to move to Paradigm — first as a “entrepreneur-in-residence,” and now as a full-fledged Partner — was informed by his excitement for cryptocurrency. “Every once in a while a shift in technology can change everything,” Dahl wrote when he initially joined Paradigm. “Crypto and the future internet that it enables is the proverbial big one for the prime of my career.”

Now, as he deepens his relationship with Paradigm, Dahl will work closely with some of the big thinkers who first turned him on to the potential of the blockchain. The firm’s co-founders, Fred Ehrsam and Matt Huang, are early crypto adopters who are excited to work alongside their new partner. Their impressive portfolio includes three of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges: Coinbase, OpenSea, and FTX.

When he was at 100 Thieves, Dahl made it onto Forbes’ 30 Under 30 roster. Now, he’s part of a different group. The list of online video executives who have left prominent roles in order to go all-in on crypto also includes Ryan Wyatt, who left a top position at YouTube Gaming to get into Ethereum blockchain development at Polygon Studios.

Dahl knows that some observers may be skeptical of his career choice, and for anyone who has doubts, the newest Paradigm Partner has an open inbox. “Some might read my words on the grandeur of crypto’s impact and suggest hyperbole or remind me that crypto and Web3 are currently niche,” Dahl wrote. “But to the founders for whom the above resonates, those who see the opportunity to use this technology to build the internet we’ve always hoped could exist, I’d love to meet you: [email protected].”

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