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The ratings year has begun and who better to discuss TV with than your favourite people on the TV Blackbox podcast?!

While Rob’s away, the mice will play, and El Presidente is AWOL so Molk takes charge again (deal with it). The amazing Jo Casamento joins us Stephen Brook and Benjamin Norris, with Sarah Monahan returning for 2020. It’s like a slightly more functional family reunion than the Roy family.

Importantly we’ve some big items to deal with like the announcement of the host of Big Brother, the announcement of the host of Holey Moley, and the announcement that the Logies are changing the way nominations work for some reason. Oh, and Brooky gets super salty about James Warburton’s chances as CEO of Seven. So, you know, there’s that.

Each week the TV Blackbox team take you behind the scenes, wade through the PR spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

In this episode:

  • 4.46 – What do we make of Sonia Kruger as the host of Seven’s BIG BROTHER?

  • 11.09 – ANDREW O’KEEFE is back and ready to work.

  • 16.44 – DISNEY withdraw channels from FOXTEL and FETCH and build a serious streaming empire.

  • 24.06 – Seven confirm HOLEY MOLEY cast, including GREG NORMAN and ROB RIGGLE.

  • 30.02 – TV WEEK change the nominations and voting opportunities for the LOGIES for some reason.

  • 40.38 – Sarah casts her eye over this week’s HATCHES & DISPATCHES.

  • 45.08 – Brooky delivers our biggest issue yet: Can JAMES WARBURTON fix Seven?

  • 1.02.14 – It’s BINGE BOX time, so let’s find out what we’ve all watched this week.

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