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Laci Mosley is a hilarious comedian and one of the new additions on the iCarly revival, currently airing its second season on Paramount+.

TV Fanatic chatted with Laci Mosley, who plays Harper, to discuss the new season, her comedy, and her other projects.

Check out the interview below!

TVF: What was it like joining an established show with a strong fanbase?

It was terrifying.

I wanted to make sure that everyone liked Harper — and that everyone liked me.

There was a lot of pressure initially, but luckily everyone was so kind and provided me with a lot of guidance to help me get past the pressure.

Now it’s always fun on set.

TVF: Were you a fan going in?

Oh yes! I grew up with the show.

TVF: What is your favorite part of working on it now?

Everything. I love everything about it.

I enjoy the relationship that I have with everyone behind the scenes.

We’re good friends now. I went from being a fan of the show initially to now being friends with them.

Our relationship and chemistry are all-natural.  We get along so well.

We hang out on set and off the set, and what you see on screen is natural.

I enjoy the relationships and, of course, playing Harper.

TVF: How is it playing an openly queer character on such an iconic show?

I think it’s great.

I love portraying a queer character on a show with an established fanbase because it gives them something new and fresh to relate to.

Most of the original fans are my age, late 20s, early 30s; times have changed, and so has the show.

TVF: So, what are some of your comedic inspirations when approaching Harper (or any comedic role)?

I’m a massive fan of two comedians, one past one present.

I love Lucille Ball and Jamie Foxx.

I grew up watching I Love Lucy and had the DVD box set. It’s one of my favorites. I just loved her and her comedy.

Jamie Foxx; I love his whole filmography and, again, grew up watching him. They’re both fantastic and shape my comedy.

TVF: For Scam Goddess, your critically-acclaimed podcast about fraud and those who practice it, what is your writing process?

It all starts with the research. My researcher Kaelyn Brandt gathers all the information, and we write the episode.

I try not to know too much about the case beforehand, so my guests, the audience, and I are finding things together.

We discuss the essential details and the outline, but I jump right in.

Sometimes it doesn’t work if it’s a high-profile case, and I know some of the details, but my researcher Kaelyn is my rock and gets the episodes rolling.

TVF: How long do you plan on running Scam Goddess?

I plan on doing it for as long as I can.

I love it so much, and there will be stories to tell as long as people commit fraud.

I have a blast doing it, and my team is excellent, so hopefully, we can continue Scam Goddess for a while.

TVF: Do you have any other fun projects besides the new season of iCarly?

Yes, I do!

I just wrapped up filming a new Netflix Movie titled The Out-Laws. It has Adam Devine, Pierce Brosnan, and other unique talents.

I feel fortunate to have worked on it and am excited to see the final cut.

I don’t have a release date yet, but hopefully, we’ll know soon!

TVF: Do you have anything to add about what fans can look forward to with the new season of iCarly?

I hope they love it as much as the first season.

Now that the groove is back, we had more fun with the characters and stories this season.

I hope people enjoy the new directions the show takes!

iCarly Fanatics, what do you think of the iCarly revival?

Will you tune into Laci Mosely’s podcast, Scam Goddess?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

iCarly airs Fridays on Paramount+

Source: TVfanatic.com

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