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Manny ‘MUA’ Gutierrez is taking to Snapchat to help young LGBTQ+ people come out of the closet in a new series executive produced by the actress Chloë Grace Moretz.

A total of six weekly episodes will spotlight six different stories, with the makeup artist and YouTube star — who counts 4.8 million subscribers and 2.5 million monthly views — providing moral support and counsel. The series was first announced at Snapchat’s NewFronts presentation in May, and premiers on Sunday.

“Coming out for me wasn’t super easy, so if I can in any way, shape, or form help other people come out, that would be amazing,” the 30-year-old — who was raised Mormon and initially struggled to gain acceptance from his family after coming out as gay — tells People. “The cool thing about getting to be able to do this with Snapchat is their audience is so predominantly young, and they’ll be able to see people like themselves coming out and having great experiences with it.”

At the conclusion of each episode — which is produced by 44 Blue ProductionsThe Trevor Project will furnish coming out resources via swipe-ups.

In addition to his new Snapchat series, Gutierrez is also the proprietor of his own cosmetics brand, Lunar Beauty, and the host of a forthcoming podcast titled Fool Coverage.

You can check out the trailer for Coming Out below:

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