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In his interactive videos, MarkMarkiplierFischbach has brought his viewers on dates and heists. His latest project in that category is set in space.

Fischbach, well-known for his sonorous voice and his devoted audience of more than 32 million subscribers, is the star of In Space with Markiplier, a new entry in the YouTube Originals library. The series, which was co-produced by Fischbach and Rooster Teeth Studios, is a mix between a choose-your-own-adventure video game and a sci-fi survival movie.

In the first “episode” of In Space, viewers are placed aboard an intergalactic vessel, with Fischbach serving as the “head engineer.” As disaster ensues, viewers are presented with forks in the road. At the end of the introductory video, for example, viewers must choose to either put out a fire or fix the life support system on the ship. Those two choices lead to separate videos, and the paths continue to branch out from there. There are multiple endings that can be found, so In Space will reward the viewers who stick around to test different sequences.

In Space is a follow-up to Fischbach’s previous YouTube Original, A Heist With Markiplier. That interactive experience was released in 2019 and was an immediate success. To date, its intro video has been watched more than 37 million times.

The priorities of the YouTube Originals initiative are shifting, but the video giant is honoring its existing commitments to creators and studios. Fischbach probably won’t mind if YouTube has minimal involvement in his latest project. As he told Tubefilter when his Heist came out, he likes to take the lead on his videos. “Once I had an idea, I wanted to do it myself,” he said at the time. “I wanted to have complete creative control. And they let me, so that was really cool. They gave me the green light, and off we went.”

Fischbach’s Heist hit the YouTube trending tab when it came out. Since the star of that show is still one of YouTube’s top draws, don’t be surprised if In Space pops up on your Explore tab in the coming days.

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