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After more than a decade, YouTube’s premiere tech reviewer, Marques ‘MKBHD’ Brownlee, has unveiled a secondary channel that will be dedicated to behind-the-scenes content, vlogs, and mini reviews.

Dubbed The Studio, the hub will complement Brownlee’s flagship tech review channel, which is home to 14 million subscribers and 40 million monthly viewers. Roughly a day after its launch, The Studio has already amassed 175,000 subscribers.

The debut video on the channel introduces viewers to the MKBHD team in tandem with a studio tour. The team comprises: producer and Waveform podcast co-host Andy Manganelli, DP and art director Vinh Dang, creative director Brandon Havard, motion designer Mikey Emerick, producer Hayato Huseman, graphic designer Tim McMahon, writer/researcher David Imel, and podcast producer Adam Lukas.

As a physical space, the Studio comprises two set rooms, a rec area, a robot room, a gaming station/kitchenette, the Waveform studio, a gaming room, prop room, and camera room.

You can check out the full tour right here:

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