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This week, our special guest creates a Marvel Studios’ #WandaVision-inspired dessert that’s an illusion in itself. Plus, we hear from Joseph Serafini and Frankie A. Rodriguez from #HSMTMTS about their #DisneyPlus Valentine’s Day watch list. And finally, we go behind the scenes of “Bao” with Pixar production designer Rona Liu, and talk to her about how her family celebrates Lunar New Year.

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0:00 Welcome to Episode 15
0:53 Meet Luke, Our Guest Cake Artist
2:19 What’s New
3:00 An Exclusive Message from Brandy about #Cinderella1997
3:15 HSMTMTS’ Joe and Frankie’s Valentine’s Day Watch Lists
4:27 Checking Back In on Luke’s WandaVision Cake
4:46 Happy Lunar New Year!
5:19 Meet Rona Liu, the Production Designer of Pixar’s “Bao”
9:20 How Rona Liu’s Family Celebrates Lunar New Year
11:45 The Cake Reveal: Is It Cake or a TV Dinner?
13:52 Wrapping Out

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