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In addition to raising tens of millions of dollars for ocean clean-up, MrBeast is bringing his environmental acumen to his virtual fast-food chain.

The YouTube megastar, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is adding vegan burger options to the menu of MrBeast Burger in collaboration with plant-based startup Impossible Foods.

OSR Magazine reports that customers can now order Impossible Burger patties with several different menu items, including Beast Style burgers (classic), Chandler Style (plain with cheese), Chris Style (with bacon and fries), and Karl’s Deluxe (with caramelized onions and an inverted bun). Furthermore, all Impossible Burgers can be ordered as lettuce wraps.

To celebrate the menu additions, in classic Donaldson fashion, MrBeast Burger is giving away 100,000 Impossible Burgers through Nov. 8. In order to redeem one, fans can simply enter the promo code ‘free’ during checkout process on either the MrBeast Burger app or website. Third-party delivery apps will begin to offer Impossible Burgers on Nov. 9.

Donaldson launched MrBeast Burger in Dec. 2020 with Virtual Dining Concepts. Since then, the company has partnered with a handful of creators on limited-edition sandwiches, and has expanded abroad to both Canada and the U.K.

Impossible Foods touts the fact that its plant-based meats create a much smaller environmental footprint than animal meat — requiring a fraction of the land, water, and greenhouse gas emissions.

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