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MrBeast‘s food delivery brand, MrBeast Burger, has engineered several limited-time menu items inspired by pop culture figures. First, there was a burger that celebrated the Minecraft star Dream. Then, last October, we met the Moist Cheese, a melt with Charlie ‘MoistCr1TiKaL’ White’s name on it. And now there’s, uh, Shrek?

Apparently, MrBeast — whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson — is a big fan of DreamWorks Animation’s grumpy green ogre, because MrBeast Burger’s newest menu item is a tribute to him. The Shrek Quesadilla is part of a multi-faceted partnership between Donaldson and Universal, which distributes and markets DreamWorks films.

The Shrek Quesadilla comes with two beef patties (or Impossible patties, if you prefer) as well as cheese, pickles, and onions. There are two main links between this dish and the character that inspired it:

  1. The ingredients are wrapped in a green (i.e. spinach) tortilla
  2. The quesadilla contains onions, which, similarly to ogres, have layers.

Like other MrBeast Burger menu items, the Shrek Quesadilla is only available for delivery. Donaldson’s culinary venture launched in December 2020 and operates out of so-called “ghost kitchens” across the United States and Canada.

So how does the Shrek-a-dilla taste? Dexerto‘s review described the delicacy as “A double-patty cheeseburger in a tortilla” that “feels like something you’d get at a college basketball concession stand” and is “not to be ogre-looked.” That pun is so groan-worthy that I’m actually annoyed I didn’t come up with it first.

There are a few issues preventing me from submitting my own Shrek Quesadilla review. For one, I can’t eat cheese. Also, the MrBeast Burger kitchen near me never seems to be open, so I’ll need some-body to point me toward another location before I can sample some of Donaldson’s dairy-free fare.

If the Shrek Quesadilla isn’t for you, you can always enjoy the other half of Donaldson’s partnership with the beloved character. The MrBeast x Shrek collection includes a number of clothing items that mash up the iconography of the two collaborators. If you want to prove that you’re a true fan of both 2000s animated comedies and 2020s YouTube icons, you can’t settle for less than a t-shirt that includes both the MrBeast bolt and Shrek’s ogre ears.

Both the quesadilla and merch line are available for 30 days, retroactive to March 15. So if you don’t complete your order before April 14, you’ll be left waiting for MrBeast Burger’s next limited-edition item. I hope he continues his Shrek collab by making waffles.

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