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Pearpop, a platform where people can pay to collaborate with TikTok creators, is expanding to Instagrammers, Twitter users, and Twitch streamers.

More than 10,000 Instagram creators are already using Pearpop after a soft launch in October, the company told TechCrunch. It added that expansion to Instagram was users’ No. 1 most requested feature, and said that 90% of TikTok creators who use Pearpop are already on Instagram, too.

Pearpop was founded in 2020 by Guy Oseary, Cole Mason, and Spencer Markel, and to date has raised $16 million in funding from investors including Oseary and Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures, Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six, Night Media, Lil Nas X, Jake Paul, Paris Hilton, and Noah Schnapp.

While its main selling point is that it’s a place where fans can pay to make videos with digital content creators, Pearpop also has a number of celebrities on offer, including Snoop Dogg, Mark Cuban, The Weeknd, The Chainsmokers, Diddy, and Marshmello.

Mason, Pearpop’s CEO, told TechCrunch that he and his fellow cofounders “built Pearpop as the social capital marketplace that helps creators grow, earn and promote across all platforms.”

“The overall vision is to move the industry away from platform-driven awareness marketing towards people-driven influence,” he said.

As of now, Pearpop is open to TikTokers and Instagram creators. It will open to Twitter creators later this month, and to Twitch streamers in December. Pearpop takes a 25% cut of creators’ collaboration fees.

Mason told TechCrunch that Pearpop plans to expand to more platforms and invest in refining features like Challenges, where music artists pay creators to use their songs in videos–if those creators get views. A current challenge, for example, has Snoop Dogg paying creators who use a specific song clip $15 for 1,000 views on their videos, $50 for 10,000 views, $150 for 250,000 views, and $350 for 500,000 views.

“Pearpop believes everyone is a creator,” Mason said. “We think if you have 100 followers or if you have 50 million followers, you should be making money from your content. We’re just trying to empower that and that’s what we’re building all of our product features around.”

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