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Phil DeFranco has signed an exclusive deal with creator company Jellysmack to relaunch his eponymous, long-running YouTube news series on Snapchat.

The Philip DeFranco Show originally debuted on DeFranco’s channel (6.37 million subscribers) in 2007, and currently drops four new 10- to 20-minute episodes per week. Each installment sees DeFranco cover news stories about a range of topics generally related to entertainment media and digital content, the creators who make it, and the platforms that host it.

DeFranco previously expanded the show to Snapchat, and has thus far garnered around 66,000 followers by updating a few times a month.

In his deal with Jellysmack, DeFranco will fully relaunch the series on Snapchat, and will move to an update schedule of three times per week “with the aim of capturing hundreds of thousands of new subscribers,” Jellysmack says.

Jellysmack–which distributes content across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube for creators including PewDiePie, MrBeast, and Brad Mondo–says it will use proprietary technology, video optimization tools, and a team of experts to take episodes of DeFranco’s series from YouTube and recut them for distribution primarily on Snapchat, but also on Facebook.

“One of the things I’ve learned being in this business a long time is that you have to constantly be upping your game,” DeFranco tells Tubefilter. “The creator economy is exploding right now and there’s an opportunity for creators to grow exponentially on platforms beyond YouTube.”

He adds, “I’m teaming up with Jellysmack to put more manpower behind my brand so I can scale the frequency of my show on Snapchat and find more viewers on Facebook. It’s all about seizing the moment, and the one thing I always say to any up and coming creator that asks me for advice is to diversify. Whether it be your audience, platform, or sources of revenue, diversifying will keep you in this game longer than anything else will.”

DeFranco’s show is not Jellysmack’s first foray into Snapchat series. The company produces 25 other shows from creators including Reaction Time (5.9M followers on Snapchat), LaurDIY (835K), Karina Garcia (360K), Hellthy Junk Food (349K), and Jackie Aina (208K), and also produces its own stable of original series, including Beauty Hacks (9.4M followers), Beauty Wow (5.2M), and French soccer show OMG: L’Hebdo (1.1M).

Together, it says, these series generate more than 4 billion views per month.

The Philip DeFranco Show is slated for relaunch sometime this month.

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Source: TubeFilter.com

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