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When’s the next episode of Tehran?

The Apple TV app will soon be made available to hotel guests using Philips MediaSuite hospitality televisions, marking continued integration between hospitality venues and disruptive TV services.

Apple TV+ wants to be available everywhere

The move means MediaSuite televisions can now offer all the major streaming services to guests, including Apple TV, Disney+, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Jeroen Verhaeghe, International Business Manager for Hospitality, PPDS said: “I am absolutely delighted that we can now offer access to the Apple TV app, which features Apple TV+, one of the world’s most popular TV streaming services, to Philips MediaSuite.”

Pandemic drives use of streaming services

He stressed that the pandemic has made streaming services even more popular, saying this means supporting them is now “vital to PPDS and the hospitality industry to keep pace and meet the new needs of today’s travellers with our Philips professional displays.”

Philips runs its MediaSuiteTV on Android TVOS, which means hotel guests also gain access to apps and services via Google Play. You’ll find hospitality televisions of this type all over Europe, particularly in the Nordic and Benelux nations. Over 180,000 of them have been sold in Europe.

Everything is changing or changed

What I find particularly interesting about this is the omnipresence of digital around all this.

With a few exceptions (mostly around ID documentation, though this is now changing) you can now leave your home to visit an hotel in another country and use your iPhone and Apple Wallet to pay transit fees, show boarding passes, vaccine records,  and tickets, hire cars, check local sights, use your credit card and as a digital car key and for access to your room at your hotel.

Now you can also use the Apple TV+ app to watch whatever it was you were watching, where you were watching it when you left home. I think it must already be possible to set your desired room temperature using HomeKit automation, too.

The digital transformation of everything really has not slowed down on iota, and the travel and hospitality industry continues to change in the face of this.

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