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Kids’ content company Pocket.watch, best known for spinning massive YouTube channels into well-rounded children’s entertainment franchises — including Ryan’s World and Love, Diana — has announced its latest venture.

The company is readying a new kids’ franchise called Kaleidoscope City, which is being spun off from the massive Toys And Colors YouTube empire, which counts 65.4 million subscribers across six different languages, and clocks 1.5 billion monthly views.

Kaleidoscope City will feature an Asian-American cast — including Toys And Colors channel stars Wendy, Alex, Emma, and Jannie (pictured above) — to highlight timely themes of diversity and inclusion, Pocket.watch says. The franchise will comprise live-action and animated series, consumer products, gaming, podcasts, live events, and more.

The venture will launch in the spring, and will also add new animated characters into the mix, including Baby Rainbow, Matcha, Dax, and Chi Chi who will appear across games, products, and programming.

“Pocket.watch’s success in bringing franchise economics to the world’s most popular YouTube creators and produce, license and distribute original IP to every consumer touchpoint gives us the distinct opportunity to reach diverse audiences across the globe,” CMO Kerry Tucker said in a statement.

Pocket.watch says that it has produced over 3,400 episodes of original content that are available on over 40 platforms in 80 countries.

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