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Last October, for one night only, YouTube stars Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal — collectively known as Rhett & Link — coarsened their family-friendly personas. The childhood friends from North Carolina went blue to host Good Mythical Evening, an R-rated live show filled with drinking, swearing, and plenty of adult situations for the duo’s adult fans to enjoy.

Good Mythical Evening was a success, selling more than 70,000 tickets, so Rhett & Link are bringing back their edgy event in 2022. The second edition of Good Mythical Evening (or the “sloppy seconds,” as the show’s homepage puts it) will take place at 10 p.m. ET on September 1, with tickets going on sale on July 13.

The not-so-family-friendly situations that will be featured during the upcoming event will be inspired by segments from Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link’s wildly popular morning show. New GMM episodes arrive on YouTube multiple times per week, with an audience of more than 17.7 million subscribers tuning in to see which strange foods Rhett & Link will try next.

“Last year, Good Mythical Evening got more unhinged than we could have ever anticipated,” Rhett & Link said in a statement. “It turns out that the Mythical Beasts love seeing us without the constraints we normally put on ourselves. So we’re taking off the guardrails and leaning into the mayhem once again.”

Round two of Good Mythical Evening will be streamed by Moment House, a live events platform that often works with creators to launch pay-per-view experiences. A basic ticket for the show will run you $21.99, with VIP packages costing as much as $49.99. As is often the case with Rhett & Link events, fans who subscribe to the tandem’s premium service will receive advance access to Good Mythical Evening tickets. For members of the Mythical Society, passes will go on sale on July 13, two days before they become available to the general public.

Since raising a $12 million funding round last year, Moment House has worked closely with several high-profile YouTube stars. Earlier in 2022, the company helped Irish gamer Jacksepticeye premiere his documentary. Then, in May, Moment House served as the official platform for the Creator Clash, an influencer boxing match organized by iDubbbz.

Even though you’ll (probably) see fewer punches at Good Mythical Evening than at the Creator Clash, Rhett & Link’s R-rated live show is sure to be plenty rowdy. If you’re concerned that these polite Southern boys might hold back even within an adults-only milieu, this picture from the first Good Mythical Evening should change your mind.

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