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Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal’s Mythical Entertainment has launched a standalone apparel and accessories brand called Sike.

The crux of Sike is graphics that trick the eye, with its debut collection consisting of glow-in-the-dark streetwear, UV graphic tees that change perspective when activated by the sun, and holographic stickers. Products are available on a dedicated website.

Products — bedecked in psychedelic mushroom designs, clashing stripes, and a graphic of a cartoon hand flipping the bird — range in price from $6 for a three-pack of stickers to $60 for a glow-in-the-dark hoodie.

Of course, Mythical sells many other products under its own moniker, including Good Mythical Morning merch, and a Mythical-branded grooming and haircare line. McLaughlin and Neal also just collaborated with Cloak — the gamer and geek-themed clothing brand founded by fellow creators Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Pokimaneto launch their own limited capsule collection.

Mythical owns YouTube channels that have amassed 75 million subscribers and 25 billion lifetime views, including nine-year-old daily talk show Good Mythical Morning and the OG digital comedy brand Smosh. Mythical employs over 100 people and is not venture funded.

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