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Things at Cloak are getting a little mythical.

The latest limited edition collection from Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Pokimane’s gamer/geek clothing brand is a collaboration with fellow content creators Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal.

Childhood friends-turned-cohosts and business partners, McLaughlin and Neal have been on YouTube for more than a decade. They’re perhaps best known as the makers and faces of long-running weekday variety series Good Mythical Morning, which has more than 17 million subscribers and regularly features them enduring culinary torment. Their production company Mythical Entertainment also owns Smosh and has invested in Jarvis Johnson‘s fledgling content startup.

McLaughlin and Neal’s Cloak line is billed as “a legendary face-melting collaboration” inspired by late-night gaming sessions and mythological creatures. It offers 26 items, nearly all of which involve psychedelic tie-dye.

“Very cool vibe, very comforting, and nice to wear,” Neal said during a recent Good Mythical Morning upload. “Kind of like lasagna does on the inside of your body.” (That logical leap is less confusing when you know that he and McLaughlin were about to taste-test lasagna.)

Most items in the Cloak Is Mythical line are sold out at press time. Still-in-stock items include pegasus and cockatrice-themed T-shirts ($36), a pegasus hoodie ($68), “mist dye” jogging pants ($66), a water bottle ($30), and a full-size bean bag chair ($195).

It’s not clear if sold-out items will be restocked, but considering Neal described the collection as “ultra limited edition,” there’s a good possibility they won’t be.

Cloak was founded by Markiplier (30 million subscribers) and Jacksepticeye (27.4 million) in 2018. It’s since teamed up for limited edition releases with a number of creators and franchises, including Pokimane (who became the brand’s co-owner along with designing her own collection), Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Minecraft.

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