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On the wildly popular series Hot Ones, which is now in its 18th season on the First We Feast YouTube channel, Sean Evans delivers burning questions to celebrity guests. Evans’ research-based interview style is so legendary that there are multiple supercuts dedicated to his most probing asks. But what happens when the man himself sits down in the hot seat?

That’s the question answered by a new video on First We Feast — but the proverbial seat isn’t hot. Instead, it’s as cool as a tall glass of milk.

To support the Dairy Farmers of America, Evans met up with Complex News personality Speedy Morman, who asked him a series of Hot Ones-style questions. Instead of being forced to eat increasingly spicy wings as he divulged the details of his personal life, Evans was handed a glass of milk and given the option to “plead the milk” instead of answering. Though he did invoke that privilege on numerous occasions, Evans was forthcoming with Morman and shared some interesting facts about his life and the show he made famous.

In one fascinating answer, Evans tried to explain the secret sauce of Hot Ones. “Celebrity is this lifestyle that by definition is unobtainable,” he said, “but here on this show, you get to see some of the most famous people on the planet eating a wing coated in Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, going bright red and tearing from the eyes. You never see that, especially with images that are so carefully protected at all times.”

The Dairy Farmers of America is the perfect sponsor for a Hot Ones-related video. As Evans explains, milk is a “safety net” he uses to soothe the punishing heat created by the hot sauces he ingests in each episode of his show. The sponsored video’s all-white set, which looks like that one room from The Matrix, is a nice touch as well.

The conversation between Evans and Morman arrived at the start of National Dairy Month, and given Evans’ own star power, he may very well drive an uptick in milk sales this June. At the very least, viewers who watch this video will be primed to notice when Evans turns to his safety net in more typical Hot Ones episodes.

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