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Sex school forever!

That was the motto of Sex Education Season 3 Episode 7, which found the teenagers enacting their revenge plan on Hope.

The plan was absurd, but it successfully highlighted the fact that their mutual hate bonds these teenagers for this woman who wanted to oppress every single aspect of their lives.

Every single time I thought Hope stooped to a new low, she outdoes herself the next episode. Locking Cal in the room was another act of a power-hungry person wanting to be seen as a leader.

The takedown of Hope was brutal but effective, and the students and teachers were all clearly feeling the same about her.

It will be fun to see how she attempts to bounce back from this, but it will be all over the media, possibly overshadowing the prior events.

In essence, Hope’s power trip was her undoing, and this should be a cautionary tale for anyone who wants to stop people from expressing themselves.

Ruby getting in on the fun was another comical way of including this freshly-layered character in the narrative. Can we please get more Ruby on Sex Education Season 4, even if she’s not in a relationship with Otis?

Jean: Yeah?
Jakob: Got to find my jacket.
Jean: We have our session with Dr. Cutten later today.
Jakob: I’ll think about it. Good luck with your TV interview.

Speaking of Otis, it looks like the only way is up for him and Maeve. They finally confronted their feelings and the origins of their sex clinic, but where do they go from here?

Maeve struggles to let people into her life because she feels like they will stomp all over her heart, and it makes sense when you consider her past.

Sex Education Season 3 started with compelling reasons for why they were not together, but as the season progressed, the hurdles became more convoluted.

With one episode remaining, there will probably be more needless drama. It would be nice to get, you know, one episode with them as a couple and not having anything standing in their way.

Ola: Hey.
Otis: Hey.
Ola: I’m worried about Lily. She hasn’t spoken to me since everything that happened. Could you go talk to her, please?
Otis: I’m not a therapist, Ola.
Ola: I know, but she told me about how much you helped her with the vaginismus stuff.

Relationships are never easy, but Maeve and Otis always seem to find their way back to each other, which is a sign the show is setting them up to be endgame.

Maeve also found herself in a good place with her mother, which was a nice way of wrapping up this mother-daughter feud.

Maeve has always wanted to confront her mother in the past, but Erin is clearly haunted by how she treated Maeve growing up and wants it to be different for Elsie.

Erin kidnapping Elsie was a big swing, but if she managed to get on the ferry to somewhere else, she might have been able to keep her daughter for a little bit longer.

Maeve: Hi, Aimee, have you got a sec?
Aimee: Thought we weren’t talking?
Maeve: I’ve been an absolute arse.
Aimee: Me, too. Steve, hold the cakes.

Maeve managing to get through to Erin, showed some much-needed progression for her mother. She finally acknowledged Maeve was not this problem child she made her out to be and had Erin made some better decisions, she wouldn’t have none of her children in her care.

Hopefully, this gives Erin and Maeve the scope to work on their relationship, but Maeve will never look at Erin as her mother. Maeve has raised herself, and that’s why she struggles with relationships and accepting help.

Aimee and Maeve repairing their relationship and conceding that they can be each other’s mother was poignant.

They had their big argument earlier in the season, but their relationship is more like sisters than anything. Hopefully, the argument about Aimee’s mom paying for the trip was just a blip, and these two can put the past behind them.

Erin: What you doing here?
Maeve: Should ask you the same question.

The cliffhanger about Jean was just cruel. It’s been a turbulent season for Gillian Anderson’s alter ego, and to end the penultimate episode with her heart rate crashing and bleeding out, it was a bit much.

Jakob not being there because he was at the therapy session, finally getting to the root of his issues, was harrowing.

Now that we know Jakob’s ex-wife was cheating prior to her death, it’s becoming clearer why he doesn’t trust Jean. A part of him is always going to believe she will cheat on him because of the past.

Hopefully, this new child in their lives can bond them together like never before. The therapy angle seemed like a bit of a stretch earlier in the season, but it has successfully allowed them to put all of their cards on the table, and Jakob is coming out of it with some perspective.

Otis getting the phone call at the end was clearly a way to keep us guessing about Jean’s fate until the season finale.

Lily ridding her room of her possessions was difficult to watch. Since the beginning, Lily has been her authentic self, so watching her spirit being broken because of her story, damn, it was tough.

Otis should definitely become a therapist because he proves time and time again that he gives rock-solid advice.

Cal and Jackson are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairings on the show. Even if they decide to keep things platonic, they both understand each other on different levels.

The series has tackled this storyline with grace, and it doesn’t feel convoluted like some of the other relationships.

As a penultimate episode, this was a lot of fun.

What did you think of the Jean cliffhanger?

Are you happy for Otis and Maeve?

What do you think will happen to Jean?

Hit the comments.

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