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Frankie Miranda (President, Hispanic Federation), Maria Gabriela “Gaby” Pacheco (Program Director, TheDream.US) and Mónica Ramírez (Co-Founder, The Latinx House) highlight how one person can overcome significant obstacles, forge ahead, and achieve the kinds of impact that many consider impossible. The conversation, moderated by journalist Maria Hinojosa, provides practical advice and motivational thoughts for aspiring activists to learn how to think outside the box and help create lasting change without sacrificing personal well-being.

HBO partnered with When We All Vote, Black Women’s Blueprint and Hispanic Federation to create a three-part civic engagement mentorship series inspired by Siempre, Luis and Luis A. Miranda, Jr.’s impact. This mentorship series features established activists and organizers who give viewers tangible steps on how to use their voice, activate their communities and practice self-care along the way. #HBO #HBODocs #SiempreLuis
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Siempre, Luis (2020): Siempre, Raising Our Voices – Advancing The Cause Of Justice | HBO

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