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Although Apple hasn’t announced that the upcoming new Siri Remote will boast “Find My” support, responses that Siri gives to certain requests about the remote indicates Apple may be considering adding support for it.

As first discovered by 9to5Macif you ask Siri‌ to “Find my ‌Siri‌ remote,” “Find my ‌Apple TV‌ remote,” or even “Find my remote,” ‌Siri‌ will provide the following response: “You don’t have any ‌Siri‌ Remotes linked to your iCloud account.”

The response jibes with that given by Siri when you ask to find something like keys or a wallet that could be found using an AirTag. That response is “You don’t have any items set up in the ‌Find My‌ app.”

Meanwhile, if you ask about finding an accessory that has no Find My integration, like an Apple Pencil, Siri replies “That type of device can’t be set up in the ‌Find My‌ app, so I’m not able to find it for you.”

The new remote response is limited to iOS 14.5, and ‌Siri‌ does not understand the same request on devices running earlier versions of iOS.

It should be noted that during the new Apple TV 4k and Siri Remote unveiling, Apple did not make any mention of ‌Find My‌ integration, nor is it mentioned anywhere on Apple’s site or press materials related to the new devices. The remote also does not boast a U1 chip like is used in AirTags for close-proximity location detection.

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