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There has been an explosion of new streaming services in recent years, each one vying for a piece of the action and a portion of the money in your bank account. However, A new survey from The Trade Desk (via CNBC), says that the majority of viewers in the United States aren’t willing to pay more than $20 per month total on streaming services.

The survey of more than 2,600 people shows 59% of Americans won’t pay more than $20 per month for all of their streaming TV needs, while 75% said they won’t exceed $30. That means most streaming services are competing for the few dollars left in a consumer’s pocketbook after they dish out $13 per month for market leader Netflix.

53% of those surveyed said they’d be willing to watch an ad “on every other episode of a show” if it would mean lower monthly subscription rates. 68% of respondents said they would be “willing to watch ads relevant to their interests in order to watch fewer ads overall.”

Some of the recent entrants in the streaming sweepstakes offer monthly rates cheap enough to fall into the $7 – $17 left from viewers’ monthly Netflix fix.

Apple TV+, which debuted late last year, is $4.99 per month (although you get a free year of service with the purchase of an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV). Disney+ also recently debuted and runs $6.99 per month.

At least one upcoming streaming service, NBC’s upcoming “Peacock” service, will offer an ad-supported free version, as well as a limited-advertising tier for $5, and an ad-free version of the service for $10 per month.

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