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Swiss telco Swisscom is making its TV platform blue TV available as an app on Apple TV.

With the app, users can, for example, access over 250 TV channels, the live matches of the Swiss Football League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

At the same time, blue TV will be launched on net+ TV boxes. With the moves, Swisscom is continuing its strategy of making its TV offering accessible on as many platforms as possible. This includes apps for the smart TVs from Samsung and LG as well as the set-top boxes from UPC TV, Quickline and Wingo.

Non-Swisscom customers who want to use the blue TV app on Apple TV can choose between a free version with over 250 channels, which includes advertising when changing channels, and a premium version for CHF10 (€9.20) per month with more than 250 channels including replay, recording option and fast channel switching.

Source: broadbandtvnews.com

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