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When the Teen Wolf movie cast was announced earlier this year, it featured several cast members who left the series before its series finale.

Arden Cho was one of those names.

If you watch Teen Wolf online, you know Cho played Kira Yukimura from 2014 to 16, with the character not getting an on-screen goodbye.

As a result, there was hope that Cho would join her fellow co-stars for the Paramount+ movie.

Cho reportedly refused to join the cast after being offered half the salary of her returning female co-stars.

In a new interview with The Cut, Cho said that the salary she was offered was actually less than what was reported.

“I think I was actually offered even less,” the star explained. 

“I probably would’ve never shared it.”

“I could probably, off the top of my head, think of over ten Asian American actors I know who were paid significantly less than their counterparts,” she added.

“Sometimes you don’t have a choice to say ‘no.’ Sometimes you just need it.”

“You’ve got bills to pay.”

“I wasn’t saying ‘no’ necessarily for me or because I was angry. I was saying ‘no’ because I hope that there will be more equality in the future.”

Cho is not the only big name missing from the cast.

Dylan O’Brien previously opened up about his own “difficult decision” to Variety.

“A lot went into it,” he added of the decision.

“The show couldn’t be more dear to me. It was the first thing I ever did I and so many people there are extremely dear to me.”

“It was something I was trying to make work but it all happened very fast.”

“We didn’t really know that it was happening and they kind of just threw it at us a little bit, which is fine because we all love the show,” he added.

“We were trying to figure it out.”

“Ultimately, I just decided it was left in a really good place for me and I still want to leave it there,” he continued.

“I wish them well and I’m going to watch it the first night it comes out. I hope it f–ing kicks ass, but I’m not going to be in it.”

Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Crystal Reed, Orny Adams, Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Colton Haynes, Ryan Kelley, Tyler Hoechlin, and Melissa Ponzio, are just some of the names signed up for the movie.

The movie is set to launch later this year.

Source: TVfanatic.com

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